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  1. Finally ANIMATION CANCELLING mid melee. Probably biggest thing since, melee 2.0 ? Thanks DE.
  2. Did they [DE]lay New War ? Or are you just estimating, because at one point they've said that New War is coming out around christmas.
  3. Obviously there should be some concerns, although there is no surprise here. We've reached almost a year mark of a significant content drought(fortuna november 2018). Unless DE are thinking about jumping the ship, they must have some significant stuff lined up for the next year, because I'm pretty sure this game can't handle another content drought of this magnitude. I'm guessing we'll get more steady content throughout 2020 and by the end of it we'll get the new open world. The player base will climb up again, but then, this is a 7+ year old game. Not sure how realistic would it be to expect a significant jump in the number of the player base from here on out.
  4. So this is the power of sustainable content drought eh ? Not bad...
  5. If you want quick red crits yeah but you can eventually get there with bloodrush, gladiator mods and arcane avenger. I'd say go for status and damage if you want to meta the hell of the weapon. I haven't tested it in simulacrum against 155 bombard, I was just checkin my damage in arbitrations and sorties, so I'd say against 50-100 enemies you can get ridiculous damage. Also whats fun about it is not the damage, but the range you can achieve that damage from. You can "melee" pretty much from medium range, outdoing some rifles and most shotguns I'd say.
  6. Go for bloodrush drifting contact, some elementals, condition overload and primed fury(or berserker). Combine that with naramon and gladiator mods on sentient weapon for extra crit. I also have a decent riven for it, critical chance and combo duration, and I get to red crit territory real fast. I'd say it is the best overall weapon in the game. I do like 150k red heatshot crits on targets that are easily 20-30 meters away.
  7. There has been no actual new content since Jupiter rework, which was a pretty minor addition anyways. I hope we'll get some decent content drops soon, Empyrian and New war back to back(1 month apart or so) would be amazing.
  8. He runs really fast, which is just fun to do in open world maps. But yeah, if you are asking about functionality, I don't think he has any. Hell, frames have no functionality beyond invisibility(for spy and maybe rescue?), tanking, debuffing and nuking. If something doesn't fall into those 4 main categories, they may as well be not a part of the game.
  9. Whats the point of unrolling a riven if it can't be rolled again ?
  10. Movespeed build + spin to win melee and/or ignis wraith. It is so obnoxious. You are either a tryhard or just some dude who wants to end mission fast(likely a tryhard tho), but man, do that thing in solo.
  11. No matter what they do, they'll eventually have to bring down the nerf hammer hard along with the changes, and that'll upset a lot of metakids. But that is the only way.
  12. I can dig up old posts of mine from years ago which suggested that very same idea. One of the best game design decisions DE has made in a while. Nothing negative about it, we had it a long time coming. I'm very excited for that. edit : I'm pretty sure that will be implemented in the future as well.
  13. I caught the latest bits. Honestly the Kuva lich(not sure how it was spelled) enemies are mind blowingly well designed. They drop some unique weapons and stuff. I've been pretty vocal about rare/unique weapon drops from unique enemies for quite a while and I'm pretty satisfied that DE at some point tuned into the same frequency. I think they showed some new finishers which were quite nice and Melee 3.0 is coming with the new big update, they also hinted at it will drop sometime before the new year(I might have heard wrong). So pretty decent stuff to look forward to in the up coming 2 months or so. edit : I also heard them talk about some skill tree implementation which I also was hoping to have in the game for a very long time. I very rarely watch dev streams but this one was pretty satisfactory on my end. Warframe needs big changes to progress forward as a game, and it seems that DE are making some changes finally(and fortunatelly in the right direction).
  14. What he said. Don't look too much into it, it is just fashion.
  15. I'd say that number is easily 30% rather than 5 or 10. Anyone who has done all the quests, rolled some rivens, thrown in 2+ forma in their favorite weapons and frames and can run all mission types and sorties comfortably(that include spy fellas) will expect to have some kind of an end game content, because the challenge pretty much ends there. Also even if you make end game content for the top 10% players, that'll encourage the remaining players to reach to that level so that they can be a part of it, meaning they'll put more hours and effort into the game. So stop making it sound like having end game content in a game like this would only please a small minority. It is a win win situation for everyone.
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