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  1. I also think stamina should make a comeback but not as a hindrance but as a management utility. Meaning it shouldn't be too restricting but restricting enough to make people play a little smarter. Because the stamina would also adress the actual elephant in the room : Parkour 2.0 If our mobility and melee spamming is slightly restricted I think that would allow the Dev's to bring back challenge into the game in other forms than just making enemies more spongier.
  2. I did it for the weapons and ephemeras(still have left quite a bit of ephemeras unframed and a few weapons). But once you burn out, there is no point in going back. I mean I know I won't. Until they maybe include corpus liches and/or revise the gameplay.
  3. Honestly speaking, I forgot about the existence of Railjack, Necramech and open worlds. Granted, I haven't played much in the last year or so. But I think they are terrible terrible implementations obviously DE had no idea how to expand and include in the base game. At least that's what is clear to me now that the dust has settled.
  4. Which means there is 2/3 chance you won't get what you want. Case in point, it took me 8 full squad rad relic runs to get the Gara BP. Except I didn't. The illusion is the part where the game interface makes you think that refining a relic is a dramatic increase while it isn't which also obsurces the fact that you have to farm additional missions to get the material for refinement. You have to unless you want a common reward. Yes, the in between refinements are also a part of the illusion because they are worthless. It is either intact runs or rads at this point. Can you get the refined relics for the latest prime parts ? If so, what are the drop chances compared to other ways of getting them ? That is helpful how ? Unless you are joining with randoms, you want something specific and the more players equip the same relic, the higher chances you get. But yeah you surely can join a random axi run and hope that one person has the relic for the part you want and it drops. Want to calcualte the odds of that ? lol. Fair enough. Didn't happen to me except a couple of times but yeah that was always a possibility. Still doesn't have the same weight as being able to get parts without farming any keys. Opening 4 relics =/= getting what you want so it doesn't have a bearing on the actual time it takes to reach the objective. Also this is a domino effect, you can't exclude the time it takes to farming of the keys/relics and the farming of the traces. I never compared relics to keys directly. I compared the key system to the relic system. That's like saying going to a specific dungeon to get specific loot is a bad design decision. All successful mmo's would beg to differ. Not quite. Because there are hourly rotations so unless you want to wait just because you don't like the missions currently available, you will be forced to go into missions you don't want to play. Happens all the time. Also I'm sick of playin regular missions eitherway so I couldn't care what type of mission they are. Fissure missions pose no challenge, you just speed run through them. So the question is, do you really care ? Players were forced to play in a different tileset and against a different and more challenging enemy type than they are normally used to. That's how it is good. Fissure missions, like I said above, are regular missions. You just speed run through them. Could that also be attributed to the growing number of players compared to 5-6 years ago ? Haven't looked at the statistics, but I'd say so. I also said that the main defenders of the relic system are people who play WF like a job. In other words who just farm. They don't care about the journey(mission, gameplay, experience), they want to get to the destination(reward.) So they don't mind being stuck in a horrible loop of playing the same mission over and over again. That's what I'm saying. It all comes down to RNG and the relic system has more grind to it. Adressed these above. Yeah that is the farmer mentality. You don't care what you are playing as long as you get the reward.
  5. The last rare I got was @ my 8th run, with a 4 rad relic squad. Someone calculated to be a 5% chance(getting a rare @ 8th attempt) On paper it should take 4-5 runs but it can take more attempts for sure.
  6. It is, like 70% of the rest of the game. The helminth kinda saved things a little, but it doesn't change the fact that there are alot of frames that are flat out inferior to others and there is no point in using them. If you play steel path it becomes much more obvious.
  7. Because the odds are so low that even at max refinement your chances of getting a rare part are 10%. But you see the gold bar underneath expand a little thinking that you have decent chance of getting what you want. It is an illusion. No not only that. With 1 void key a squad of 4 could get a prime part. Now everybody has to farm relics of their own. Meaning the amount of relics per part you want is many times higher. Add trace farm on top of it and you get yourself a grindier experience. This is not open to debate. Tileset was exclusive, so like I said, at the time it was more rare than any other tileset you've been to a million times. Which was a nice change tbh. Because normally all you do is to play regular missions. With fissures, you are stuck in the very same loop that you've been doing for years(8.5 in my case). Like I explained above, Void was an exlusive zone so going there meant you'd get things you normally couldn't get. And yeah rare parts are still just as rare because they are based on the same RNG system. I remember doing 60 minute survivals and not getting what I wanted back in the day. Now I also remember spending an hour or more farming relics and using up each and every one of them and not getting what I wanted. Incorrect, like I explained above. You have to farm more relics comapared to keys, and you have to farm traces on top of it for refinement. Again, with a farmer mentality, you only care about the destination and not the journey. For more casual players like me, the journey is just as important if not more because I play for my entertaintment. A repeititve loop of 10's of regular mission types is much much more boring than doing one long mission that has more unique aspects to it.
  8. It is just a placeholder item. They need some stuff to dillute the tables to reduce the chances of relevant things dropping. So don't expect anything noteworthy to replace forma. IF they take it out, you'll get 150 endo or 2500 credits or some other redundant thing in it's place.
  9. B-but with less dilluted loot tables it would benefit the players more.
  10. Yes. They all give you the illusion that you have more chances with the relic system but you don't. Refinement is a joke. You can refine all you want, even with 4 rad relics there is no guarantee that you'll get a rare part. For the relic system you gotta farm relics, farm void traces and then go farm the parts. So the whole process is more repetitive and boring compared to Void key system which surely wasn't perfect but was a more enjoyable player experience because at the time void was an exclusive zone with higher level of challenge and better loot all around. Playing fissures is basically playing regular missions over and over again. So even if the amount of time it takes for you to get the reward you want was more or less the same, with the relic system you do more repetitions meaning you'll get bored faster.
  11. Relic system is garbage. Been saying this since day one. It is not player friendly and it is an extremely cumbersome and a repetitive process. Probably the only people who defend the relic system are people who play 6+ hours a day and make lots of plat through selling prime parts. In other words people who play WF like a job. From a player experience/enjoyment perspective, relic system has 0 value. It is actually one of the reasons why I've been playing less and less in the last 3-4 years.
  12. Man I was thinking about asking you what the chance of me not getting the relic in the 8th run would be and you replied before I did. Thanks.
  13. Doubt that because I got the rare part in the first run I did after I made this thread :D So it took 8 in total. edit : I have to note that the relic which got the rare part wasn't mine. I still got a common item.
  14. The problem is that you need probably more than 7 attempts(which again relies on RNG) to get the relics to be able to get those 7 attempts. If all it took was to do 7 attempts of a void fissure mission, you'd have a point. But getting the relic obviously takes longer than just running through a fissure mission.
  15. I adressed the part that is relevant, which is being able to quickly get the BP doesn't mean you get the entire prime access right away as it requires time investment to farm relics or traces and/or the rest of the parts. And again, you are attacking an imaginary argument. I never said we should be able to farm the entire thing extremely quick. I spent around an hour or more to get 4 AXI G6 relics from 7/8 - 4 round disruption missions. And that is just a relic for one part. Granted, it is the rarest part, but when you consider I'll have to go and grind more for that relic and hope I get the part and then go back to doing the same for the rest of the parts, it becomes a crule chore. And oh, that is utter BS that you got everything in 2.5 hours unless you got some parts off the market or you got all the relics and the parts on the first attempt.
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