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  1. tencent..... mobile scam games artist, and the ones making cyberpunk setting ripoff game showing absolutly 0 gameplay? yea.... if they are not letting DE retain creative constorl, i will leave, because from my experience with them, they would more then likely move the game to thier parthner store wich is not as secured as independed launcher or steam (+data leaks)
  2. shotguns shoot multiple pallets, each one have independed status chance, so for example, if your shotgun fire 10 pallets, and each have 10% status chance, the more of them hitting the target, the higher your chance is to afflict status. it will never be 100% but multiple shots mean you have higher chance to do status.
  3. sorry that my fun isent your fun, but that is the thing, i am not you so my idea of fun is diffrent, by all mean, feel free to create a riot that your group fun is being opressed by other groups. i just play wukong and chill mostly, that is my idea of fun, while other people might be more into the sweaty tryhard min/max uber meta kind of fun, that what it mean to be a human. so long your idea of fun isent stand in 1 point, press a button and everything die or afk, i wouldent mind playing, since if i cant really do anything i dont feel like i have any fun.
  4. so yea. cant read after the 5th word, if you want to copy and paste a well thought thingy, just use a normal text file to write on it....... i am not blinding myself with non dark theme.
  5. i was wondering if iy would be possible to have independed forums setting or in game setting weather to update the glyph on forums or not, i want to change the in game glyph, but i dont want the forums glyph to be changed in the event i will somehow log out of my forums account, and option in game to update your linked forums account, or an option to set it on forums independedly would be great. (the forum could check your available in game glyphs every server daily login and update the glyphs that are available to your forum account)
  6. honestly, i dont expect anything from tennocon, i first want everything that was showcased in the last 2 events that we still dont have, they can make new content presentation after they delived what they already showcased so far. (railjack lich+squad link open world, railjack from open world areas, corpus railjack fighting nef anyo, and anything else showcased that is still missing) i get covid-19 put a damper on things, but some of those things were over a year befor this pandemic.
  7. idk about you, but in alot of games, the loot sack characters you just beat for loot are always stupidly tanky, even from those arcade games where you have a loot midget you can kick for health potions that take more damage then enemies in the level.
  8. that is not including the steam rubedo and phased skins, i hope all the platform spesific items will be available on the global build reguardless of platform in the future.
  9. warframe powers being effected by combo that is seperated from them is a mistake honestly, would be better if those exalted attacks would have longer timer befor theystop that is not related to equipped melee weapon combo count, for example, exalted blade 15 seconds befor it decay, while melee weapon is in defult 4 seconds, melee weapon at combo of x2 while exalted weapon at combo of x8, basicly, let those weapon be independed from melee weapons and combo mods.
  10. just add timer. i mean, normal missions already do that for squads, if you dont want to go to drydock or next mission you can click on not ready.
  11. hmm, maybe have enemies get a random mod drop chance, for example, let's say a lancer drop 4 commons, 3 uncommons, and 2 rares, why not add another mod drop chance that only revealed at the end of the match, and that mod could be something you get from other enemies and factions in the game, so, if a lancer drop it, it will randomly generate a mod that is not in that lancer pool but everyone else pool, with the exclusion of alcolytes or arbitration drones or stalker. so that way, enemies still have thier loot pools, but will sometime drop another completely random mod on death, i would picture it to work out decently.
  12. i have a kuva nukor with element i want to keep, and accsidental kuva nukor from a lich with element i dont want to keep (lich had ephemera so i wanted to just get it) now, how would i fuse the nukors in a way to keep the element i want without loosing the formas? my current have rediation bonus while the new one have impact bonus. if i pick the impact nukor, and fuse it with rediation nukor, will it turn to higher bonus damage rediation? and if so, would the 3 formas i have will stay?
  13. whenever "unarmed" would be a normal melee weapon as opposed to only useable when captured by zenuka.
  14. atleast they made a really accuret guitar, so that is something (you can seriously play songs on it and visually its matching real life with how the character play it as well as have almost all the notes.
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