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  1. I agree with you. Things should be buffed sometimes. DE doesn't seem to know what the word, 'buff', means. It's really irritating how there is a stretch of released warframes that are pretty much useless with no good abilities, mean while they just leave the op warframes at the top. I really want to play Nyx again, my favorite past time, but she is pretty much useless. She is only slightly less useless than Revenant, one of the most hyped warframes that turned out the be garbage tier.
  2. Here's the problem with what I think you are saying. It sounds to be like you are saying that DE will nerf something and Players will move on to the next best thing, which is... true to some extent, but there are problems that go with that. DE literally has been nerfing things that are strong in general, instead of buffing the stuff that is jack S#&$. Poor Nyx, Atlas, and Revenent are out there in the cold and havn't gotten any good chances in a long time. Nyx can apparently strip armor with her 2, but that is hardly useful in a real situation. They just add a few tiny numbers
  3. This still doesn't change the fact you are calling mr8 experienced players. I knew multiple people that got to mr 10 in about a month. They were not experienced at all and were still asking many questions months later into the game . MR still means nothing in this game. You have the chance to make mr mean something, but instead you decided not to do that. I see your reasoning, but I can't afford to care about it, seeing as how DE doesn't seem to care about its veterans, and they prove it update after update. Its incredibly hard to believe those are the only reasons. I don't even care for the r
  4. Revenant COULD be a good warframe, but I guarantee the devs are afraid of increasing his numbers. Give him more aoe, more minions or more damage, then you can easily have a usable warframe. Revenant is almost as bad a Nyx, but even Nyx is used more than Revenant. I have no idea why DE won't just update them to have stronger abilities. Its like... why play Nyx when you can just play any other warframe with better abilities, or are simply tankier.
  5. I also checked this. Pretty much doubled the comments in about 24 hours.
  6. I'm not even upset about the nerfs, albeit disappointing, but that is expected from DE. It's the lie they told us, saying its for experienced players. They should be put in a mental hospital is they really think mastery rank 8 is "experienced". I know someone who got to mr 8 in just a few weeks. I'm mr 24 and I've been play the game for 7 years. I am a veteran, yes. As far as I'm concerned you are experienced enough at mr 15. I'm upset that DE would simply disrespect the people who have put the most money and time into the game, saying that its for mr 15 and going back on it, saying its ACTUAL
  7. I am officially not excited for the update. You done #*!%ed up again DE. I won't even farm for warframes anymore, because what's the point. I'm don't complaining, because you don't care about veterans. NO, don't claim you do. You don't. Stop lying to us, DE. Stop Lying to us.
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