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  1. Reflection mod is currently useless. remove the Channeling condition? 100/100 Murex bug; not getting them credits in rare occasions.
  2. Are we getting the credits we didn't get at bugged 100/100? It's really discouraging since I'm farming them Arcanes.
  3. It happened to me today, once, but it is still tilting... lost 10000 scarlet credits even when the flotilla said 100/100 murex escaped, with 1 hour left. Got an inbox saying "Wave Expired" and got nothing but the sucky emblem, honestly I still want those stupid arcanes but i'm not playing for a while until they fix this stupid event 🤬
  4. TYPE: Scarlet spear Flotilla completed, no credit rewards in mail DESCRIPTION: Did three runs in space, returned to flotilla at 95/100 and waited there when it hit 100/100, then left. REPRODUCTION: Spend over an hour working for reward, then nothing got an email and it said the raid was fail ??? (lost 10000 credits... yay) EXPECTED RESULT:[I should of received scarlet credits 100/100 reward in the mail OBSERVED RESULT: I received a message saying "wave expired" we did not repel the wave and received some emblems rank 3 space emblem and rank 1 earth emblem but no credits (the wave was completed to 100/100) ] REPRODUCTION RATE: my last try until you fix it... ffs.
  5. Reflection mod does absolutely nothing even though channelling was taken out of the game months ago. Same goes for Mortal Conduct.
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