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  1. We were pretty hyped when Archwing was first introduced. We all know what happened since then. Frame gameplay is so much more interesting and more critical, that playing with Archwing felt like a redundant game mechanic, and even with the introduction of open worlds, they served nothing more than a taxi to go from point A to B. I get a feeling that the new Mecha suits will end up pretty much the same. You'll take it for a spin once or twice, and then you'll go back to pressing 4 to nuke the entire map. Thoughts on this ?
  2. Excal : Would replace radial javelin with anything in a heartbeat. Inaros : Finally we might replace his 3 with something not so redundant. Ash : Would say Shuriken, but then the augment makes it pretty OP especially late game/steelpath. Atlas : Either the medusa gaze or the rock wall(don't know their names), they can both go. Saryn : Molt is pretty bad, even with augment. So it can go. Valkyr : Her 1 can be replaced with anything and end up better.
  3. You should have asked him how he was certain about Inaros's sexual preferances.
  4. Oh yeah I should have noted that this is on PC. It hasn't worked for a while, so definitely not an issue with the latest patch.
  5. I'm not sure whether it is the catchmoon primary as a whole that is problematic, or the specific combination I built, but the pax seeker arcane doesn't work with it.
  6. Yes, they should be. His 1&2 can be combined, tap to use 1, hold to use 2. 3 should be change to something entirely different and his 4 should be like Nidus charges.
  7. Dude that back to back Twin Krohkur nerf. Breaks my heart.💔
  8. Steel path is pretty new. I think they can(100% should) tinker it further down the line. It needs some extra flavors, mini bosses(just like how VOR intervenes in tier 4 void) and definitely more rewards. Currently, most people play it to deal with boredom, but it should give players the incentive to play other than being another generic achievement under their belt.
  9. I'd hate to carry mr 9 plebs through missions. They heavy. 🤣
  10. Hmm... I can't think of a single thing honestly.
  11. Well they actually don't look any particular gender body-wise, and you can pick any kind of face you want, make it feminine and less feminine. There is no truly mascular faces, but then they are kids, so it is understandable.
  12. Yeah well I gotta agree. Now only certain frames and weapons are eligible, meaning only the top of the META chain will clear through steel path. Gonna make things dull for sure. But then, I guess the game is built in a way that there is no other way of introducing challenging without reworking the fundementals.
  13. Looks dope. Inaros is already a good looking frame, especially with the deluxe skin but the prime leaves them all in the dust. Might consider the accessory pack if the armor looks decent like in those pics.
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