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  1. I was going to say something else, but I have noticed that you're one of the few people in this discussion who's not claiming that being AFK is perfectly acceptable (other than the useless spammer, of course). The flaw in your argument is that Wukong is objectively better than Nova, or Limbo, or any other frame at being AFK. With a clone that allows him to kill a few enemies and hide the fact that he's AFKing, a passive that gives extra lives, and very fast horizontal and vertical mobility to quickly rush to the end of the mission after the objective has been achieved, there's no one better at leeching than Wukong. Some other frames may have parts of that (Limbo is hard to kill, Titania is fast, etc), but with other drawbacks and without all those traits. So it doesn't surprise me that you haven't seen more Wukongs being AFK. They probably were AFK, but the Celestial Twin was moving and you didn't realize they were just leeching.
  2. Wrong. Wukong outclasses other warframes at being AFK. And I watched TennoCon too. DE's argument was that reworks don't really change how many players use a given warframe - the great majority of the time, reworking a warframe didn't lead to more people playing it. Wukong quite clearly was the exception. And why? Because it's easier to be a AFKer/leecher/exploiter with the reworked Wukong than with any other warframe.
  3. Irrelevant. Warframe has an Inactivity Penalty that prevents people from getting the mission rewards. The time the clone takes to stop working is the same that it takes to active the penalty and thus make the AFKing useless. In other words, if you're going to AFK, you have to move once in a while or kill something. If you take a look at the Wukong AFKers, they'll move once in a while so they get credit. This is enough to keep the clone active. This also highlights the flaw in claiming Wukong is bad for AFKing since the clone kills give warframe affinity. Not only is little weapon affinity better than no affinity at all, but also affinity is irrelevant when you consider end of missions rewards. The Wukong AFKing in sorties aren't doing it to level up weapons, they're doing it for sorties rewards. You are not capable of replying to my arguments and so have to resort to using ad hominem. But go on, keep saying that being AFK is ok and that Wukong is fine as he is.
  4. Thus your previous point was wrong - that nerfing Wukong would be meaningless because people would just jump to the second faster warframe. It's not just a matter of speed - it's easy to leech with Wukong, easier than with other warframes. Isn't it interesting how the Venn diagram of people who don't want Wukong to be nerfed and who think AFKing is ok is basically a circle?
  5. As I said, people who leech are of course not going to want Wukong to be nerfed. Titania is consistently faster, see the speed clear videos with her. Why isn't Titania used as much? Because her abilities do not allow for easy leeching like Wukong's abilities do. Wukong isn't used so much because he's faster. He's used so much because he's the perfect frame for leechers.
  6. Wukong is pretty useless. He deals no damage in comparison to the damage-dealing warframes (Ember, Saryn, etc). He offers no party support. He cannot heal allies. He cannot debuff enemies. He offers very little crownd control. And, to make it worse, he breaks content by being the perfect AFKer tool. Ah, yes. I'm asking DE to nerf the most used warframe in the game. Of course a lot of players are not going to like this. Imagine someone pre-nerf asking DE to nerf the Kuva Nukor - were this reddit, that post would have been downvoted to oblivion. And wukong was another issue - AFKers, leechers and exploiters are not going to want DE to nerf it. Since it's the perfect tool for leeching, of course leechers won't want to lose it. So it's no surprise that I'll get answers like "just let people be AFK" or "just let people leech".
  7. Take a look at the Warframe: 2020 Year in Review post. Wukong Prime is the most used waframe in the game; on PC, it's used twice more often than the third warframe in the list (which just happens to be Excalibur, a starting frame), and it only increases down from there. This is often reflected in game: it's not unusual to be in random squads with more than one Wukong Prime. Usually there's a reason for something to be used so much more than everything else. See the Kuva Nukor, that as seen in the same page was used a lot more often than the other secondary weapons, and was deemed to be too strong by DE, getting a very earned nerf. Wukong (Prime) has the same issues: it's an outlier that deserves a nerf. It has two main issues: The first ability is too passive. It's basically a permanent turret that allows a player to be AFK most of the time, while the Celestial Twin kills stuff. The second ability makes movement too easy. People can just cloud across the map, while avoiding all content there. Between those two points, and to a lesser degree Wukong's passives (which basically allows an AFK player to be killed a few times without any repercussion), Wukong is perfect for degenerate gameplay: stay AFK while other players do stuff, moving very once in a while, and then cloud to extraction when people have done all the work for you. This is made worse by how Warframe protects AFKers. There's not even a report option for those players. And, this has also been made worse by the recent limits on the Ignore List. Before, we could simply ignore all Wukong Prime AFKers. But there are far, far more than 100 of those players. Therefore, I would suggest DE to deal with this issue. And while there were some other ways to fix this (increase the ignore list limit, for example), those wouldn't be dealing with the root cause. So I propose two changes to Wukong's abilities: 1. Celestial Twin: summons a Celestial Twin that attacks your current target with your currently equipped weapon. Lasts for 5 second or until the enemies dies, whichever comes first. The ability then goes from a very "fire and forget" position (it's the ultimate "f&f" ability in the game) to something far more active. Notice how it requires an enemy to be used. 2. Cloud Walker: turns into an invunerable cloud while healing yourself. You cannot move while this ability is in effect; trying to move cancels the effect. No more clouding around to skip the game. The ability becomes a defensive tool with a nice self heal, nothing more. Those two changes would solve the current issues with Wukong.
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