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  1. Do it loosely ninja turtle themed. Also bonuses based on color scheme or weapon equiped. Dual swords grants buff to all players of shield recharge or increased shield resistance staff weapons energy increase or regen to all players Dual daggers health increase or regen all players Nunchaku increase parkour, holster, and reload speed all players.
  2. They must of have changed how they spawn then. I just checked my inventory and I have 5 panzer, 20 sly, and 2 crescent. I've only hunted twice and was specfically looking for the medjay and whatever the bird is called.
  3. What are these hard to get now? I feel like I have a weakened version of every Deimos pet. That was literally the easiest pet farm for me as I already had all four(?) versions of the "common" pets and one of the rare doggos. Just from them spawning and getting curbstomped via open world mobs. Although sly oddly enough drops the most common. (stealth fox not very stealthy) I do feel they changed the spawns though. For a while one animal would spawn at the entrance to the Necralisk at the end of every mission.
  4. Funny thing about the kuva guardians. I struggled with that fight and only won doing random nonsense until they died somehow. So I literally never learned how to fight them. It took me reading the wiki about kuva siphons until I learned you're supposed to use your operator to disarm them and then you can shoot them. My first two siphons I literally shot the siphon until something happened. A siphon specific quest would be nice if only to do the mechanics in an easier format solo to learn what to do.
  5. Replies in this thread are weird. I see this change as a win. I'll be happy to have it. As this is most of the reason I don't want to forma warframes. Other than umbra and aura forma. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. Starting off with all of my abilities instead of square one would have me doing it more often.
  6. I finally took her out of the foundry and ran her on hydron with a booster. The abilities ultra suck but she is kinda fun. Funny enough she was more fun without using her k-drive. I think once I get the edgelord in chief railjack captian I'll put gloom there and see if I can have some real fun.
  7. Something like this would be fun. Even if it only effected the flow of the mission it self. Once again I am brought back to the Ceres tileset. The Grineer workers that leave you alone unless you hit them or trigger the alarms. Something that shares that mechanic while having them be more than heavier armored butchers would be neat. Such as them helping and spawning tougher enemies or turning the work equipment against the player to add additional hazards.
  8. I like the idea. I would also love to have the follow hold mechanic to be allowed as well like specters. So I can have him hold to the defense objective. while I grab things like mods farther away. But within reason of course. So when you get out of range he teleports to you or dies and requires recast.
  9. Last night I had an unusual experience in the Ceres tile set. I was knocked off a platform in the mobile defense. Only to discover that I could walk in the area directly below. I thought "neat I didn't know about this". Until a ship in the assembly line appeared from behind some sludge. It proceeded to run me over and there were three blackout screens before I was able to stand back up and jump out.
  10. Thought I should add. Was playing a pub mission with the xoris. Got staggered twice in a row throwing that thing at an enemy a whole room away. But managed to hit teammates in the back twice as they bullet jumped past me.
  11. I would also like to suggest Wisp. I bought her once I learned that I needed to do the sentient chicken fight 30+ times.
  12. Folks that speed ran this. What's the price of the wings? Want to know how many bounties I need to run. (I've neglected Deimos to finish fortuna). ETA finally saw a youtube video that included the price it is confirmed at 200 tokens.
  13. One of those few situations where a simple buff to the damage would go a long way. make it somewhere between 600-1000 (bramma level damage). For talons specifically have an augment like Fragmenting Talons - Talons explode on impact dealing a percentage of damage as IPS.
  14. You're right about the time frame. there were 4 alerts for these. One for each skin and the blueprint to build the weapon and a fourth for 3 weapon slots. this bundle should at least be is the three weapons already potato'd, the weapon slots, and the skins. Along with the plat and booster it's not a bad deal. It was unusually generous of them (for the alerts). I feel bad for OP. But I don't think this is a big deal.
  15. I love the flak cannon skin. haven't tried the others yet but i'm going to do it soon. ogris looks fun as I enjoyed the rocket launcher in unreal.
  16. I'm just thinking about the fall loop that can occur. Especially in open worlds or the jupiter tile set. Where fall off the level has your frame appear mid air only to fall straight out of bounds again. Until the game jumps you back even further. Such would be instant game over. Or players deciding to fall off the map to get carried the rest of the mission.
  17. Can't wait for my vampire wings. Guess I better start grinding Deimos.
  18. I also want this. just for opening boxes/breakable objects. Switching off the drill temporarily removes the gem locations from the minimap. So zapping the rare breakable object as I run around with my mining drill would be fun. hurting enemies wouldn't be necessary but an effect when I shoot them of some kind would also be welcome.
  19. I run the same as you OP but I generally park my railjack behind something. just to keep the rare ramsled out. Generally between 7-4km seems safe enough to not come back to chaos. The gunners mop up fighters as soon as they spawn. Engineer is bored but there on the rare chance there is a hazard. I just jump into archwing do the missions once it is time to party at the objective. The skirmish radiators would be a problem but it doesn't take long going in and out for me.
  20. So what you are saying is we need a ragdoll mechanic on the end of the combo.
  21. Quite the word salad. But to answer I have been using it. I love the sword skin most of all. Mostly because it is much longer than most "swords". The armor pieces definitely are nice but not that great. Solid cosmetics. Adding to the requests here. People here just love to complain sometimes. You get used to it. Same boat with the verv stuff. I have it all and rocked it all plague star (with loki prime). Not one comment on my fashion or arsenal. People sounded so bummed out about it being exclusive to prime gaming. But I haven't played with a single person in pub using it.
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