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  1. As the picture attached, it's really obvious. AND It's the same bug in PC as following:
  2. Tennocon, Im coming! Buggy Sister, u gonna(might) be killed today.
  3. When I do 'VALENCE FUSION' to 2 sisters' weapons(Tent Detron). One is Lv.21(with 0 forma), the other is Lv.0. Expected result: Lv.21 Tent Detron. However, it's Lv.30. When I try to do a polarization, 'This weapon haven't loaded, please .....' message box warned some words like that. After I closed 'Warframe' game and re login in, it's returned to Lv.21.
  4. Here is the image. Although I still don't know how it happened, this proves this terrible bug is still alive.
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