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  1. well specifically the reason i use low health on my summoner frame is because it benefits from it as it has a passive that the lower your max health is you gain extra ability strength.
  2. as you said, there are op frames in the game this is a power fantasy game after all but frames still do have certain "faults" if you will. wisp is a support/ caster frame, even with her motes being easily manageable since they are infinite and cost little, she still has other abilities that cost lots of energy, yet she has no way to recover energy, which is important for most caster frames, saryn also has this problem, mirage is really squishy, and mesa is just well made but also does suffer the energy problem as well, my boi nidus also has problems, but also, is really well made, because of h
  3. danm, warframe really needs to make a designated thing for these kinds of things. so we could actualy tell de proplems with their game that need fixing and get responses. instead of creating a riot on twitter for anything to change.
  4. i thought so, plus that essentialy means it wasnt fixed
  5. ive never heard of that ae you sure that works?
  6. also for your point of "not everything Infested needs to "synergize" with Nidus" not much synergises with nidus, thats part of the problem, no arcanes affect niduses abilities, no mods other than warframe mods can affect virulence, when other abilities can be affected via exalted abilities, and stat sticks, nidus is a frame that DEMANDS the constant use of abilities making his first basicly used all the time instead of using weapons, yet it isnt classified as a psuedo exalted or exalted, even though abilities that arew under the same system such as khoras first and atlases first can be buffed
  7. because the helmlith charger is supposed to be for nidus, its specifically niduses companion, and the strain mods currently arent that good. i also just think pathocyst needs something extra since it currently isnt that good,
  8. Pathocyst and strain mods need a rework, i feel that these two infested things have a lot of potential synergy with eachother and nidus, but arent being brought to fruition because of the blatant lack of simple detail into how these things work, if DE would have sat down and just thought a little more of synergy with weapons and mods, they could make a ton of more things usefull. including these, First lets start with the strain mods on the warframe fandom wiki it states "Helminth Charger grows up to 2/4/6/8 Cysts over 6/12/18/24 seconds that erupt every 25 seconds to spawn a Maggot. Unlike ot
  9. repetition isnt repetition if its changed enough to be its own thing.
  10. i think small summons are fine due to the rule of quantity and quality, when there are say 35 small summons that like latch on to enemies and explode, it would still be a really powerfull ability, it would also be a powerfull cc and dps.
  11. id like to say that's not the only reason for stacks on nidus, it increases his abilities strength by a massive amount depending on the amount of stacks he has and isn't only a resource, along with Grendel using eaten enemies as ammo he also gains a massive armor buff by having enemies consumed, i think the problem with him stems from his abilities not being very useful in general, since 2 of them do the same thing pretty much. but also, discussing how you said a summoner shouldn't revolve around his summons i don't agree with, a summoner has summons to rely on, that's why they are so strong
  12. hey guys i would like to discuss a topic on how you think a summoner frame should be built and how their relationship between their abilities and their stats should be structured along with their strengths and weaknesses.
  13. As summoner being my favorite class i was quite disappointed that there are no good summoner frames. nyx is decent but not really summoning, atlas's rumblers don't do enough damage, Nekroses summons are good but are dumb as rocks and to make a successful summoning build you need to make all his other abilities bad or use helmlith, and revenant is just like nyx but more frustrating. we need a summoner frame that actually has the aspects of a summoner, multiple summons, a way to command them, and damage scaling. So please show your concepts! i'd love to see them and I hope if we get enoug
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