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  1. Maybe more people would if this had a discussion threading system instead of just quoting. Nobody wants to read 7 pages of messages just to see if there's a reply buried somewhere in there.
  2. I like the progress bar, but making us click to actually claim it just put a bullet straight into the head of me being able to attend. Your schedules have a habit of conflicting with my work and school schedules on a regular basis. Sometimes I'm listening while commuting to one of those. How long do we get to click the claim? Should I risk causing an accident on the road to reach for my phone, or just hope there's a shoulder that isn't blocked by the ever present highway construction? Update: Okay. I admit I gut reacted to this. We're not all twitch experts to know that twitch rewards
  3. I assume it's security updates and upgrades to the infrastructure underlying everything they developed. We don't see notices like this for game software updates.
  4. Oh how I regret pressing that X key. I'd pay platinum to make that lich thing go away.
  5. I experienced the same bug. I tried moving away from the fishing area and then coming back but the lines would reappear.
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