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  1. (PS4)miqman1

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest is Live!

    Clan name: Nuttlewoods Tier: Ghost Platform: PS4 Role: Founding Warlord https://youtu.be/KB7kLoS5SOc Tried to fit in as many rooms as possible within the 3mins. (my dog's memorial room is the newest addition)
  2. (PS4)miqman1

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan: Nuttlewoods Tier: Ghost Platform: PS4 Founding warlord miqman1 Here are my favorite places in my own dojo! it took roughly 7 days to create the rooms with natural decorations. theres also few other rooms made from older stuff 😄https://youtu.be/8iadgKaDSXc
  3. (PS4)miqman1

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Here´s my entry !!! http://i.imgur.com/wcJUPvF.jpg Both made to scare things away :D
  4. (PS4)miqman1

    New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

    http://imgur.com/a/hegz0 Heres my "masterpiece" ...jk :D ... i chose Rhino and Fang prime, because Rhino + Fang Prime = bloodbath ;D and the blades are just simply beautiful with some elements added :) loved melee 1.0 and im very excited bout melee 2.0 btw happy 1st year warframe !
  5. (PS4)miqman1

    New: Fire And Ice Screenshot Contest!

    How can i upload my screenshot to this forum from my ps4? I have a nice pic from my mag prime, but i can't find a way to upload the screenshot here :( help plz :D