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  1. for now, if a lich is on the field, extraction should be disabled, player will either need to stab the lich, or get downed a few times untill it leave if they dont want to level it up.
  2. it's worth another lich, you should not trade them for platinum, ever. hope DE will change this so you can only trade lich per lich since you need to use the room that was made for it.
  3. mesa, crit chance, crit damage, regulators, pretty much solo level 5 lich, sure, not all tile sets have good places to grab distance with good sight line, but you burn them down fast enough like that, just keep your distance.
  4. so far mesa regulators and saryn spores seem effective, wondering what else is easy to use.
  5. if you dont want to fight your lich, that's fine, perfectly acceptable, you have solo/friends sessions for it where you dont inconvinient people that are not your friends.
  6. havent checked since the last updates, but if you have a twin, and in operator mode befor stalker spawn, he cant despell it, and the clone will attack him.
  7. mind you, i wasent using anything operator related, but there was a nox thrall that had a line attatch to him, likely a magu lockdown? since the lich had fear of childrens i believe and heard him doing some lines about it, that thrall could not be mecry and was stuck on the downed position, i am unsure if its related to magus lockdown, nox, or both.
  8. some limitations should apply, tennogen cannot transfer between platforms as i doubt any of the console company would be happy if you get paid items from thier competitors, PC tennogen requier a linked steam account and be purchesed via a direct transaction insted of platinum, platinum also cannot transfer over for the same reasons, the only thing you can transfer is non tennogen items, and non exclusives (console skins/ founder items)
  9. if a lich spawn, the player cannot extract, might be strongarming at this point, but its the most effective method, lich is already an optional part after some updates, if you really dont want to fight it, then dont do lich controlled missions.
  10. the system is flawed, just like pets and AI navigations. a player that sell and item should not loose the plat he got from trading, DE need to check where the plat came from first, then remove and put the progenitor account into a minus if they dont have enough, the other players should have the bad platinum removed, and replaced with non tradeable platinum and a message in email saying why it hapened.
  11. venka prime destroy everything without a rivin, this melee change is great. also OP "bai have a grate time"
  12. i want your cool lichs.....
  13. do you normally use all 4-6 of your revives? i just go for it, it's a game, and in the game you have multiple lives, unlike real life where you only have 1, so just go with it and whatever happens, happens.
  14. if lich is ignore, it will steal more stuff and level up, if you leave after your lich spawned it would still count as lich leveled up, and you'll have a temporary cooldown on doing any lich controlled nodes as quitting penalty. it wouldent fix people ignoring it, but it will make them loose more items then normal if ignored, and if quitting, they will get a penalty.
  15. with a healthy dose of luck? 13, otherwise, pick a number between 13 and 10000000
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