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  1. As the picture attached, it's really obvious. AND It's the same bug in PC as following:
  2. Tennocon, Im coming! Buggy Sister, u gonna(might) be killed today.
  3. When I do 'VALENCE FUSION' to 2 sisters' weapons(Tent Detron). One is Lv.21(with 0 forma), the other is Lv.0. Expected result: Lv.21 Tent Detron. However, it's Lv.30. When I try to do a polarization, 'This weapon haven't loaded, please .....' message box warned some words like that. After I closed 'Warframe' game and re login in, it's returned to Lv.21.
  4. Here is the image. Although I still don't know how it happened, this proves this terrible bug is still alive.
  5. Yep, and it's almost some new mods. Unfortunately, I must kill someone to get these buff, but I must get the buff to kill them ......
  6. Exterminate piece by piece is better than one by one. Unfortunately most guns doesn't have any way to do this.
  7. I don't agree D.E.'s nerf as well. Absolutely, melee is overpowered, but they only try to balance damage. I think it's almost doesn't matter in most missions. We are playing games. And in Warframe, most mission we played is killing enemies. AOE damage/faster attack speed can make players more comfortable & excited. Let recollect our memory, popular guns -- Bramma, Ogris, Nukor, Acceltra. However, D.E. seems doesn't realize the reason why they are popular.
  8. In my opinion, melee nerfs and guns buff is not a better choice. I can understand developers want us to use more weapons. It's so upset to them if we only use few of those weapons. However, it's a game which means that each weapon can be calculated the upper limit(Damage, Crit, Status ...). As a result, the best choice is only few of them. In the Warframe, we improve our weapons by setting formas to equip more MODs. Melee weapons have Stance MODs which means we can use few forma to have enough capacity and deal more damage. However, primary & pistol guns don't have this advantages. In steel path, they may found that damage dealt by their warframes' ability/weapons is not enough. And our aim is to kill more enemies in a short time. As a result, the most easy way is to pull & control these enemies and use melee weapons to deal a kind of area of effect. However, most of guns can only shot them one by one. Kuva Nukor with a higher status chance & doesn't cause explosion repel Warframe will also be the best choice. In some situations, we need to kill one Boss -- Eidolons-- Rubico, Vectis, Redeemer which have enough damage and best crit is better choices. In conclusion, Game --> upper limit --> few weapons. New Players --> Stance MODs --> Melee weapons. Game Modes --> 1 Boss/ Enemies --> Rubico, Vectis, Redeemer/ Melee, Kuva Nukor. ===> Most of players use melee weapons, but use different pistol guns/ ability as aid. So why not developed some new MODs as Stance MODs (for example multi-shot can auto trade to different enemies but not only one direction) and improve capacity?
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