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  1. I just watched a video on youtube, where the speaker spoke about the many issues of warframe. He talked about the community, update cycles, but for the most part, he really talked about a general balance sense in a PvE game. I'm certain this conversation has come up many times before, however, I can't help but share some thoughts and ideas. most of the come from personal experience, and if this game ever gets "end-game". So which is it people? Shall we storm through grineer galleys like the average plebs most of us are (probably me too), or should we aim to look for a true end-game. As we get stronger do you think we should be able to continue to cast our enemies away and strive towards something greater, a weapon meant to bring sentient to their knees (if they have them), or should we just sit and grind... day after day, a slow, churning, monotonous cesspool of credits, minerals, blue prints and focus trees, always aiming for the gold braces and and useless padding for our war machines. Maybe its for the new weapons and gear, or maybe its to say, "hey, look at what I've got." The game needs to be balanced, one way or another. Enemy scaling sucks, everyone knows that, but people have asked for changes for years and not change. I have always wanted to fight level 100 enemies and just have it feel more of a challenge instead of, wow I got one shot by that mob, what a fun interaction. Where is the shield gating btw? I accidentally submitted this This is not ready... I will rewrite this later.
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    New Free Prime Bundle Coming Soon!

    Really? I guess the free inventory slots will be nice...
  3. TheWhitterMatter

    PC Server Upgrades October 11th @ 9AM [COMPLETE!]

    wooo first btw
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    Mind over Mission: Warframe needs a Parkour 3.0 (2.5 at the least)

    So just to be clear, I am definitely okay with bullet jumping and there doesn't need to be a full rework and redeisgn. I DO believe there should be additional options regarding pc and console gaming. For example there are different roll mechanics or various button combinations that DON'T have to be fixed to certain key binds, and others than can be switched out and vice versa. @DarkwarriorJ I really agree 100% with your response. Personally I wouldn't like 1st person if its just like every other 1st person shooter, but there are ways of making it look great and ninja-like without it being clunky (look at dishonored (not dishonored 2)). Operator movement, as stated hundreds of times, is really terrible. There is little reason it should still be like this. While, yes, Operators can teleport, arguably the fastest mode of transportation with a lot of focus points, the rest of the movement feels very, very weird and nothing like the way warframes travel (except the measly slide). As far as Arcwing in missions, that's something I have wanted as well. it would be very cool and a NICE way to get people to learn arcwing better. However some arcwings (Ahem Amesha) would be nerfed a bit inside of non-arcwing missions. For the most part I really agree with this. I've been getting caught on the same lips for 5 #*!%ing years. Holy S#&$ the lips are annoying for parkour. I with do like 4 bullet jumps INTO a lip until I have to crouch out from under the lip (or just move away). I would not remove sprinting. As a keyboard user, having the option to move slowly is great.
  5. Been a while since I did a Mind over Mission post, but I think I just need to release some pangs of frustration. So I have been enjoying doing parkour 2.0 for the last uhhh... 3 years? Well... it seems to be aging, and with the introduction of the new parkour room in the dojo and with the upcoming Jupiter remaster + Indoor Venus sections, something is going to need to change. I was testing one of my friends parkour sections in my Dojo last week. We were having a lot of fun (mostly him) and it was enjoyable to try and complete this design he has made. First off, I will say that he is very good on his designs, and while they are challenging, they feel pretty fluid and allow some creativity. Secondly, I have quite a bit of patience for things like this, however I am a very no bullS#&$ kind of guy and I will usually just speak my mind about something if its nagging me. So I ended up rage-quiting his parkour. It was the most challenging one he had ever made and I didn't feel like spending another hour or two trying to complete it. the difficulty was like... a minor issue though. It was the parkour. For the first time ever, it felt restrictive. I studied my movements and tried to anticipate when I would #*!% up and what went wrong. Basically I was trying to move in an S shape and lane on save zones, and avoid the death squares (majorly bugged btw). I realized that while sometimes I could jump accurately to the safe zones, there were also times where instead I would jump directly away from the side platform I was latched on to, thus I would land on some death squares. What was more infuriating is when I'm wall "hopping" there are only three stances. One stance for when you directly land on a wall and two for if you are traveling left and another for traveling right. The problem with this, is if you begin on a left or right stance you can only change this direction but moving one direction or the other, and the rate of movement seems exactly the same. Also if you hit space while in these stances it doesn't propel you in the way you always want it to go, its more or less fixed. The only way to get in a stationary stance is to jump again, which in some situations will cost an entire parkour run. Also, bullet jump seems to work correctly while in front faceing stance, but in this case it was dreadful. for the most part I had to just hop through it and hope that both the bullet jump AND the parkour left/right stance didn't happen on accident. A quick note is that I consider myself to be fairly adept at the current parkour system and as I emntioned early I have never had issues with it. I think these issues have always been there, but when it came to being in close contact with other walls, its actually pretty useless. Also the amount of verticality I can achieve is pretty good, but it seems really limited only to those who understand the limits of parkour. I know DE Steve has mentioned bringing in the wall running. Personally I refer their old wall running design they showed off three years ago. It looked smooth, you could actually run around corners and perch with ease. While it did seem slower than what we currently have, I feel like I would have more vertical control, as I would be able to run diagonally and switch effectively between upward facing and left to right. I know they decided to go with wall hopping because it provided more directional movement and speed, while avoiding small humps in the map's architecture. I'm pretty sure with the current technology, They can certainly figure out how to either mo-cap wall running movements or just animate it. The point is, the current parkour system will not last and very soon it will become outdated. Please share your ideas. While I love parkour and I want changes, I cannot think of every single idea (as there are many) Please check out the Mind over Mission posts at my profile:
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    Shut up. It was not a gear check. It was a joke that DE did and they said they were suprised that people figured out how to beat it. Back then, the game was not filled with so much power creep. Me and friends worked hard to get the sigil and now DE basically just giving it for free.
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    This geniunly pisses me off. It's like a legacy thing your giving away for free. This isn't even a challenge.
  8. TheWhitterMatter

    The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    IF you could like... reduce the hp of the bombing ships, or if a player is doing a solo mission they don't show up. They are incredibly annoyign and ALWAYS seem to show up for the defense bounty mode thing. I groan every time I see one. They are just not fun to play against outside of arcwing and take a long time to kill otherwise.
  9. TheWhitterMatter

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    I wonder if you guys have ever thought of adding a new Race of enemies that are similar to tenno, in that they are more agile, and have some interesting powers. Something we don't have in this game are groups of enemies that use glaives, bows, and forms of kunai. There are also very, very few enemies that have legit powers. This can potentially be very fun if done right. Also you need to take another look into the focus system. When do you plan on doing this?
  10. TheWhitterMatter

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Woot... looks like I won't get to play it until Saturday night...
  11. TheWhitterMatter

    The War Within: Now a Tetralogy!

    Yeah my hype is pretty much all gone. I guess it'll be good to not worry about bugs but still... there is no way the update is a whole month behind. I think I lost most of my hype when Sotr came out.
  12. TheWhitterMatter

    The War Within: Less wait, more update!

    I know that I'm usually the one to say, "Please take your time before you update," but my patience is quickly running out. I can like.... hardly wait any longer.
  13. TheWhitterMatter

    Hotfix: Lunaro 4

    Has no one mentioned the fact that as soon as the ball spawns after a goal (on either team) in Lunaro, an enemy player an just jump in, take the ball, and score? I feel like there is no counter play to someone just jumping in and scoring, especially if it's single 1v1. I think it would be cool if the enemy team is not able to pick up the ball until either a team who has the ball picks it up of for about 2-3 seconds after it spawns. That gives some breathing room. It can also be thrown or passed within that time to maybe increase chances of more teamwork. Also there is still no auto teams so 1v3 is still possible.