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  1. Hi How much you want ? do you consider trades? have a nice day
  2. Hi, Is this the final price? do you consider trading? - i saw you sold out the equinox set
  3. Sorry for replying so late! Ok, just message me on PSN (Eddy-fall) and we will bargain :)
  4. Hi Tennos im thinking selling a bunch of old stuff Full set of Ember Prime (or single pieces) - Full set of Frost Prime (or single pieces) - Loki prime Chassis or Neuroptics - Full set Mag Prime (or single pieces) - Nova Prime Blueprint or Neuroptics - Nyx Prime System or Chassis - Rhyno prime Almost Full set ( I sold out Systems) - I've also very expensive Arcane Helmets Like Rhino Helmets (i will add the full list but in meantime you can ask me what you need i've also a long list of old prime weapons but i will make a different post for that ) Have a nice day Tennos EDIT: Im looking for Vauban Prime Set, Saryn Prime Set, Hydroid Prime Set, Chassis Trinity Prime and a lot of mods like: Growing Power Aura, Umbral Intensify, Umbral Fiber, Power Drift, Augur Secrets, Energy Conversion, Armored Agility (all this mod at lv:0 or Maxed)
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