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  1. Sigh. I have seen this video before it popped up on the forum. I have also seen this guys chennel/content before he made a video about WF. Not much to say on the video itself that other people havent covered yet. A lot of it is things that the community (including myself) almost unanimously agrees with. Things that everyone and their grandmother have already said. But this has to be one of the most offensively pathetic titles I ve seen. WoRst MmO EvaA?! Feels like something a kid would come up with. IDK, putting an "obviously not bad" game in this (wOrsT) category, only for it to be standard player impressions is disingenuous to me to say the least. I know this is a series (I have seen it long before this video dropped), and to the people saying that the title is meant to make the video consistent with the branding or something, I call massive BS. Given how its content doesnt match the rest of the videos in the series at all (the rest is mostly about really obscure, low rated games, with a few exeptions). Its off-brand if anything. (Plus, how do you know, youre gonna put a game in this series in the first place, before even playing it? I can understand with games that have a low rating or something, but not a game that has mostly positive ratings... I mean, he clearly played this game with that intent.) It was obviously done for clicks, much like the rest of his series, honestly. When you see 20 videos titled "WoRst MmO EvAr?" you kinda just have to roll your eyes. Obvious bait. This dude should take some serious notes from IHEs "Search for the worst", a series that does this sort of content incredibly well, and with actual authenticity (not to mention that guy actually does a proper deep dive/review/analysis of the movies he includes in said series). Or rebrand his series, because having a whole list of "Worst MMO Ever" viedos feels pretty dumb. Clearly none of them are actually the worst if you keep making new videos with that same title. IDK, I guess this new video just made me remember how annoying I found the """branding"""" of this series to be. Especially since he used it for a "clearly not bad" game like WF. Like another user said, Im just tired of this kind of dumb clickbait.
  2. Walk up to them and press "x".
  3. Unfortunately, they removed the "arming distance" from Akarius projectiles in update 29.5 (19.11.2020). So yeah, now they explode on hit, regardless of how far they are.
  4. To everyone in this thread: You can EASILY negate the heavy landing by pressing a directional key + "ctrl" aka going into a slide. You dont even have to time it, just press it anytime before landing. You can even press it immediately after you start falling and you still get a soft landing. Doing this also allows you to instantly follow up with a bullet-jump. Heavy landings are a complete non-issue.
  5. Oh, I know that, and there is even some in this game that I like. But this particular one just looks to me like its supposed to be a pair. Doesnt seem "asymetrically" designed. Plus, its kinda odd to have a whole armor set -1 shoulder plate. IDK.
  6. Hahaha XDDD Man, your positivity just made me laugh. Its great to have an optimistic outlook like that. Thank you. Have a good day mate! :)
  7. Damnn, I had no idea... If I knew that it was an issue, I wouldnt have wasted my sweet ducats... Lame :(
  8. I dont generally mind "asymmetry". But in this case, its really dumb, given that its an entire set - 1 shoulder plate. Also LOL, its not like another shoulder plate would require any special design. Just flip it an you have a pair. WTF am I supposed to do with only 1 plate XDDD
  9. What the title says. You can buy a set of 2 knee guards, but only 1 shoulder plate. Why?
  10. Whoops, totally forgot that you have to use RMB in certain combos (mostly because I dont like those combos on my sword stance, so I stopped using them). Though you still get the benefit of being able to sprint with RMB while using melee. I agree with pretty much everything else you said in the rest of your post. Nothing much to add for me here. My first priority would still be to rework guns and make them stronger/more convinient, before dealing with melee. And just as your preference is to use melee alone, mine would be to be able to use all 3 weapons effectively and in synergy (without one completely blowing the other 2 out of the water, rendering them redundant). Id like this idea of constanly switching up the combat. Thats what I personally want from WFs combat, since when it comes to melee alone (at least in the state its in now), I can find much better elsewhere. As for fun, since its completely subjective, it unfortunately leads people to want completely opposite things. Meaning that while my idea of "fun melee" is having it be meaningful and challenging, for others "fun melee" would be cheese and being OP, one hit killing everything. So something that would make the game more "fun" for you, or me, might make it less "fun" for someone else. This presents a problem when the Devs have to pick who theyre gonna cater to (obviously cant be both).
  11. Status types arent exclusive to guns though? They depend on elements. You can achive the same type of elemental CC by equiping elemental mods on melee (some melee also has elemental damage by default, just like some guns). So I wouldnt list "status CC" as an advantage guns have over melee, which has CC integrated into its default mechanics. "Aim" is still a gun weakness I would say, as its damage depends on accuracy. "Aim" also refers to holding RMB to get better accuracy, which reduces your mobility to walking (holding RMB with a melee still allows you to sprint). Though I dont see many instences in which you would need to hold RMB while using melee, unless you want to block manually. Melee also has (depending on its reach) some area of effect, with a single swing damaging multiple targets (not to mention slam/heavy slam, spinning slide), so there isnt really a need to aim at a single enemy (not that it would do anything anyway, it wouldnt change where the hit lands, seeing as it has a predetermined attack animation). With certain stances (as you mentioned) the majority of melee hits end up registering as headshots anyway. Ironically, in this situation, it seems almost easier to get a headshot with melee than with a gun. Now let me explain something real quick: my posts were making an asessment of melee and its mechanics in GENERAL (just simply the way they are in the game), and how the majority of average players use it. None of this was directed at your playstyle in particular. I have no idea how you specifically choose to use melee, I just know how the majority of players do it. If youve found a playstyle that makes melee interesting, thats great, even I know that melee is a lot more fun to use on its own. But the games mechanics encourage cheesy, spammy use of melee, and I think thats one of the problems. I mean realistically, how many people will choose manual blocking over auto-parry? Or to not spam E? Not very many. I also want to add that I still disagree that melee is riskier to use because its close range. Ranged being less risky than melee would be true in every other game Ive played, any RPG, MMO, action combat game, you name it, but thats because most of the enemies in those games use melee just as you do. So they are well equipped do deal serious damage to you at close quarters, just as you are. The enemies in this game however, are a testament that WF was, once upon a time, supposed to be a shooter game, as the overwhelming majority of them use guns (excluding infested obviously). Not only that, but most of these mobs simply arent programmed to be able to deal with melee attacks. They are incapable at dealing damage at point blank range. They whack you over the head with their gun, but are unable to actually shoot you, even if they fire at you, they either miss, or the hit doesnt register (for some reason, they aim down at your legs/feet?). Sometimes they just stand confused, or try to move away from you in order to gain some range to be able to shoot you. This goes for most if not all common mobs like lancers, crewmen, blue moas ect. Of course, dealing with a group of enemies is different, and this only accounts for common mobs, but the point is that the majority of enemies arent equipped to effectively fight against melee. This game desperately needs some more challenging melee mobs. Its very satisfying to manually block a blow from corrupted heavy gunner and stagger her, but since thats the only attack she can use at point blank, it becomes boring quickly. Yeah, I get that quoting a whole post can be a pain, but theres also no way for me to know whether youve it read as a result, especially if you only respond to the quoted bits (but thats why I asked you about it). Again, autoparry is a feature that melee has, that gives it a big advantage when it comes to avoiding damage. The fact that you choose not to use it by not equiping guns when you play doesnt negate that. Hmm, not sure what that last line is supposed to entail? Nowhere in my posts did I even mention the word "nerf". What I want is for guns to be buffed to a level comparable to melee, and was arguing against the idea that guns HAVE to stay/be weaker. I also want changes that would make melee more interesting, sure you can choose to play melee only, but the game itself doesnt give any incentive for the general playerbase to want to play it in a non spammy way. It shouldnt just be on me to make it interesting for myself, the games design and its mechanics should be the main contributor to that. Welp, sorry this turned out kinda long. Cheers!
  12. After reading his reply to you, I think what happened to him is similar to what happened to me: Both were cases of a finisher animation spawning a lich automatically (melee finisher in his case, mercy finisher in mine). Must be a glitch where killing an enemy with a finisher (which definitively kills it) causes the lich to auto-spawn as a result. Guess the code doesnt account for the possibility of a larvling getting downed with a finisher. Might be a good idea to bug-report this.
  13. Dont know about the melee glitch your clanmate experienced, but I have personally happened to spawn a lich by accident. I went to hunt the larvling and brought it to a sliver of its health, which triggered the standard "mercy" prompt. However, upon executing it, the lich was creating automatically, without me getting the prompt screen with the weapon and the "hold x to doubt spawn" prompt. Landed with a goddamn Seer which I then had to farm. Not saying thats what happened to OP, but its definetly possible to spawn a lich by accident.
  14. Same thing here, reimnded me exactly of that. I definetly wanted to see the nemesis/adversary machanic expanded upon more, but now its never going to happen, since WB freaking copyrighted the "nemesis system" from Shadow of Mordor, barring other games from using it. DE seems to have flown under the radar with their lich system somehow, since they havent been sued yet...
  15. Dunno if you went to read my original post in its entirety, but just to say something on the Ignis specifically. You chose an example of a gun that is not only the easiest to use among guns, I would argue its the easiest weapon to use in the entire game. It doesnt have any of the inherent weaknesses of guns (exept for not having a blocking mechanic). It requires no aiming/accuracy which allows you to move around more freely, has massive ammo and magazine capacity, fires a constant stream of fire that covers a pretty good area. Now you tell me, how many other guns like the Ignis are there in the game? It really doesnt seem fair to use it as an agrument against guns as a whole. Just how the guy who replied to you said that some melee requires aim, which we know is true for glaives, but they make up a very small fraction of melee weapons as a whole and are thus not representative. As for the whole "putting yourself in the line of fire" with melee: 1) You have auto parry, which blocks most gunfire with the exeption of AOE and a few other exeptions (with guns, even if you have a good distance from the mobs, most of them also use guns, so as you shoot at them, they shoot at you, and youre especially vulnerable while reloading) 2) You can use parkour/mobility mechanics without restriction (you can roll, slide, bullet jump and connect most of it to melee attacks, for example: connect slide to slide attack, connect jump/bullet jump to slam/heavy slam, which you wouldnt be able to do while aiming to shoot) 3) You can CC enemies with melee attacks, and because you can hit multiple enemies with a single swing, you can CC a whole group of them (stagger by hitting them, lift them with heavy attacks) So, you can avoid damage much better than while using guns, and once you get within attack range, even if all else fails, you can always spam heavy slam + heavy attack to completely immobilize enemies. Plus, come on, with parkour as it is, closing a distance shouldnt really be difficult (takes 1-2 bullet jumps and once youre there, the enemies are history). Also generally when using guns, you cannot be too far from your thargets either because of the damage faloff. (Meaning you have to get somewhat close with a lot of them in order to deal good damage, unless youre using snipers, ect) (Obviously there are exeptions of course, but this is just for melee in general) I guess my point is that I dont see a reason why guns shouldnt be compareble to melee in terms of strength. I mean, wasnt that supposed to be the whole point of this update/rework? To try and bring guns to the level of melee? (They failed anyway though, so who cares XD) Plus, isnt the whole idea of having primary/secondary/melee about primary being, well, your primary? And secondary and mele being there to assist? Also, you seem to take me as someone who hates melee or something? Couldnt be further from the truth. Because of how useless/inconvinient most guns are compared to melee, I didnt use them at all untill like MR12 or something. I like using guns better nowadays, but even with all the formas and all that nonsense, they still cannot compare to melee. Anyway, have a good day! Cheers :)
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