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  1. Moveset is cool but the weapon itself is extremely slow.

    I have quickening on it and with 60% arcane strike and it still feels sluggish. Which is insane because most weapons feel moderately fast even @ 1.40 speed. They get pretty quick with arcane strike on top of it.

  2. Yesterday I spent around 2-3 hours farming relics. And I didn't get many honestly. I got 4 lith n7 from relic packs and that was it. I ran 3 of those N7's today with 4 man full rad squads and didn't get the chasis. I refined a few other relics in the process so now I have no traces left and no parts. I did 3 runs of plague star hoping to get relics but I didn't. So in 2 days I played around 5-6 hours, and I'm out of traces, almost out of relics for Nidus and I have no parts.


  3. 12 hours ago, GrayArchon said:

    I think it probably feels that way because the relics are more specific than the Void keys and there's the added component of Void traces, but it's actually easier if you break it down.

    With Void keys, you had to farm for the keys and then run the Void missions. With relics, you have to farm for the relics, apply Void traces if necessary, and then run the fissure missions. Let's forget about Void traces for the moment; we'll come back to it later. So the grind is roughly comparable: farm keys/relics, then use them. A two-step grind. However, relics are a better system for two reasons. First, the reward always drops after a single rotation of the mission. With the old Void key system, some of the Prime parts were on Survival rotation C drop tables, meaning you had to use a Void key and wait 20 minutes to even get a chance to receive the part you wanted. That is not the case with relics. To open a relic you need to do 5 minutes of Survival, 1 wave of Interception, 200 cryotic in Excavation, et cetera. If you want to stay 20 minutes, you can put in a relic 4 times and get 4 chances of the part you want instead of 1 (we'll discuss this disparity in investment for endless missions later).

    The second reason relics are better is that you can use Void traces to increase the probability. With the "radshare" method, you can increase your probability of getting a rare drop from a relic to just over 1 in 3 (34.39%). That means that, on average, it would take you 3 relics and 15 minutes (or less, depending on mission type) to get the rarest part of any Prime Access.

    Void trace farming does add a third layer of grind to the process, but you get Void traces from opening relics. If you passively crack open some relics every now and then, you should hit your cap. My cap is about 1600, so I can make 16 radiant relics. If I do radshares, then that's enough to get 5 different, specific rare Prime parts on average (3 radiant relics should give you the rare part if you do radshares). Most Prime Accesses have about 5 rare Prime parts, with the rest being uncommon or common. So, I don't intentionally farm for Void traces, and when I need them, my stockpile is roughly sufficient for everything I need. Of course, players with lower caps will be less able to stock up on Void traces, but that's part of the incentive to raise your MR.

    The only aspect in which Void keys were better than relics is that you could put in one Void key for an endless mission and stay there as long as you wanted, collecting Prime parts every 5 minutes with only 1 Void key invested. This was of course changed so that you need to put in a relic every rotation. The disparity is slightly off-set by the increasing, rotating boosters and extra relics you gain during endless Void fissures, but it probably boils down to the fact that DE looked at the system and didn't like how many Prime parts you could get with just one Void key. If DE ever decided to change it back to the Void key system, this aspect and their view on it would still be the same, and they'd likely keep it the same, and you would have to put in a new Void key every 5 minutes just like you do now, because that aspect of the system was changed for different reasons than the rest of the system.

    Traces are required for anything that isn't intact. You either invest 100 or nothing. So the relic refinement is an illusion, a scam imo. Never seen anyone run anything other than intact or radiant on recruiting chat for that reason. Eitherway, trace farm is a must for tha reason and if you don't get lucky and get your rare part in the first few runs then you may need up to 800 traces per rare part. 

    Also like you mentioned, 1 key was enough to host a game of 4 for indefinite amount of time, meaning the key farm wasn't as excessive as relic farm. Sure, farming a rare part off of a key took longer sometimes, but then I spend hours farming the relics I want before I get to farming the part.

    And this can be a more personal choice but I don't like too many repetitions. So repeating individual shorter relic runs and relic/trace farm gets me bored and frustrated alot quicker, especially considering that fissure missions are regular missions with no nuances. 

    Would the key system work today ? I don't think so, because there have been way too many primes added to the table, but it definitely was a more player friendly system and would prefer it today if  they could improve upon it and polish it. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Tsukinoki said:

    I've managed to farm up Nidus Prime in only a few days an no longer than 1-2 hours per day that I could spare actually playing warframe. 

    That is pretty reasonable in my book.


    1 hour ago, Tsukinoki said:

    Relics are a much better farm than the old keys, even with the caveat that you have to farm new relics when a new item drops.

    I have to disagree with that. Relic farm, trace farm and then part farm is a grindier process and is much more repetitive.


  5. 2 hours ago, GrayArchon said:


    1. Relics for the new Prime Access will often (though not always) be available in a specific place. For example, Plague Star bounties and the Hemocyte currently drop relics for Nidus Prime Access and only Nidus Prime Access, so it's easy to get a bunch by playing Plague Star. Of course, this is probably less efficient than other methods when comparing the rate of relics obtained over time, but that is the price you pay for specificity.

    I had no idea. Thanks for the tip. I might try plague star if I can bring myself to play it again.

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  6. On 2021-08-01 at 9:20 PM, (PSN)JustJoshinEnt said:

    Again, though... the game is NOT "pure RNG".  Certain isolated systems are, sure, but not the entirety of the game.

    ESPECIALLY not "Prime Drops".  You ALWAYS get SOMETHING when you crack a relic.  Not always what YOU want, but if you're smart, you TRADE it to OTHERS who DO want it, and in exchange, get what YOU want.

    Basically, after so many relic runs, you either have what you want, or you have wares to sell to get it.  That isn't "pure RNG", it just requires a bit of effort and thought.  We don't need a "pity" system.

    Being able to trade unwanted things in for things you want doesn't change the fact that majority of the game is based on pure RNG. There are some guaranteed rewards or stuff you can get with ducats, but nearly everything else relies on pure chance.

    On 2021-08-01 at 9:20 PM, (PSN)JustJoshinEnt said:

    And you not enjoying the grind/gameplay isn't the same as it being flawed.  Fun is subjective.  You might not enjoy what the rest of players do, and vice versa.  If ya don't enjoy it, don't do it.  It's a free game and entirely optional to play.

    I didn't use the word flawed. You made that up.

    As for the gameplay, I didn't say I don't enjoy the game entirely. But yeah, majority of it the repetitive loop I don't enjoy and I play around a couple of hours per week as a result, when there is content to play.



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  7. 20 hours ago, Zahnny said:

    I'm not in favor or against, I just haven't seen this topic before so I'm curious.

    Why would anyone be against it ?

    Basing everything on pure RNG is bad game design.  For example riven rolls can be 100% pure RNG. It is like gambling. Same goes for other optional stuff as well.

    But essential drops, like prime parts should have a pity system. 

    The problem with WF is, the grind is bland and non challenging. So doing the same thing over and over again is not rewarding unless you get exactly what you want. There aren't any random loot or any loot that is worthy of your time, like catalyst bps or some other essentials. IF the grind was fun and had colleteral rewards then pure RNG system could work.

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  8. 5 hours ago, NecroPed said:

     other than the rewards

    We at least had rewards. Now we don't have anything basically.

    But also a feeling of exclusivity and end game. They were also nice. 8 man gameplay ? That was also pretty neat.

    And  that was like 6 years ago. Imagine where DE could have taken the raids if they invested some of their resources into develoing the concept further. But I guess, it required alot of work and didn't make as much money. 

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  9. 11 minutes ago, lhardy said:

    Using a zenith coin and reach first stage out of 3. Then, It should appear after a few seconds. Some people above this thread discovered me the capture node in pluto, that I forgot It was a good capture to get zenith coin, as I used to play the phobos node for granum farm and then I started sister farm there too.


    If you can't create a sister, let me 5 minutes to enter the game and I can help you.

    Well I managed to create 2(atlas and mesa) one after another but both of them with nightmare tokens.

    Regular tokens don't seem to create it for me.

  10. Guys how do you create a sister ?

    I created my first one when it came out with MESA but now I can't create any. I've tried with Saryn and Atlas because I want the toxin affinity. Tried exterminate and capture missions on phobos and neptune. 

    So I'm suspecting that I'm missing a step here.

    Are there any other prerequisites other than going in to the granum void and reaching the 1st wave ?

  11. I saw this thread and didn't get what it was about but then I played the game and I was like "oh"

    Yeah how am I supposed to level up my helminth. I already fed like 15 frames and I don't want to waste time building frames I alread fed to the dude. 

    Another questionable design decision from DE.

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  12. 14 hours ago, LittleSnowNeko said:

    Why in the world are the sisters so much harder to get than the kuva liches? Because they come with a robot dog as well? Not worth the extra insane challenge honestly. To spawn a kuva lich you pop on over to Cassini on Saturn, run through it in almost no time at all, and spawn a larvaling and check to see if you want their weapon or not then go. To spawn a sister, you have to clear out the enemies that are probably surrounding the stupid gold hand to go to the Granum Void, you have to use a Zenith Coin so it costs an expendable resource, you then have to complete a challenge of killing annoying specter enemies, and if you fail it you don't get a sister candidate to spawn or any other reward and you're out a coin. And if the sister doesn't have the weapon you want? Time to run it again. This whole spawning process already makes it take much longer than spawning a lich, but also has an actual cost tied to it beyond just time in the form of Zenith coins (and added frustration). 

    Why not make them spawn like kuva liches do, so in any level 20 or higher corpus mission, or at least make it so they spawn no matter which coin you use so we can just use our regular granum coins instead of the zenith. Would still be more annoying than farming for a lich, have a higher time, and an actual cost tied to it, but at the very least the enemies would be a bit easier to kill. 

    I created one with Mesa just fine but I can't seem to create a Toxin  one.

    I played around an hour with different toxin affinity frames and couldn't create 1 candidate. 

    It already is a bigger hassle than a grineer lich at this point for me. I'll try a couple of times more and if I can't have a candidate I'll probably wait till the rework.

    It is classic DE design, unfair RNG/grind on initial release and then gradually reduce it.


  13. 2 minutes ago, SargionMagara said:

    Well with the all the new items and the streamlined murmur farms, i can say the road is definitely shorter now, but yeah, i guess i'll keep dreaming on, as a "rookie".

    It is shorter, but not as short as it is advertised.

    Creating a larvling and taking the down lich takes much longer than before. Yes, the inbetween is shorter, but I think for an average player the difference won't be that apparent.


  14. I don't think Ash needs his ultimate rerolled back  to what it was.  As an Ash main player, I hated it back in the day. Way back in the day where you had to insert abilities like mods, I didn't even have it on.

    I think the solution to make Ash great again is simple. Buff his base stats a notch, maybe add a more useful passive, and change the mechanics of the shuriken. Make it similar to Vauban's 2 or Ivara's 1. Tap to cycle between different shuriken(armor stripping, explosive, slash, etc.) and hold to use. 

    Also rework his useless aguments while at it.

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  15. 4 hours ago, SargionMagara said:

    I love the new streamlined murmur farming and the fact now we have new items like Requiem Ultimatum and Oull to make the grind lighter, but making the finale on Railjack didn't quite made sense to me. Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love playing railjack, and its not about it being a railjack mission. But i really don't get the point of adding an extra step of going into another fight, since prior to the update we can just finish off the Lich right away after we made the correct Requiem Sequence on that mission where they appeared, but now after managing to pull off the correct sequence on the Lich / Sister, you're made to fight them once again in order to finally convert or vanquish them. I remember DE saying something along the lines of "We want to make the finale into something you can prepare for" somewhere, but i still don't get the intention here.

    Help? Am i missing something?

    Oh, you thought DE was actually going to reduce the length of the road to get to your dream weapon ?

    Dream on rookie. 

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