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  1. You can do that on the front and back but you can't do two separate eggs, only one submission per Tenno.
  2. I want to make a digital egg but I have a question am I allowed to stack things together, srry if that doesn't make sense, idk how to word it, I'll give an example. e.g I stick a thing, like a railjack sticker or faction logo on top of an egg template, colour that in and then stick in some litttle decor.
  3. I can just imagine.. you invited a friend of yours to do some railjack stuff but when they arrive to your railjack, you aren't anywhere in sight. They assume you're caught up in something and they wait, but you never arrive. So they message you, but you never answer. So they search the railjack, searching for you, thinking you're hiding somewhere on board, hiding really well. Suddenly, the lights go out, you're friend is confused, that can't happen on the railjack. They resume to search for you. They call out your name, hoping to get an answer. They start hearing scary noises, they aren't scared at first but the noises get even scarier, they immediately say 'come out [insert your irl name], this isn't funny!' But nothing happens. They decide to get out of the railjack but they couldn't exit no matter what they try. They then start hearing even spookier noises, they then see a shadow, but, learning from many horror games and movies, they stay where they are, to protect themselves - even though in warframe, you can't get hurt, let's say they was trying not to get scared. The shadow then starts getting closer, irl they closes his eyes, so they don't get scared. At the last moment, checking to see if it was clear, he opens his eyes and immediately gets jumpscared by your warframe. P.S, hope you like this little story.
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