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  1. Rixnane

    Hotfix 13.9.2

    Thanks for the Birthday present DE :P Wish U14 came out today, that would've been awesome, lol.
  2. Rixnane

    Update 13.2.0: Specters Of Liberty

    What are these "Arcane" Helmets in my forge? What happens if I build them? Oh, and the Cierzo, Shroud, and Bastet helmet weren't arcane
  3. Rixnane

    New: Warframe Warpaint Contest!

    Took me a while to finally submit it. I felt like there was something missing, but idk. ________________________________________________ |Du-Du-Du-Duuuuun!!! | | | |You got the Golden Potato! The legendary Golden Potato | |fills your Warframe('s stomach) with strength. | |_______________________@_______________________| Drew the whole thing in Paint with the spraypaint tool, no screenshots or anything pasted.
  4. Rixnane

    Update 13.1.0: Amprex

    Wait, what happens to my 6 forma Synapse now?... Anyways, I just hope this is a Corpus weapon worth getting now :P (Glad I decided to put the forma back into the energy lab the other day)
  5. Rixnane

    Gift From The Lotus!

    Thanks for the dinner DE, gonna have me some baked potatoes! :P
  6. In the dead of the night, Zephyr hunts her next the forests for her next prey. Enemies of the Tenno, watch out.