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  1. For the 1000th time i am trying to go more then just 2 bounties on fortuna in a row without the game getting bugged. sometimes even on the second round it buggs out. I’m trying to farm axi relics but it’s pretty annoying if i have to finish 1 bounty then extract to save up and go back out again to start a new one. Not sure if anyone has ever reported that problem but since i reached mr30 and pretty much bored of the whole game and i figured least i can farm some relics to make my time worthwhile i wished i wouldn’t be getting annoyed of running missions like i living in the 80’s 😂 DE Plea
  2. I was about to come in here and destroy the forum on how pissed i am, not confused just PISSED. as you said we’ve contributed real money in this game too and expect some sort of decency. Apart from investing all those hours in this game and discovering bugs on a daily basis we still here wanna play the game and since i have reached mr30 too and the only things i can look forward to is some sort of new events or updates ... But then this happens, you go excited over to Baro to only find out that he brought only trash again. I do hope they fix this ASAP and won’t delay the prisma dual decurions.
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