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  1. I logged in to do the anniversary events. 2nd mission my character bugged out and could not do anything until I had to die and revive after bleedout, Good game. Also Mag prime and loki prime would have been the better choice. Instead this vault seems like a stunt to promote the new zephyr rework.
  2. Void Storms not working when anomaly is present on the active node. Cannot collect reagents, just does not seem to work with it.
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: asteroid Base not getting Corrupted enemies in base Seems very specific to asteroid base and nothing else. Happens in every section of the railjack map.
  4. Plus there is a bug where no corrupted spawn when you go to Point of Interest.
  5. Sporelacer retained it's original name, so you have not gilded it, therefor it cannot gain mastery rank exp. Go to Deimos or Fortuna to gild them. This is something different then what they are saying in here. The bug is that the zaw/kitgun does not gain max mastery rank while it is maxed out after being gilded. for example mine is stuck on 29 on profile while it's already maxed. relogging/equiped/de-equiping or doing a mission with it equiped wont result in the profile being updated. I've had this issue with a couple of items after a railjack adventure the other items did update 2 guns and
  6. TYPE: ingame DESCRIPTION: Arquebex always displaced cursor and viewpoint after 1-2 seconds which makes it extremely annoying to frustrating to use. As someone who has done Oprhix solo to 36 in Orphix venom. I wanted to see how decent orphix arcane farming was however I stopped at 21 because of this bug/change. Using 4 once in a while it does not have that much impact but in orphix where you are constantly using Arquebex and switching it off to use Storm Shroud it becomes EXTREMELY annoying to see your viewpoint ping pong like a tennis ball in a long rally. REPRODUCTION: Every USE o
  7. I've had it solo so not it is not a desync between players.
  8. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Kubrodon Echo-Lure does not show up anymore in Gear Wheel. I have all the Echo-lures for Orb Vallis and the new weekly nightwave send me to catch some animals. I noticed kubrodon did not show up, so I went out and checked business thinking I might not have it. unfortunately I already have it and on re-entering it still does not show up the in the gear wheel section when selecting the echo-lure EXPECTED RESULT: Kubrodon echo-lure being in there OBSERVED RESULT: Kubrodon echo-lure is missing REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% out of 4 attempts. VIS
  9. Necramech abilities are no longer displayed in necramech UI. Therefor you can no longer see how certain mods affect the necramech abilities.
  10. +1 been in the game for years still no fix for it.
  11. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Warframe exalted weapons unable to damage Corpus Reactor Vents SIMILAR to Corpus Bubble preventing exalted weapon damage against Nullifier Bubbles after the bubble has already been removed EXPECTED RESULT: damaging vent OBSERVED RESULT: vent takes no damage tested with hildryn balefire. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% Bugframe yes yes. Me go play something else again because me hate this game with all these bugs yes yes. Me throwing away 2 hours worth of play because of this bug yes yes. Me out, Bye Bye.
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