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  1. Prices for the zephyr prime accessoires pack are wrong. Zephyr prime pack: 36.99 Euro Zephyr prime accessoires: 36.99 Euro -> This is way more expensive than it should be Chroma prime pack: 36.99 Euro Chroma prime accessoires: 17,77 Euro
  2. You are right it is not bound to anything by default. On PC you trigger this by pressing the dedicated reload button which is by default nonexistent on controller. Instead we have a "context action / reload" button which works for reloads while walking around with a frame but somehow doesn't work to trigger gunnery 9 which is imo a bug. That should work to trigger gunnery 9. There is a workaround to use gunnery 9 atm though. The dedicated reload button does exist, it just isn't bound to anything by default. So you could just put it on something... the downside is, for some reason this but
  3. Will this include Nintendo switch players or do we have to wait longer for it? Is cert process already done?
  4. Yeah i heard you could get it in operation hostile mergers before it came to railjack abandoned derelict consoles, but this was long before me playing warframe so i had to farm it via railjack. Only reason i knew it was dropping there was because I actively hunted down every single farmable mastery point to get to MR30 asap (which i achieved at login day 192)
  5. A lot of people don't seem to know (or care), as plat prices for the spectra vandal parts are super high due to very low supply. Of course this changed on PC with the 29.10 update though with prices plummeting..
  6. The only thing they were good for is if you wanted the spectra vandal gun, as it is the only place where you can get the parts and blueprint for that.
  7. I meant the entire structure is clearly visible since it's fairly big, not necessarily the door. Sometimes multiple structures do spawn, some though can't be entered. Most i've seen was 2. But on ruse war field with anomaly there should always be one that can be entered.
  8. Unlike with the new update you won't get a waypoint to the enterable derelict though unless you get close to it (like 3km).. Cephalon Cy will tell you about it. It's obvious to see though even without a waypoint.
  9. Lol yes there are. Abandoned derelicts aren't something new. Just start ruse war field with sentient anomaly present and be surprised... Spectra vandal has been in the game for a long time and the abandoned derelict console is the method to acquire it, even before update 29.10...
  10. What do you mean? That's the way it currently works on console since we don't have the 29.10 changes yet..
  11. wow 5p. On consoles current set price is around 300p. Guess it will go down in price with the update due to more people playing railjack missions.. Looking at PC wf market history it went from around 100 before to 30 after. Maybe i shouldn't have wasted so many hours specifically farming it :D (but MR30 was near..)
  12. That honestly sounds to me like the spectra vandal is even harder to get with the new update, since it doesn't drop in corpus missions and only in grineer missions, which don't have guaranteed derelict spawns and don't even have a way to guarantee that anymore like they did prior to the update. Looking at the drop table i'm also fairly certain that the individual components had a higher drop chance before the update. Now it's main bp 8.7% and components only 6.52%.. I'm very sure every part had the same drop chance before of around that 8.7%.. Funnily the patch notes don't even mention u
  13. Not sure where you see these prices though, cheapest sell offer for loki prime systems on playstation wf market is 230p atm..
  14. As kyori already said better to wait for the update 30 to arrive for you since apparently it will be easier to farm then. The way it currently works on console: In veil missions you have a chance to have an enterable orokin derelict present. Best mission imo for that to happen is ruse war field. You will have to restart/abort the mission a couple times eventually though to get one in your mission. There is a way to guarantee the presence of such a derelict: do ruse war field with an active sentient anomaly on it. Whether or not the derelict has a console in it is random too, so abort if
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