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  1. "Just sayin', that's kind of a terrible example, based on how damage is calculated / enemy defenses factor in, a 200 Attack weapon could very well end up doing 150 damage, it happens." :P Sorry bud iam may be not specific enuth here and/or u miss read my post it was never mentioned about "Dealing damange" just what the ui throws at you =). "You want the game to show the full math used behind the stat you end up with?" No i don't want to but thats the consequence of the actual mod description because u cant see imidiatly like the mod aplay because +400% would be lik
  2. Wow is no one anoyed by this? iam also nerly go blind by the start flash.
  3. If you repeat someting wrong it dont get right, for sure there is a need. olso if there is no specification of the stat additon then the math beheind must be corrcted as mentioned above. To make it more clear for e.g. in a nother game you get a better swort with 200 damage your old one does only 100 damage but after equip u have only 150 damage, would that be ok? No of course not and u will never see it like this. If you like to keep it like it is you need to display those stats in the ui like this for e.g. Base stats: shield 100 + 600(mod) + 300(ranked) =1000
  4. Good , so our concense is to make a new mod description [+400% to base Stats] ??
  5. i see but ,netherless it sould applay on actual stats (Just co make an aproximisation of consence my understanding of +400% would be 450*4=1800. ) then the Mod description sould be corrected.
  6. For example (Mag) shield stat: base 450 Lets add redirection (nearly maxed out +400 %) for more shield so i would get 450+(450*4)=450+1800=2250 or depents on how to understand the mod describtion 450*4=1800. But what i get is 1050 thats make no sence even if i aplay raw values from mod 450+400(%)=850. And this Aplayes on all stats Enegrgy, Vitalaty, Armor,Shield, please fix this, this could be the couse why so many people a upsed with the squishiness of frames if this game mechanic is corrected it may change the hole game balance. Just co make an aproximisation of consence
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