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    Need More Dueling Power in Dojo

    Friends and I have been talking for a while about how great it would be to turn the parkour room into a PVP room. This would be a fun edition and a great way for us to have pvp fun with other friends in the dojo. The current conclave sucks and feels meh to play, but pvp in the dojo keeps me and friends active all the time. I know DE has talked about adding a room to the Dojo where players can test out there weapon, similar to the simulacrum; so why not add it in this way? Many people ask me if there is pvp in Warframe and I always have to give an honest answer, "it could be better, but try it if you want". Anyone else think this could be fun?
  2. TheWhitterMatter

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #122!

    I dunno, have you seen Ivara?... eeesh, very well balanced indeed!!!
  3. TheWhitterMatter

    Mind Over Mission: RNG and Rewards that excite!

    So to get back to you @Loza03 on this topic. The mods are intended to be very strong. Yeah this woul make Inaros goddamn strong, but it would also be more useful for other frames who aren't as gifted with hitpoints like volt, excal, rhino, and others who really should be tankier like atlas. Peircing puncture isn't for any secondary weapon. Imagine using it on shotgun pistols. in a few shots you have reduced quite a bit of armor. the purpose of the mod is to allow something like corrosive on a weapon and freeing up a mod slot at the same time, which means more combustibility. Also it means weapons with terrible status chance now have a way to shred armor. I particularly like the final mod, because it finally gives players who have this mod (btw its a non-stackable aura mod) a reason to amek their weapons silent. it gives players more control of how they want to play the game. That's mostly what the purpose of all of these mods are. I love customization, and I can't ever get enough of it. I crave it. However, the mods we currently have are mostly basic, not counting a few newer mods and the acolyte mods. One reason that makes mods like the acolyte mods so strong, is how they take a mechanic in the game, and they allow the player to make it into something better (mostly) or just something different. We need more mods like that in this game. Just imagine of the other mods I created, Power In Time which turns all power strength into duration. The mod on its own gives nothing to the player, but it changes how you build your character, while taking up a mod slot.
  4. TheWhitterMatter

    Mind Over Mission: RNG and Rewards that excite!

    What are you opinion of those mods though? Those would be fun to have.
  5. TheWhitterMatter

    Mind Over Mission: RNG and Rewards that excite!

    Perhaps your right. There is no exciting endgame content like other games. IT pisses me off that there is nothing I actually want to do in warframe anymore. I do these posts to make me feel better and to vent some, that way I don't sit and vent at my clannies.
  6. TheWhitterMatter

    Mind Over Mission: RNG and Rewards that excite!

    I agree with you man. I really do. Ivara and Ash and others can do this easier, sure, but it offers a place where they shine. My idea is that hopefully only about 5% of the community will be able to obtain the mods without buying them.
  7. Hello fellow tenno, welcome back to Mind over Mission. A few days ago I talked about the poor state Warframe is on twitch compared to less popular games, as well as compared some of the rng to my current favorite game Path of Exile. If you want to read it the link is here: Now, I will discuss a little deeper into rng and high difficulty rewards. While I am not an expert and numbers or rng statistics, I have some knowledge from the rng based games I play, and some knowledge of the rate at which some things drop in game. Lets get started. As many of us know, Path of exile not only relies on rng, but the amount of rng continues to grow. A few years ago on the release of The War Within, we received Riven mods that require four forms of rng to roll perfect (almost 5): 1) get a riven mod in sortie, 2) get the type of riven mod you want, 3) unveil the mod for the weapon you want 4) reroll over and over again until you finally get what you want. The reason why I say almost 5 is because you sometimes have to reroll the mod so many times that you have to start the system over again. While this imo is the best and most interesting form of rng in the game, it never feels rewarding until you get what you want, aka could be some months if you get unlucky or you just buy one, because who wants to spend that much time getting one mod. Riven mods are frustrating, but at least it feels godly when you finally get what your looking for, but there really isn't enough of decent rng in warframe, and there certainly isn't any potentially fun rng mechanics in warframe, except for syndicates spawning in and Stalker showing up. (I will get more into this in another post) We need some endgame, yes? While it would be cool to have an all powerful boss to fight as an endgame thing, I doubt that will happen, as DE seems to be more focused on cosmetic things vs content, as that's mostly what I see on dev streams. However, just in case they read this, I will display some ideas for an endgamey type of situation. Currently, according to LifeofRio, endless survival is the only form of end game right now in the game; its not arbitrations, and its not the Sortie. I do agree with LifeofRio, so for now, because survival is the only mission worth going deep into, and my suggestions fit this gamemode because of its excess-ability. Survival, especially on Mot (Void), start to get difficult at wave 40, assuming your starting mission as at least level 35+. I'm going to be honest I get one shot my corpus shot guns all the time (btw fix scaling). I want to suggest mods and variations of mods that begin to drop post enemy level 150. This enemy level means that it will begin to finally separate people who play the game casually, vs people who who want to treasure hunt and have the best gear/min max. IT may also mean that people who played casually will play the game more, and work hard to get these mods. So what are the mods, you ask? Hear they are. Mods that have a .005 chance to drop from any enemy that is above level 150. Orokin Sinew (10 ranks) R16 +500 flat heath %100 increased health Piercing Puncture R12 Puncture attacks from secondary weapons reduces enemy armor by 5 per bullet. (that means shot gun pistols would be buffed) Fast As Wind R16 50% chance for enemy attacks to deal no damage Gain 50% bonus movement speed when you get hit Silencer Buffer (10 ranks) R14 Silent weapons deal 150% increased damage You may notice these mods bring some interesting and unique stats into the game. You may also notice it has a .005 chance to drop from enemies. I did some rng testing and from what I saw if your killing 5000 enemies post level 150, you do have some good chances of one dropping; however that means about an hour or two of fighting generously difficult mobs that can one shot you. Mesa won't work here, Frost won't protect you. These mods are just a few ideas from me and friends. However that's not all. I would suggest certain mods that we already own gain value if they drop at a higher level of mission. For example post level 150, a vitality can potentially drop as 41% increased health and levels up like that each time, vs the current 40%. That means that on max that mod will be 456% increased health, or a redirection mod that drops 45% is 495% at max. These mods would be extremely rare to find, but imagine finding a barrel diffusion able to have 150% increased multi-shot vs 120%. My expectation is about 25-30% of the warframe community is able to do the high end content, but only 5% of people will actually do it. Yeah people do have work and not everyone won't have as much time to do it. However, for these mods, I think anyone will strive to have them. DE might even gain some plat buys from people aiming to buy them off people. The idea is that they are rare enough that people who gain one of the mods won't often have doubles. People can grind for them, but I think that based on how expensive people price things, my bet is the price will be at least 200 for mods you don't have to rank up much but work was put into the grind, and 500 for maxed for work + endo. One more thing before I close this out. ME and a freind were talking about status and we thought how great it could be, if status chance over 100% had a chance to proc an additional status. A time where weeping wounds could finally be chosen instead blood rush, procing two stacks for corrosive at once or some enemy is hit with double slash procs with proced with viral. 150% status chance is basically 50% chance for an addition status sooo... yeah, this would tip the meta on end. Anyway please post your comments down below. I am eager to see them. Also if you have any questions just ask me! Have a nice day/night!
  8. Hello again my fellow Tenno! It is the new year and a new experience for warframe. What better way to start off the new year, than share a few examples and ideas of how to increase Warframe's popularity on streaming services and just... the game in general. So I'm gonna be really serious.... rrreeeaaallly serious. This game right now as I look at it, as a little over 2k viewers. Yesterday, when I looked at the numbers, it was also about 2k viewers. Why does one of the most popular free games, the biggest competitor to Destiny and up-coming Anthem, and the strongest community have only 2k viewers on twitch. There are pretty much one-two streamers I watch that are warframe related and those same guys as YouTubers. I often don't even watch the streams for the content, I watch them for the streamers because they have interesting things to say and they are pretty chill dudes. I think that may be the reason other people watch the warframe streamers. Maybe I'm wrong, but there has to be a reason there are only 2k people watching warframe streamers while there are games I have never even heard of, way higher than Warframe, the mass competitor of a AAA game (maybe games). While I love warframe to the bottom of my heart, I find small reason to play it right now. Yes I can finish my standing for Fortuna pretty easily and fight some orbs, but there is no... uh... reason for me to do it. There is a grind, and lots of mods I can still obtain, but there is no point. Why? All the enemies that I ever need to fight, die in one hit. All the bosses I might need to grind for (except eidolons, maybe orbs, I dunno) pretty much die in one hit. Arbitrations you may ask? Don't care, I'll just buy the mods if I decide I want them. I don't really need endo at this point either. No there is no real reason, because there is no end game. I don't have to worry about fighting a boss that is mechanically difficult, where I can and feel like I lost an opportunity or like maybe I failed. There is no point to prepare for an actual end game boss, because there aren't any. The eidolons feel like a real step in the right direction, but while they drop slews of Arcanes, it turned Arcanes into a rather trivial thing, instead of a potentially exciting thing someone would receive from the old raid. Now I'm going to talk about my favorite game to play right now. I currently have 4k hours into Path of Exile. I'm not a pro at the game, niether have I done all the end game content, but.... wait... did I just say endgame? Path of Exile is a very different game than Warframe, but I'm going to talk about both of these excelling ftp games. Path of Exile is growing very well, not only as a game, but as fun watchable content. I have spent some good hours watching path of exile streamers, learning from them, trying to understand their methods of farming, trying to mimic there builds. I might be a bit of a casual at the game, and even though I've been playing since its official release not a month after (before?) Warframe. I actually started playing both games within about a week of each other (3.5k hours in warframe). Since then I have always been learning something new and interesting to improve my game play. Even some of the streamers often discover new things and spread it to the community through by-weekly podcasts which sometimes certain people are invited onto the stream because they excel in knowledge that no one else on the stream knows. Path of Exile does endgame right. There are really hard bosses with lots of mechanics to dodge, both easy and difficult alike. They also hurt a lot. Before a player gets to the end game, they must make there new character, level up to the beginning of the end game content, and begin the grind for better armors and weapons. To make this easy to understand, just think of the characters gear as mods from warframe. The gear that each character has by end game, usually includes something like, maxed out elemental resistances, increased armor and/or energy sheild plus life is brought up as much as possible. While the average player at end game might have about 4k to 5k life, or 5k 7k energy shield, the people who end up fighting the end game bosses will have close to 6k life and at least 8k energy shield. These guys are #*!%ing badass characters than can handle just about anything you you can throw at them, but they can still get hit hard by the end game boss. The loot that is dropped at higher levels, makes it worth while to grind and try to get as high on the grind ladder as possible. I am being honest when I say I believe its okay that the top 1-5% of players have the best gear in the game. They earned it and they worked hard for it. While someone is grinding for end game gear, much like warframe, they will gather other things that are worth selling and gain actual currency to build up their character to be strong. Warframe has plat as pretty much the only trade-able resource, while Path of Exile has about 10 different types of currency and 3-4 methods of trading. While that may sound complicated, its really not. The currency in PAth of exile can be used the same way that kuva is used to change properties on riven mods. This currency never scales based on how may times you re-role and item, meaning that, after a time, you will finally receive that item you've been trying to get for a long time much sooner. Every potential item is like a riven mod, but it can be a lot more rewarding with time put into the content. This opens up things like controlled rng, where the player can keep certain rolls on a pierce of gear and add/remove individual modifiers to make the perfect item. This can get massively expensive, but you have control of your destiny. The reason I am talking about loot in a completely different game, is ,I believe, one of the exact reasons Path of exile is more popular to watch. When someone is farming a random high there zone, and a valuable item drops, its exhilarating. It's time well spent and it's fun. There are about 24k people watching PAth of exile, a smaller game with a smaller team, than Warframe. The loot in warframe feels fairly invaluable compared to riven mods, but the perfect rivens are layered behind 4 levels of grind, and you still have a chance of spending 100k kuva on a handful of rivens. Another thing. There is no game-play loop in Warframe except when formaing weapons and warframes. Path of Exile is designed around a game-play loop. When you get done with the current build your playing, you simply use the currency you gained from one character and the items you've found on your next build. Anyway... it just makes me sad that warframe is #70 or something on twitch, while a game with fewer players, developers, and resources has made a game that is both extremely fun to play AND watch. There are things on warframe that have no excuse to be bad, like no scaling rewards, enemy scaling, and pvp is not good and could be more harmful right now than good. I know this is a long post, but all of my Mind of Mission posts are long. Please comment. I want to try and get a discussion started. I will be making another post soon about some ideas me and friends have regarding potential end game rewards, while also making a few more comparisons to Path of Exile. Thanks and have a good rest of your day!
  9. TheWhitterMatter

    Pls revert the relic system

    Well, I can tell that perhaps I should use the new system a little more and understand it better. I still like the old system, but maybe I'm just having the worst luck. I used to be able to get everything I wanted in a few runs. 😕
  10. TheWhitterMatter

    Pls revert the relic system

    I will always say this, and people who don't remember the past will disagree with me, but the old void system was king. While people say the current system works, its just more grind for the same amount of rng, Its the reason I don't have all the things that I still need. its the reason me and friends spent over 50 relics just to get one part. The old system, while it took a little longer to maybe get something we wanted, also ran with the face we didn't have to grind as much for the damn relics( keys). If we were good enough as players, we could use the system to get better rewards, and/or more rewards. I remember when people would go and do endless missions and get S#&$ tons of loot on one #*!%ing key. Why can't we have this option? I didn't want this new system, and I know a lot of vets didn't like it in the end. I just want this option back so I can enjoy the game more. That was the thing that I loved to do all the time and ever since they took it away, my interest has been draining away in this game. Nothing has been really exciting to me until today I saw the Mara Detron back in the shop today(I missed it last time).
  11. TheWhitterMatter

    New Free Prime Bundle Available Now!

    Really? I guess the free inventory slots will be nice...
  12. TheWhitterMatter

    PC Server Upgrades October 11th @ 9AM [COMPLETE!]

    wooo first btw
  13. TheWhitterMatter

    The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    IF you could like... reduce the hp of the bombing ships, or if a player is doing a solo mission they don't show up. They are incredibly annoyign and ALWAYS seem to show up for the defense bounty mode thing. I groan every time I see one. They are just not fun to play against outside of arcwing and take a long time to kill otherwise.
  14. TheWhitterMatter

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    I wonder if you guys have ever thought of adding a new Race of enemies that are similar to tenno, in that they are more agile, and have some interesting powers. Something we don't have in this game are groups of enemies that use glaives, bows, and forms of kunai. There are also very, very few enemies that have legit powers. This can potentially be very fun if done right. Also you need to take another look into the focus system. When do you plan on doing this?