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  1. I believe this is already reported in Yes, it completely ruins khora.
  2. Also had it happen to me yesterday. Full party nobody could press escape to start mission.
  3. I'm gonna post this here aswell because it's been too long in the game is starting to annoy me. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Railjack Forward Artillery doing more then enough dmg but crewship not exploding. EXPECTED RESULT: More then 55k dmg to destroy the crewship OBSERVED RESULT: crewship survives with a little amount of health which should not be possible. VISUAL: https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectBusySandwichTTours Video: Shot 1 does 61 153 damage to crewship #1 this does not kill crewship #1 Shot 2 does 55 019 damage to crewship #2 this kills crewship #2
  4. 2 Bugs I'm reporting because patch notes said nothing about them and as someone that does railjack a lot these changes happened for some reason that is unexplainable. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: 1- Invisible Walls/objects appearing in railjack missions that without any visuals you are not able to pass. * 2- A HUGE increase in hull breaches compared to pre-deimos arcana like not 2x or 3x more like 5x-8x * VISUAL: 1- When Flying into nothing you constantly hear the colliding sound when you fly your railjack in objects however there are no visual objects where you are fly
  5. The mining drop rate of Thaumica has been doubled! We’ve also Reduced the chance of getting Namalon while Mining in the Cambion Drift so that the chance of getting Thaumica is significantly increased. Both Necrathene and Thaumica were similarly rare, but Thaumic Distillate is used in a wider variety of Blueprints, so expect to see it appear more often from yellow mineral deposits. Welcome changed. Also from what I can tell you vacuum is always a mentioned fix for a lot of things, but why is it needed to have a mod for it instead of just building it with everything as defau
  6. same bug as Seems like it's reproducable at least and a more global problem then just balor fomorian.
  7. Or they just fall through the ground after being tranq'ed
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Balor Fomorian Bug VISUAL: Black Screen at end of Mission unable to abort mission REPRODUCTION: Pressing TAB during Mission Extraction EXPECTED RESULT: Extracting OBSERVED RESULT: Mission gets hardloop stuck, having to alt f4 to exit the mission and relog back inside REPRODUCTION RATE: Don't wanna find out, I'm not your beta tester.
  9. Hello, Sedna/Naga already had a invasion however shortly after another one spawned on the same planet making people unable to perform the new invasion. Can we not make this a thing in the future would be much appreciated. From what I can tell not many people notice this and even some Mr30 laughed at the idea until this picture was shown to them.
  10. Parvos Granum Protea fight bug Send EE.log to support Was able to continue after dying. Also you should change this mission or rework it. I can only describe the quest as this: it's telling you to pull a handle while you're inside the room but they don't mean your room but the room 2 blocks away. kind regards
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