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  1. I thought about trading for it with some plat but warframe market says its like 50 plat on average. What are some easy or good ways to farm it out?
  2. I have the components ready to build Redeemer prime but the only problem is i'm 1 1/8 ranks away. Are there any tricks or strategies to level up MR fast other than buying and lvling weapons?
  3. I'm trying to grind out Mesa prime and it would be easy if it didn't take me 30 minutes of void fissures to get the relics to radiant. Are there any faster ways to get traces or do I just have to run the missions over and over?
  4. Trying to farm a stance mod but I cant get the bounties done because enemies don't spawn. I just did one where I had to defend an area but it was underground so I had no idea where any of the enemies were. I also had one where I ran out of time because the enemies were underground and I couldn't find the tiny cave entrance in time. Why do enemies keep spawning underground and how to you beat them?
  5. Gonna go for gauss and I need a high rank in ostron to craft it
  6. Ngl i want to switch to Xbox cause switch kinda sucks for Warframe but all my stuff is on switch, do we have a release date for cross save?
  7. Wondering cause I thought about trying to trade for limbo but I already have a limbo, does limbo prime have any ability buffs compared to limbo og? Cause I only really want limbo prime for longer cataclysm and time stop
  8. Got back into warframe after not playing for half a year ish and found Limbo prime was vaulted. Im really bummed out cause I had relics for all pieces except the neuroptics. Will limbo prime com back or do I have to trade for the neuroptics? If i have to trade, what are some good prime items to farm out and trade with others to get silver?
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