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  1. So what you recommend is: ignore shields and focus on health and armour; don't bother sealing minor breaches, may I ask why?; install the auto-extinguish fire mod, I think I already have this - I'll check; And read about the avionics info; I should also aim for mk III stuff. got it. edit: are you talking about fire suppression? Cuz I have that.
  2. So, I've had railjack for quite a while now and I don't really use it much, mainly because it's hard af but it's also because I don't really have much of a use for it; but the New War will probably require the railjack a lot, it also introduces a lot of lore, and I LOVE lore. So I made this post because I was looking for some tips and advice for the railjack - since the actual game leaves you to fend for yourself, stuff like: how avionics work; what types of avionics are great; what shields, reactors and weapons I should try crafting; And various other helpful tips/adv
  3. So the sentients were the idea of the corpus, only created because of the lack of resources? p.s. Where is that from, y'know.. the writing
  4. But the thing is, why make an ENTIRE sentient race that can think for itself and reproduce?
  5. So, I know the Tau system is, like, the sentient' homeworld but I'm just confused about one thing: why did the sentients need to go into the void? Was the Tau system past the void? Was the void just a way to get there faster? Like hyper speed, or was something/someone compelling them to enter the void? I'd appreciate if someone could explain this to me. Thnx in advance.
  6. Before we begin with my 'quest idea thingy' I just want to point out that I have no idea whether this is the place to post this, I assume it is - now let's get on with my thing. So since we only have a few things to tell us about the Zariman 10-0 or Zariman ten-zero, however you say it, like in-game dialogue, comics and our imagination, I was thinking "how about a quest that takes place on the Zariman ten-zero?" Now this is obviously going to be a flashback, of course. I'm also thinking, when doing this quest, we can customise our parents - now I know what you're thinking, "why would we
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