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  1. It depends for me what mission im doing i have 5 different amps i like to use 2 for Eidolon pahd is my choice also with Madurai Void strike is OP with pahd even on Steel path just seems dumb to me that i can have my loadout saved for Eidolon but my operator i still have 2 change every time i want to do Eidolon would not be that big of deal if it were something i did once or even a couple times a day every hour swithing sucks Hildryn works well with the operator her ability does not effect operator but her aegis storm max range locks entire maps down makes using your operator better she makes e
  2. Switching my operator setup every hour for Eidolons is very time consuming i use my operator alot and have many different preferences as far as amps in missions as well with the new update focusing on the operator its going to become more important to switch amps and arcanes to be honest i would rather my operator be saved instead of my pets
  3. In one of these updates it would be nice to see the operator settings added to the loadout slots especially since the next update is going to involve the operator. Its a pain to switch every time i want to do Eidolons as i am one who uses my operator regularly in missions my arbitration build is different from steel path. This would be a huge deal to me at least although i dont see alot of other players using their operators in missions :
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