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  1. I just previewed some combinations and they looked pretty weak. I'll still build a couple of them when I get the resources.
  2. Unlinking and linking the twitch account did the trick for me.
  3. I've tried different things on the display menu to no avail. I turned off other player effects, which seems to help overall but the sudden FPS drop and stutter still persists which is the main problem. There is also an fps drop issue while modding and using the navigation menu. Highly doubt it is a graphical thing so it is likely something on the cpu end, which I believe is also tied to stutter and fps drops while playing the game.
  4. Performance is still bad. On top of that, there is a weird FPS drop issue when modding and while using the navigation menu.
  5. It's been hours and I haven't gotten them. So all I gotta do is to unlink and then relink the account ?
  6. By more stable do you mean it is good now ? Also play more maps/missions with squads(solo always runs better) to make sure it is not placebo. I won't update my drivers if it isn't a significant improvement.
  7. Extreme stutter and fps dips introduced in the nezha prime update still persists. It pretty much killed the smooth 144fps gameplay for me. Will you guys look into it ?
  8. Do you think DE will drop the update friday evening, take the weekend off, and let the whole playerbase betatest it during the weekend ?
  9. I highly doubt it will be a weekend release so I'm guessing it is today or tomorrow ? Likely tonight. I'm sorry to inform you but if you want a clean released update then WF is not the game for you.
  10. No. I also noticed that game feels also stuttery/choppy outside open worlds as well in squads. Definitely an optimzation problem introduced with the latest update. Might be driver related or something else. But it started happening after the most recent update.
  11. After the update my FPS is lower and the game feels alot more choppy/stuttery.
  12. 100 SE ? Thanks I'll pass. Not really. Compare it to catalysts that are installed in melee, primary and secondaries. You need 200-300 catalysts easily and much less reactors. Case in point I have 40 reactors sitting in my inventory as opposed to 0 catalysts.
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