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  1. I would like the two guys from Flight of the Conchords to co-act as Lotus please.
  2. You're right, this game is largely devoid of difficulty. Introducing a harmless mob that only exists to be a bullet sponge is not a good way to try and create some, however. No other game mode offers forma that fast, and I literally don't care. An event should maybe be fun or at least tolerable for a while. The gameplay is poor enough that I'm literally disincentivized from caring about the Forma and am sort of almost more aware now of how ugly Warframe's focus on grind over gameplay can be.
  3. Plague Star is grab this thing followed by mobile defense, then a long, long escort, then a "boss battle" against Lephantis with a palette change. I am pretty sure the Hemocyte is so slow at attacking that it couldn't even hit fast enough to break through shield gating and kill you and exists only to try and create artificial difficulty. It's not about the rewards, Forma is nice but the event is almost like a "worst of" compilation of Warframe gameplay ideas.
  4. I mean finishing a mission in Warframe isn't like beating a raid boss or winning a PvP match, the level of effort required to win is more like successfully mining a rock in an MMO. That's why you get a piece of copper each time ^^;
  5. Weird mods! I love stuff like Peculiar Bloom, Aerial Ace, Pax Soar, Pax Bolt, Tractor Beam, Arcane Consequence and Agility.. I want more stuff like this. I'd really like to be able to get the kitgun arcanes on regular guns because the things they do like rewards with different effects for a headshot or being able to do weird mid air stop, shoot and jump away again are WAY more fun than the new gun arcanes which just sit in the background and boost DPS in order to turn Steel Path back into regular star chart.
  6. Primary rifle kitguns. Aerial Ace + Pax Soar together are magically fun, unfortunately it's only possible to experience while using Tombfinger, Gaze, Rattleguts and Vermisplicer but try it sometime! Pair it with the obvious, Zephyr, or the less obvious of warframes that also gain benefits from flying like Wisp, Protea and Titania.
  7. I'd like this because I'm so bored to death of how insanely dull normal relic missions are that I might actually start opening relics again. At least until realizing that Baro still is rarely ever going to bring anything new that might be worth having Ducats on hand for either way xD
  8. It's technically a debuff counter because the positive effect was instant, and it's letting you know how long you're locked out from the effect for, not how long the effect is currently active like with buffs. I think that's why it's red from my perspective? ^^;
  9. I think as a Titania fanatic I haven't used a subsume yet where the animation didn't play, either.. She even does the Grendel stomp in mid air with Nourish which is ridiculous looking. She has a few issues like with some damage buffs working and others not doing anything while in Razorwing but it's better than with Yareli where basically between Helminth skills being uncastable while riding, arcanes not working, movement mods making no difference, pet mods not working.. I mean, almost nothing works ^^;
  10. Then one day when you're playing Nidus Prime, just chugging along getting stacks and suddenly a Yareli slides into the wall next to you, clips and falls through the map but not before scattering all of the mobs you're trying to build stacks on with her ultimate. And no, they still don't die. As she tumbles out of sight you hear a faint cry.. "Notice me, senpai"
  11. I don't disagree with your argument at all, people are crazy about lich/sister weapons and primes are largely inferior, especially with weapons like Bramma, Envoy and Kuva Zarr.. But unless you give them a damage bonus big enough to compete with these guns that are outliers it won't really change anything, and if you do then it will just mean even more overpowering creep. What about other things like a random, cycling booster, extra stats for your warframes, or something that sets them aside as an enticing option for being different?
  12. The sky is another one that's very inconsistent >< Levels have really, really varying ceilings and jumping too high resets you easily in some of them, it's not logical either in a lot of cases - the huge, open Corpus defense / intercept map with the massive pit in the middle and catwalks around the outside gives you a huge sense of space but the ceiling is actually really low and I have a hard time not just jumping out of this map sometimes. On top of that, some of them just have hard ceilings where you jump and can't go any higher while others will reset you ^^;
  13. The kills are so inconsequential that I don't really think there's anything to steal, it's an issue with a game where there are team play character options that rely on making kills and they're really just not needed by any other player with a decent arsenal. Excepting some specific niches like Eidolons, Warframe eventually becomes an anti teamplay game - you're so strong that actually all your teammates are doing is competing against you for kills and entertainment.
  14. Basically yes I think this too. They'll neglect something for years (like status effects), then try and rework the entire thing all at once in one go. Warframes could be made a lot better if they used more small tweaks too. Going in and making touch ups that go out like "okay X can be recast before the timer expires now" or "Y scales with enemy level now" would let them make huge improvements across the board and could be put out regularly..
  15. "Your thirst for knowledge is as insatiable as mine!!" No, I'm just literally here to level up more trash, again. You creep me out and you're possibly the most monstrous creation in this entire galaxy. I can't wait to leave.
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