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  1. So basically, like in other games I play/ed, its useless, rude, racist, ignorant toxic people get away with it, reports are useless as they waste devs time and money as someone said.. I ignore most of it, 95% or more but I think some people need to be reported, they are really toxic and rude and don´t have place in any game.. but of course if the toxic racist rude kid spends money on game we all know nothing happens, money first. I usually don't waste much time on it, in Warframe it happened twice and since I didn't know well how game reports work, I decided to ask here for opinions. On
  2. I'm here to talk about toxic farmers and if reports do something or its just to make you feel good. Toxic farmers, those kind of players that go farming and keep insulting and giving orders to everyone; " - Don't move, don't shoot, stay here, are you idiot, you piece of sh*t, etc, etc." I always leave mission and report them.. but now my doubt is; Does reporting someone do something ? I reported this rude kid twice, he is still there, insulting everyone on every mission for sure.. I just put an "Ignore" on this player. Is it a waste of time doing a report ? I don't find many but sti
  3. It would be nice to have that option.. I really enjoy first person view in most games. But seems some prefer 3rd person so that can see the skins and all the "accessories and effects" they bought to their Warframe. Having both views would be good for the game I think, some missions would have a better immersive experience in my opinion.
  4. Reports sent, by me and others, 0 answer or solutions so far.. not wasting more time with more detailed info, all infor and complaints are more than enough by now, posting here or in other forum its the same, only here to see if more ppl have same problem and if they have a solution.. Since detailed reports got me no answer, and to other players too, why even bother having report system ? But whatever.. problem continues to happen to many players, as other problems like horrible host system in squad missions, where your game experience relies on some guy terrible internet connection.. bu
  5. Well said Sashleycat ... Open worlds and host system needs rework, period. Invest more time & money in serious game problems and less in lipstick and necklaces for the Warframes..
  6. as if I was only one with this problem.. not wasting more time here with details of internet or pc since I know from other players with different PCs or internet connections that is not our problem.
  7. Most times open world experience is just terrible, specially PoE and OV, new one not so much. - Lag, glitches, image freeze, you name it.. game is sometimes impossible to play and solution is to leave.. if you leave you dont get to play so yeah.. really fun !!! NO, its not my PC or my Internet connection, as I can read in forums others have same problems I know its YOUR problem !!! But once again, why do I even bother writing here, most times its a NO answer or vague answer.
  8. you report on steam and people tell you to report here or just dont answer at all.. you report here and .... no answer at all !!! Why even bother reporting something !!! WASTE OF TIME
  9. when playing with squad, after a mission ends, cant leave squad, cant pick or even see any mission on star chart, I just can walk around in my orbiter, eventually I have to close game and start again. This happens at least once per day !!!
  10. It has happened a lot.. you just put your mouse on one of Warframe abilities and when video starts BANG, game crashes, shuts down and a report window appears !!! NO I dont have the report Code !!!
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