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  1. They haven't. Most likely it will be mag and Loki or Mag and Zephyr
  2. There's no way it's happening with call of tempastri. I'm also pretty sure that they want duviri paradox to take place after the new war and in order for them to complete the new war, they need the mocap studio and cause of covid they don't have access to it so all we can do is wait.
  3. Will more vaulted prime warframes and there weapons permanently unvault and become available from relics via corpus proxima like Valkyr Prime and Nyx Prime did with their weapons?
  4. It is. I think the plan is for them to finish the new war first then it's duviri time. But in order to do that they need the mocap studio and cause of covid they don't have access to the studio.
  5. Please Nintendo I'm begging you do not make this update a switch specific delay.
  6. Which means it's unlikely that he will be in the next few unvaultings since alot of players have him now
  7. And hydroid prime was the twitch drop for watching TennoLive 2020
  8. My guess is Mag and Loki or Mag and Zephyr next. Either way mag is getting unvaulted next for sure
  9. Will this happen to other prime warframes in the future?
  10. Remember this isn't an unvault announcement
  11. Any idea how far apart the release for this update for PC and Console will be?
  12. I think that Mag and loki have been gone the longest so next will be mag and Loki and the unvault after that will be Volt and Zephyr
  13. Wym So soon? This Nightwave season came out like the beginning of 2020. It's time for an intermission
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