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  1. Also Serius Snape was actually a good guy protecting Harry from the Death Eaters but having hidden resentment due to being his mother's ex.
  2. Ow Lavos is lovely! First is that you memorize the general patterns that create elements. The rule of thumb is that when you're fighting Grineer you go with 1-2 and 3-4 (Viral/Corrosive) buffs. When fighting Corpus you go with 1-3 and 2-4 (Magnetic/Blast). The general meta is to use him to overload your enemies with elements so they can be taken out with Condition Overload esque mods. Use his 2 as his panic button and for mobility. Don't forget to get enough strength to use your 1 in order to heal. I recommend you to use a few forma to try to fit the Umbral mods into him, since it adds to his already high amount of armor. Also, you can use some ammo-munching weapons (Cortege/Kohm) with him since his 3 converts all pickups to universal ammo (including archgun ammo). Generally, I use him for railjack and profit taker, although he works well in Steel Path survival due to him being so difficult to kill.
  3. We should be fine, but, just in case, change your passwords and enable 2FA just to be safe.
  4. Father has a line how they don't want to cure it and would prefer to just get new bodies since they are still Orokin are aware of transference and can probably obtain enough kuva. I assume the issue is that they are Orokin and getting a good body for them would be difficult. I presume after a millennia of living as perfect demigods and a few centuries living as giant fungi people having an ordinary human body would be considered 'slumming it'.
  5. There's one thing I'd love to see. If they are likely going with a doppelganger system where the lich is just a mutated Warframe that has been overtaken by the hivemind, I'd love it so that as the lich would get more powerful the mutation would spread over the body. Imagine having Yareli turning into a gurgling mass of tumors by the end of your run. Although, that would require Infested Railjack and who knows how that would look like.
  6. You angered the RNG deities in one way or another. I've had 2 months where I had null medical debt tokens drop when I was maxing out Solaris United. Currently I'm on my 13'th lich without an ephemera and horrible weapon stats, so take your pick. This reminds me when Steve Jobs first released the iPod and it had a shuffle option. People kept complaining how the 'random' feature would always assemble entire albums and have 10 songs by the same author. He actually explained that this is how probability works and had to ask his programmers to make the 'shuffle' feature less random in order to make it more random.
  7. From what I understood. Eidolons cannot amalgomate anyone since they are basically mindless monsters, Revenant's abilities were mostly an accident of him falling into the lake and soaking in Eidolon juices. Caliban, though, is the result of a deliberate process by Ballas or the such to create a Warframe that's connected to the sentient hivemind. I have a hitch that we're going to get a more detailed explanation in the New War quest. I'm not sure how much of the story will be dedicated to Caliban, but I'm almost sure it will be a significant plot point.
  8. Can't speak for myself, but my friend is buying her first prime access. She already has an infested-themed orbiter, so the decorations will really complete the look.
  9. Console aiming is an issue, but as someone who plays both on a beefy PC and on a Switch, not as much as in the past. Switch (along with other systems I presume) has an option for gyroscopic aiming that helps with headshots and using snipers in general. I'll be perfectly honest, I doubt hardware plays that much of a role considering that there's a wide variety of PCs and phones out there. Here's an example of gyroscopic aiming to help you get the idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cUrbztEyio Also, platforms and equipment are no indication of a player's quality. People can still have bad aim or just be tired when they get into the game. No need to be exclusionary.
  10. Systems being abandoned is basically the story of Warframe's development. Anyway, I would enjoy if the story acknowledged our actions through occasional voice lines. Like how during Kuva syphon missions it would occasionally point out if you decided to kill or spare the elder queen. Maybe during the New War have Ballas tell that he remembered what we did and have him react appropriately. The furthest the alignment system should go is to maybe give the player some unique cosmetics upon completing the quest or maybe a glyph with the alignment. Also, the light/dark system seemed a bit confusing. What I got is that dark was the romantic option. Dark options show compassion towards allies and cruelty towards your enemies. Light options are the enlightened option that tries to go with the most pragmatic approach to the situation, prioritizing level-headedness and acting like a professional warrior. The equinox option is somewhere in-between.
  11. Grendel is amazing. Also it's just hilarious to go into the room and eat everyone there in moments, only to throw them up at a nearby wall.
  12. I mean, I'm fine with Nyx if it's just the accessories. DE promised to unvault more frames like Ash in railjack. Ehm, when is this happening?
  13. DE just announced that the next dual vault will be Nyx and Rhino. Rhino is a fan favorite and hasn't been out for a while, so no questions there. That being said, Nyx is unvaulted. Will DE plan to add other frames to railjack at the time of release (like Ash, for example) or what?
  14. I'm surprised nobody brought up Gara. Gara split a kaiju into three parts with her sword...
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