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  1. It actually has everything to do with it. If you are doing lich gameplay, 99% of the enemies you encounter are grineer. Most old tilesets look alike, and you 99% of the time are plowing through enemies without paying much attention. That is the type of game Wf is in its core too. It is very natural that muscle memory takes over and you simply press x for a mercy kill when you see one.
  2. My first bramma was 55% Life is good 😎 Seriously though I does seem like getting terrible rolls is more common than getting god rolls. In the first lich phase I got a ton of 25-27% weapons back to back as well. I only have a handful 50%+ rolls and I got like 10 25-35% rolls.
  3. But senpai, that gives you an incentive to kill the lich now doesn't it ?
  4. I initially thought this was a dumb thread until I accidentally pressed X next to a larvling(as I was mindlessly mowing through enemies) and got my self a 25% kraken. Now I'm split in between uninstalling the game or waiting for a future update where they implement a "dismiss lich" feature. edit : That's exactly what happened to me. I was doing solo cassini runs and at some point(after 4th or 5th) my brain shutdown and I had no idea what I was doing 😄
  5. I'd say most of the time this is true. I have to take a couple of day breaks from WF to enjoy the content.
  6. Yep, been there since they made zaws reskinnable.
  7. Yeah that misplacement bugs me as well. Pun intended.
  8. The effect is barely visible and seems slightly different than the one shown in the wiki. Did it get (stealth)downgraded like the tenebrous ephemera ?
  9. Never had an issue with Larvling as well.
  10. Or did I miss that in the patch notes ? Thralls seem to spawn much less, which results in a slower progression towards angering your Lich which results in less Lich spawns. Which equals to longer murmur grind. I've asked around in game and some people seem to have agreed. Can anyone else confirm this ? I'm nearing the 5 hour mark for my first spawned lich after the update, and I'm already regretting going back to Liches.
  11. Yeah I immediately went back to lich hunting after I heard about the changes, but man the hunt itself feels so damn boring because the murmur farm as you said is so damn tedious. On the bright side, now that you know what you are getting, there won't be as many wasted attempts, so that you might say is a redeeming part. I also found the new bow on my 2nd larvling, and it has 55% elemental bonus so the tedious farm is going to be worth it. There are still a few more guns I need to find and lots of ephemeras, but since you don't see any iindication of an ephemera on the larvling, I might just trade for those. But yeah, I do think the murmur gameplay should be improved. Running regular star chart missions gets extremely boring real quick.
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