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  1. You mean the grind for railjack that offered pretty much nothing new gameplay/tileset/enemy-wise can be considered a "new" new war quest. How much brainwashing did it take for you to fall for that lmao...
  2. The trailer you defended is competely different from what we got as the end result. Also the transition from open world to space is not pointless as it implies that Railjack missions and open world missions were interconnected, meaning we wouldn't get another content island to be consumed and forgotten within two weeks. So yes, NMS might bea more extreme version of this, but is a good comparison nontheless. Same goes for New War questline(which hasn't been updaded for the last 2-3 years aside from little sniplets of cinematic minigames), and the implementation of Liches which DE als
  3. DE dropped the ball big time with the recent updates, Railjack, New War and Liches in particular. But since we have amnesia as a species, people have forgotten about the stuff we were promised a couple of years ago. If by "slightly" you mean "completely" then no I disagree because there aren't many examples of that. And yes, No mans sky is a pretty good comparison.
  4. Yeah I after playing with Dx12 for a few times I went back to Dx11 and game runs much better. Like night and day difference. I think you guys should put Dx12 on hold till you get a stable performance out of it.
  5. Like the others suggested, if you are running DX12, you should go back to DX11, as DX12 performance is absolutely terrible.
  6. Switched to DX12 yesterday after the update, and it is a stuttery mess. Not sure if this is the fabled "initial stutter" or if it'll be a persistent issue.
  7. Not only they don't have a road map, they also don't have anything remotely interesting in store for 2021. Haven't logged in in weeks. I'll take a long break till the next bit of decent conent, which will drop god knows when.
  8. I still like the simplicity of Prime but I might be biased. I'd still love for DE to add some exclusive ornaments to the Excal body like the Umbra variant has.
  9. It surely wasn't. I think doing the same thing over and over again takes a mental toll(being bored to death), despite the operator/Necramech dynamic(because it still means less options as opposed to the meta squad of SS which had 3 or 4 playable frames) and in OV a complete run takes around an hour, while it took less than half of that in SS, which meant going back to the orbiter, custimizing gear(a small breather) etc. Both events are bland and repetitive, but OV is just worse when it comes to that.
  10. Forgot to mention helminth. It is gamebreaking in a sense, I think it narrowed down the playable frame pool contrary to what people believe, but it still was a fun little thing to play with.
  11. Keep your expectations to minimum and you'll like certain things in this game.
  12. Honestly Deimos saved 2020 for me. Corpus tileset update was pretty decent as well. I hope they update pretty much every old tileset along the way. Had a few good moments, but overall a pretty "meh" year.
  13. Can't imagine playing the game without SF at this point. Must suck.
  14. How is the stutter in Dx12 ? Does it feel as fluid as dx11 ?
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