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  1. True, although I still think magnetic is fine for Index or high level Corpus stuff. It also helps with liches, at least to get rid of their shields. Some CC proc would be pretty great.
  2. Alright, everyone that played the game for a decent enough time is familiar with the various elemental status effects. Void proc is a status effect that can either be obtained by using your operator attack on an enemy or infusing your weapons with Xaku's first ability - Xata's whisper. Is it just me or are the void proc more of an issue than a useful debuff? First of all, it doesn't do anything related to the enemy's shield, armor or health, which is fine in of itself. Besides resetting Sentient resistances it creates a small bubble (akin's to Mag's ability) around the enemy which attracts
  3. Thanks for the ehm... colorful analogy. Now I'm hungry. Yeah Railack didn't need that much of an overhaul. Reduce the grind by half to make it easier for new players is a good idea, but they are throwing out the baby out with the bath water. Well, at least we'll get an umbra forma and a legendary core on launch.
  4. That's not a bad idea at all! Seriously, post it in the feedback part later. Have the elemental type be correlated with the kind of bonus they would give. Maybe an electric lich will give you extra flux, a radiation lich would inflict random rad procs on boarders, frost lich reduce turret heat buildup, etc. I'm fine with them not piloting, as long as they change it so they take up their own personal slot and could follow you on boarding parties.
  5. Yeah that seems like a great idea. DE needs to do something to the eidolons post Tempestari
  6. I hope they backtrack on the liches or at least change the system somewhat because if what Meg said is true they are pretty damn useless.
  7. If you're a newer player, you probably haven't unlocked some of the more 'exotic' secondaries. That being said, you can run without a secondary if your primary is an assault rifle with a medium-low reload time. The best use for secondaries is to either have AOE (the new mushroom kitgun) or compensate for unwieldy primaries (Lenz, Bramma). The notorious Kuva Nukor has the ability to chain between large groups of enemies, which makes it perfect for clearing the room of 'trash mobs'. The Catabolyst has high damage and can decimate enemies packed in groups with its secondary fire. One commo
  8. Most rivens for obscure weapons do their job of making the old/retired item 'relevant' again. That being said, there's a small fraction of the community that's obsessed with min-maxing their weapons to get that extra 0,0003% more damage on their red crit nuke build. I'm not judging, but I never saw the point in rivens since most frames and weapons can work rather well at all levels of content. Barring obviously rifles in the steel path, but even that's getting patched soon.
  9. I would come up with some witty joke about bringing Octavia playing Megalovania (which I actually use), but most likely Mesa. Mesa is a great frame for new content, even if you disregard the room clearing ability. Quellor is a decent all-round rifle. Parencesis for sentient anomalies and the stalker.
  10. I mean, they can do it not because they don't value others, but because PCs are generally beefier hardware wise and it's easier to update the server every few minutes. Console updates have to be approved by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo respectfully before they take effect.
  11. Any update on Kuva liches being used as crew members? Kuva lich hunting is a massive grind and the only reason to do so is for the weapons or the ephemeras. Having them as pokemon-esque crew seems like a much healthier idea.
  12. Exactly. It will take a long while until it's anywhere near playable. A friend of mine playing on PC had BSOD each time she tried to start up the game mode.
  13. Generally linear style quests are far more easy to clean up in terms of potential glitches. If anyone of the fine ladies or gentlemen here played Cyberpunk 2077 they'll know that the cinematic quests were generally the least buggy parts of the whole experience. Railjack 3.0 though. Oh boy, that will be rough.
  14. Yeah, it's almost as if she's some kind of robot or not human at all. Jokes aside, yeah, story wise your character has to grow up and become self-sufficient. We already have a diverse cast of characters to do the VA on each different planet. Have Kayla the Thaym do mission briefing on Ceres, Ordis already narrates a few missions on Venus, have Lloyd narrate Deimos, etc.
  15. Godspeed, Tenno! You're more of a space ninja than any of us.
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