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  1. Anyone else having issues with d-pad not centering camera anymore on PS5?? I tried posting in PSN bugs but it wouldn't let me. I tried defaulting controls but it still won't center. Dpad right has no function now.
  2. Anyone else playing on the PS5 verify there is no motion controls?
  3. Tipedo moded correctly, with 1 forma took me from mr3-mr12
  4. Hopefully it was an oversight atm and will be addressed in the future. My aiming is Horrendous with my mr1 mk1-braton and Lato Volt.
  5. May be hard to implement, but I'd like to be able to see trade chat, along with friends and clan. I'm not even sure either of them works, being that I've never used, but it be x-ray goggles, so niccce!
  6. I tried asking people in the q&a channel, but none would comment. I can't believe how bad my aims gotten since I always use motion controls. Least I do on ps4/switch. Just making sure there wasn't some, stand on 1 foot blink three times while jumping trick I didn't know about to get it enabled.
  7. Which ever 1 had the crushing slash proc. He's the 1 that eats me w/o the correct frame. I hate being forced to run invisible frames like rhino skin or Nezha- Halo builds. I can run these frames at a high level and survive everything, but I'd rather enjoy surviving with Zephyr prime or Frost prime.
  8. Just trying WF on PS5, I'm not setting motion controls anywhere.... am I over looking?
  9. Agreed! Lavos damage scales with you ability to inflict status procs, almost infinitely. with a little less CD<maybe from 30 to 22 or 25 on his 4 and maybe 10 down to 7 or 8 on his 3, and make his passive hold for multiple cast. He'd be top notch mate!!
  10. This has been the standard for many years. How many things in WF lay 80% good, 20% broken? A S#&amp;&#036; ton. Lavos I really like, just need a few small tweeks.
  11. I'll try it out tonight. Maybe it's different on the NSW, I've Simonds but honestly it didn't post much attention. Ill let you know
  12. I think this is an attempt to make the ability usable when mobs are below you. I just wish it didn't stop at walls. Same here, I usually start struggling around 180ish depending on melee and secondary. Hoping once I get Anomaly up to r5 it will help group mobs a bit.
  13. Second time I've seen coolant Raknoids inside the elevator. They didn't make it out of elevator last time, today they made it to Eudico <<<TRUE and massacred the locals, killed 4 mobs, and are severely hampering the conservation efforts. <<🤭
  14. All I know is Loki better be next, I been missing His systems for almost 2 years. I should just buy em but unwilling to pay more than 400. :)
  15. Thought I was the only 1. I was wondering why I had to keep clicking sprint. Lol
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