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  1. Exact the same but worse for me it was when i began playin and now i stopped cuz of it
  2. so im a new guy havent playing anymore cuz of my bug so i instaled warframe but then i try to join (have done everything so i can normally join) and it doesnt let me join i dont get it can anyone help me? And my friends cant join me to
  3. so i have a bug im newly to the game that i cant join anyone is thi normal i broke my yellow thing on my leg it says that ive joined to my friends but it dindt let me see only thing i see id Please Wait
  4. im newly to warframe just started yesterday so i have a bug where me person a cant join person b and the other way around cant join to so ive tryed reinstalling didnt work ive tryed deleting data and reinstalling dindt work can anyone help me with this bug?
  5. oh thank you all for the answers i will try it as soon as possible thx and ive tryed it multiple times person b joining me and im joining person b but either way doesnt work im now trying to reinstall the game (with deleting all date)
  6. so i have a bug that i cant join my friends itl stay on the please wait screen does anyone know what i have to do? And yes i have completed every quest so i can play with friend im a m1 and my frined is allot higher is it cuz of that? idk pls help
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