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  1. TheWhitterMatter

    Please let this be the next open world.

    So I have come to the conclusion that DE has to do infested next, as far as I'm concerned. There are currently only two infested planets, Mercury (half infested) and Eris. De could go the easy route and do one on mercury, because they seem to love attracting new players to the game with new content. However, what they really should be doing is updating the infested once more, to be like... actually infest things and turn enemies into... ugly enemies.Or maybe we can see some actual, infested creatures that are not half grineer/corpus. Some full infested enemies or Helminth, if that's what they are called. We really need more infested stuff (including decorations because there are 0 of them) and I think they are by far the most interesting faction, because of what they do. The only thing interesting about enemies like the corpus are the nullifiers and the new Venus A******s. The only interesting thing about the grineer enemies is how the scorpions love to cause a god damn gang rape all the time with the butchers. We also need some end game in here. We need something or some enemies to fight that are on a higher level. It world also be nice to see what a place like 95% completely taken over by the infested, we haven't seen any place like that. Eris is just a better idea in the long term vs mercury. All of the open world zones currently have been good in the short term, with Eidolons and plague star being interesting for a while, and K-drives are fun too. PoE is just empty pretty much and caves are still pretty much closed for some strange reason.
  2. TheWhitterMatter

    A new meta is brewing??

    That is exactly the same for me and one of the reasons I made this post. There is not enough time to do Fortuna AND regular grinds AND work. Only people who have no life ( I literally have those in my clan) can actually do everything. If I only played warframe, then maybe I would have more time to actually keep up with everything, but its overwhelming at this point. I can't unlock my rivens or get the rest of the void parts that I'm still missing from 6 primes ago, nor do I have the time to grind out kuva, do void relic farming and sit and wait for people to get in a full rad group (has never made a difference for me in drop rates anyway). I was worried about the time when I didn't have time to do all that I want to do, and now I have reached that point.
  3. TheWhitterMatter

    A new meta is brewing??

    Personally, when there is so much to do in a game, whether I have played it for years or only just picking it up, I often get overwhelmed and it takes a lot from me mentally to actually get through it. The old void farming system was really nice and mostly simple. I felt good about just playing it by myself and earning things. The new system still just feels aweful to me. I often can never get what I want. In total my friends and I spent about 70 relics (mostly me because I was the one looking for it, just to get the part I want. I actually ran out of the relics and my friends gladly helped me out. In the old system, I could usually spend about 20 keys at the most and get what I want. It is actually painful and un-fun for me to use the current system. But you are right in what you said. A lot of the current content is a bit exhausting and it burns people out. While I want railjack and the kingpin stuff and what-not, I also just want them to stop putting out new content, and spend a year polishing what's already in the game. We need the melee 3.0, return of raids would be fun, a #*!%ing fix for enemy scaling, so MAYBE we can get some real endgame and I don't have to hear noobs complain about how enemies are so easy to kill and boring on the first 5-7 planet/moons (yes I hear about if often). I lobe the new enemy types on Fortuna, but where are they in the rest of the game, huh?
  4. TheWhitterMatter

    A new meta is brewing??

    I can't agree more. There are so many things that could be updated and changed, but they are always left out. Lunaro could be a game changing feature, but instead DE have left it out, along with PvP. Thats another thing I have so many people who would play this game if PvP was actually a thing. IT USED to be a thing, and now there is conclave 2.0 (which sucks) and lunaro. PoE could receive a massive update. Improve the environment. Make all the big caves accessible all the time. Make it more lived in, like, put in more enemies and larger buildings. PoE is a place people will be forced to return to for years to come so why not make it more interesting?
  5. TheWhitterMatter

    A new meta is brewing??

    This I can agree on. The objectives on fortuna are both different and the same as the ones on PoE. Lots of random defending, and killing, and looking for cashes/npcs. Also in that in the highest version you literally do every single mission type available. It got boring in the first 3-4 that I did and then I jsut stopped and went fishing and mining. The missions could actually be hella cool and fun. I think fortuna actually is better about the missions than on PoE, because you can bring a more diverse group of warframes that include mag and frost. However there is no reason for a mission when were we do a defense or survival mission inside one of the big bases, and NOT just the one close to the Fortuna entrance. Every mission is close to the front of Fortuna. I feel like when its missions we never get to see any of the other cool areas.
  6. TheWhitterMatter

    A new meta is brewing??

    First of all, this post is simply making comparisons from the game in its out of closed beta (if you can call it that) up to its current state. I started playing this game shortly after it officially came out in December 2013. Back then, things were relatively simple. You finish the tutorial where you escape your grineer attackers and you are brought to the old navigation system, with a few options on the top that relate to you and a few on the side that relate to the community. The Lotus, who back then just seemed like a normal mission giver and shot caller, gave out the rest of the tutorial and a mission to kill Vor. With the objective in mind I continued with the game, eager to delve into this new experience. I learned things quickly and within the first week I made it to a self made objective, the old Uranus where I could get Ash. I started out as Loki so getting there pretty much solo was pretty difficult, but I did it. Nothing is simple anymore. The new tutorial is better at explaining things to new players, but when they are out of that, there is so much to do and understand. We still have to kill Vor, but its not like he's the villain of the earth. New players need to find a way to get to him on mercury. So while they are learning this massive structure within the current game, they are also trying to navigate to mercury through two planets. While there are issues with the new player experience I'm not going to go into it; there are plenty of people who have. Back then the game only had about 14 materials you needed and every year since, they've added at least one new resource to obtain. It started out with Oxium then two more were added then 3-4 and now ever since PoE its been like 15 new materials to obtain with several separate methods of obtaining them. PoE and Fortuna are like entirely different games that come with there own things to gather. I currently work full time, and I don't have time to do everything I want to do in one day. I actually am starting to feel exhausted and it feels more like a chore. While Fortuna's grinding engagement feels much better than PoE, I feel that in combination with everything to do in there AND in other parts of warframe, there is possibly too much for most players. So a new meta will form in the future, if we keep getting major updates like this. Players will focus into one or two things and get really good at those things, then sell what they have for plat or trade that with other people. No one will have time to do everything so they will focus into a category. No one wants to grind new content and keep managing old content at the same time, but we've been managing with it for the last 3 years. I think people are already adopting this, and a few of my friends are talking about this. There is just too much to do, and for new players there is an explosive amount for them the moment they get out of that tutorial. Its good to keep players invested in the game, but it gets to the point where there is too much and it has to slow down. Yeah, I like simple things sometimes, there doesn't have to be a big super massive open world to keep me interested in the game. There are some basic things we still need (look at my previous posts) and I doubt we will ever get them at this rate. There is a new meta brewing and I don't think it will be good. And why has Fortuna failed on the aspect of player retention? I think its because DE showed too much of there hand after they showed it off. They showed it off on so many streams but mostly the same things, k-drive and a lot of poo sniffing with some fighting in the mix. When I see the content I usually don't care to play it as much. Most games where I watch the content before I play it I never actually finish. Anyway these are my thoughts, take them as you like. A response is always appreciated.
  7. TheWhitterMatter

    Waiting for Color Randomizer

    I've mentioned this before, but like... we really need a randomizer for adding colors that takes from ALL owned colors. You would think that DE would have added this right off the bat but it still isn't here. It annoys me hat I can't just find somethin new and interesting off the randomizer and all the colors are located in the same spot. I also discovered that one of my colors is exactly the same as another and was even highlighted in two spots (maybe I'm remembering wrong). Anyway this is something I would really like to see in the near future. I've wanted it for 5 years now 😞
  8. While I hate the terrible AI, it poses as a challenge. Static defence missions are just too easy. However teleporting operatives seems pretty annoying.
  9. TheWhitterMatter

    Fortuna should have high level enemy zones

    Yeah I agree with you there. I guess because enemy scaling hasn't been fixed yet and probably never will, a lot of enemy abilities might be a little much. I want to make sure I can kill them lol, but they are still scary. And yeah moer motivation to really improve gear should be there. None of the new content has really made me check my gear and none of it seems too difficult to complete. The only mission that I find annoying is Sortie/assassination/augmented armor/lephantis. Took 30 minutes to do that one mission.
  10. We have little information about the new enemies coming to Fortuna, except for robo spiders and flying nullies. One bit of information we don't have is what level the average enemies will be and where. We know that the farther you get into the plains the harder the enemies (granted not that strong). Will we see that on fortuna, and to what extent? One thing I want to see on fortuna and didn't get it on Plains of eidolon is tougher enemies at the indoor locations. Plains of eidolon has been really bad when it comes to exploring all the caves because they are forcefully gated off by Plague Star and random missions, they are my favorite places and I rarely get to see them wtf. Anyway I propose there to be certain indoor places around the map (or random spawn) where the enemeis in there are like at least level 50+. This could be cool just as a challenge, also to get newerp layers to be afraid of, because whats to challenging about level 10 enemies until you get to Jupiter or something. Maybe there are recource cashes at these places, something for players to hunt down or even come across randomly. Just give us hard enemies, with some kind of actual loot in that zone. Why is this not a thing on Plains?
  11. TheWhitterMatter

    New Free Prime Bundle Available Now!

    Really? I guess the free inventory slots will be nice...
  12. TheWhitterMatter

    PC Server Upgrades October 11th @ 9AM [COMPLETE!]

    wooo first btw
  13. TheWhitterMatter

    The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    IF you could like... reduce the hp of the bombing ships, or if a player is doing a solo mission they don't show up. They are incredibly annoyign and ALWAYS seem to show up for the defense bounty mode thing. I groan every time I see one. They are just not fun to play against outside of arcwing and take a long time to kill otherwise.
  14. TheWhitterMatter

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    I wonder if you guys have ever thought of adding a new Race of enemies that are similar to tenno, in that they are more agile, and have some interesting powers. Something we don't have in this game are groups of enemies that use glaives, bows, and forms of kunai. There are also very, very few enemies that have legit powers. This can potentially be very fun if done right. Also you need to take another look into the focus system. When do you plan on doing this?