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  1. so for the past months i've been trying to find melee builds that can wreck things in steel path, but everything i've stumbled upon is either people being silent, not giving actual builds/mods and just saying what the weapon should have like everyone is some build expert or they only have builds for warframes, does anyone here will to show a weapon and a build that can properly do steel path?
  2. is there any official image or idea about the plains sentient's appearance? or is it identical in looks to Hunhow?
  3. i am not really aware of the game's deepest lore and i do not know if there is actual lore for this yet, but does anyone know anything about the PoE Sentient? by the looks of it, it seems like it is around Hunhow's size if put into imaginary sizing, given how big its remnants are, so could this mean there are multiple big bad Sentients? and is Natah's mother just as big as Hunhow or is she like the biggest Sentient? these things always troubled my thought
  4. this is something i never got a proper answer to and i have not stumbled upon anything DE-related that would explain the matter, i am not looking to report anyone, i am just curious in the topic
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