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  1. That sums it up. Homeworks are never fun, no matter what the context is, because it is homework. We need fun content, not boring tasks that we want to be over with, that force you to play the game in a way you don't want to. It was a fun experiment DE. It is about time Nightwave gets shelved never to return again. I need those umbra formas though, so you gotta find a way to integrate them into the game somehow. Thanks, - A fellow Tenno
  2. The fact that umbral forma is locked behind the biggest and the most boring grind wall is disgusting.
  3. What he said. Lots of people in the club. No matter what they do, the game only feels fresh for a couple of hours till you realize you are doing the same thing over and over again. I loved the exploiter boss fight, but it isn't rewarding. Why would I do it more than once ? For the terrible looking cosmetics ? This game needs a proper reward system. Even if you have the best content, people will get bored of it quickly and stop doing it unless it is rewarding enough.
  4. Saw him once. Dropped eleventh storm. I was dissapointed.
  5. We need a bare chest operator suit that comes with lots of chest hair. Only then I can feel masculine enough.
  6. Great Update guys. I loved the whole encounter. It is engaging and smooth. First time I realized this game can actually have decent boss fights. One minor problem, the temperature meter stayed on my screen when I exited fortuna and dissapeared when I went back to my ship.
  7. 100% agreed. It surely isn't perfect, can be polished further but so far the only encounter that truly feels like a boss fight. We went in unprepared(randoms) and managed to figure it out and defeat him on the first try. I was using Inaros(with 100% knockdown resist) and I was able to tank him easily through out. We got 2 mesa and 1 saryn. So with healers and buffers it should be an easy fight. Kudos to DE team. Much better than the first one.
  8. Honestly it was a good weekend for me too. Played DMC and WF nonstop. Lot of new content and some new weapons and a frame to mingle with. Threw lots of formas and enjoyed easy xp.
  9. magazine size makes the difference. The reduced accuracy really hurts though. You tend to miss alot.
  10. I see why they cost more but I agree that it is troublesome. Most of the guns I play with are already 4+ forma and tightly modded(0 capacity) So throwning another forma for 1 capacity is painful indeed.
  11. Actually now that you mention it, it is quite true. Some casual 1-2 quick melee spam did wonders with certain stances.I only played with Tatsu so I haven't been able to test the other stuff. I hope it isn't too dissapointing, melee is one the saving graces of the combat system imo.
  12. Op is right. Nightwave kills the games biggest appeal. Casual gameplay. It would be fine if the grind wasn't so unreasonable but sadly it isn't. People who want to punch their card and turn the gameplay into a daily duty are the minority. Majority want to play for fun. Asking for a daily/weekly commitment from the playerbase will eventually lead to this games downfall. I hope the nightwave event is a temporary experiment, never to return again.
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