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  1. It appears many people seem to have a similar issue, As my last reply stated, that issue got fixed. Even so, I still occasionally face issues with the drops every now and then- sometimes it shows up on both "claimed" and in progress, sometimes the entire thing just resets itself after you click "claim" in twitch inventory and sometimes Teshin doesn't come and gimme my drop However, all these issues were solved within a matter of a few minutes to a few hours If the issue seems to persist, I highly advise you guys to write a ticket to the support staff- that may help you
  2. The error got fixed today. I've recieved the rewards in my inbox. Thank you all for your input!
  3. Weirdly enough, it comes under both "in progress" and "claimed" It's been about 18 hours since it showed up in my twitch inventory, so I dont think it's a matter of time. Yep, I did it on the same day the news got announced Hmm, it still isnt there for me ;-; Thanks for the warm welcome! Dude I know, I read the article twice. I linked and unlinked my account on Friday itself. And by their instructions, it should be claimable from the twitch drops inventory too. Yet, after so many hours it still doesnt show up in warframe. And in today's
  4. Hi there, I was watching yesterday's stream with the new drop system in twitch And after 30 minutes the message popped up, but I decided that I'll check it out later in my inventory About 10-15 minutes after the stream got over, I headed onto my twitch drops inventory and saw that my orokin reactor blueprint was there, ready to be claimed But I was unable to do so (and it still apears like that) "Error occurred: Drop was not claimed" Does this mean that I cant claim the reward?
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