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Hi Tennos,

I would like to introduce myself to anyone.

I'm Alvin, more known as AlvinOwl on PSN community and Warframe in-game chat and forum. I'm playing Warframe since December 2013 on PS4 and at the moment I own the highest mastery rank in PS4 platform as many other members.

I've dedicated the last two years playing Warframe.

I'm the LOTUS GENESIS clan's warlord, which is growing up thanks to the new subscriptions and new Warframe players around the globe.

At the moment I'm helping Italian community to figure out most of the issues concerning the game.

(most of the time active on PS4 forums).

Active International Community owned on PS4 Platform: "Play Warframe"

Tennos, feel free to contact me via private message if you are experiencing any in-game trouble.

Alvin ;)



Tennos! Your actions have consequences......

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