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  1. Not working for me either. Worked flawlessly in the past weeks, but nothing today..
  2. Yeah i tried it recently with someone that didn't met the requirements and wanted to do it for profittaker.. He wasn't able to join me via /join while i was already inside the valis.
  3. There won't be any more tiers, but nightwave intermission will end in 8 days anyway
  4. Same issue. Incredibly annoying. Farming holokeys already takes up enough time, even without having to abort every second mission...
  5. Yeah it's definitely a free upgrade. I will replace the vanilla ones on all my builds with the galvanized versions. Prior to this follow up post vanilla multishot for shotguns and especially pistols might still have had some usecases, because the starting amount of MS was only 80% (thinking of primer secondaries and stuff like that), but now that they have raised the base value on these two to 110% there is absolutely no point in using vanilla anymore for anything really.
  6. I assume you are talking about the primary multishot mods, because these are the only ones with 16 drain. What you are saying doesn't make any sense. These are alternative versions of Split Chamber and Hell's Chamber, the regular multishot mods. Both of them have 15 drain. Which results in 8 drain on a polarized slot. Which is the exact same as their galvanized versions would cost on a polarized slot. If you could fit Split Chamber on your build before you will be able to replace that with Galvanized Chamber without adding a Forma... it goes in the same slot as before and costs the same. 15 vs 16 drain on the mod makes zero difference on a polarized slot.
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