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  1. fix this pls cuz this is broken to do survival :c. You can literally be touchless and throwing something like octavia 1,2 down. here is my video of this bug
  2. i got problem that i cant see anyone at bazaar and this is kinda weird. Do any1 know how to fix it?
  3. Which frame should i build for those missions? i need frame that have good dps at area dmg. Something like nidus 4'th spell.
  4. then how can i share my builds here?
  5. can you add me to friends in warframe? i will share you mine builds.
  6. i got all mods on max level but i've got so bad weapons for those level :c. Should i start looking for Soma prime and maxing it?
  7. how is it to get saryn or saryn prime for returning player, i cant beat now even 60lvl enemies with my wukong.
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