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  1. i just want something new, i dont care if it will be "emotional" or "stupid" or whatever, i just want something to break up the current grind of the game. bringing back old events dos not count and where is the advertised squad link that was promised outside that one failed event?
  2. atleast for items that are one hour or less in construction time, as example, i would like to construct x amount of plague star related stuff in the inventory, but i would also like to play in the meantime as opposed to sitting and claming every single minute. so why not have a bulk creation diffrent from consumables, wich you can stop whenever you like to claim the items that were completed? as example, i want 100 infested catalysts, wich would take 100 minutes (bulks of 5 sure but still), i could start it, then after 30 minutes of playing, i could stop it and claim 30 completed items. just a thought that might make it easier for everyone that might not have as much time to sit and claim stuff, and people wich are not allowed to use thier personal phones in workplace.
  3. right now i have a specter with the probosis bow, but i hear trumna or Basmu might be better since damage scale + heat procs are good? what would you say is the best weapon on a specter for steel path?
  4. they can just, lean on air. player lean emote when?
  5. just, despawn and disable mine and fish from spawning while there is an active bounty, simple and effective.
  6. i just want elemental visual on projectiles, the orb vails corpus weapons have effect that seem like they have electricity in them, why not add fire, toxin, gas and others to trail behind the projectiles?
  7. need a universal forma that cannot be bought, only farmed, that requier 5 built forma and 1 aura forma to make that will support all polarities except umbras. as for where to put it, maybe if the new war will include a new game mode? on low enough % that i wouldent be too easy to get, but higher then the abysmal nitan extract drop chance.
  8. you need to hold the reload key for it to work from my experience, atleast it is alot faster then normal cooling time.
  9. ballas is profanity because of ball, assault is profanity because of ass, and other words that the filter simply cannot understand thier context.
  10. wuclone and companions do not attack synthesis targets, i noticed it several times because i was wondering why it kept ignoring an enemy next to me.
  11. friendship door solo should requier a key card to bypass solo, only fair.
  12. i convert them if its a weapon i do not need, currently, i am trying to get ephemeras, and since i cannot preview it when making a sister, and the weapon they will have is not something i want depending on element bonus (cause ephmera hunting might not be the bonus i want for any spesific weapon) since you will get the ephemera if you convert them, you could later trade them with someone that want the ephemera or the weapon.
  13. just thought, why not make a frame with sticky fingers passive? basicly cannot be disarmed with the drawback of 5% longer reload, it sound useless but considering some enemies can yeet the weapon from your hands, might be usefull.
  14. i believe kuva balistas can see through stealth and disable steath, it should be global to all of them.
  15. just my thoughts, but it always seemed like a slower PVP with grineer or copus as playable characters could work better then the current conclave, you could make grineer maps and corpus maps that would play diffrently, as example, in grineer pvp you could spawn the roller turrets that would target the enemy team, while corpus pvp could have its moas. just thinking it would actually make pvp a tiny bit more enjoyable..... lunaro can keep the frames as the mobility is needed, but for pvp, it would atleast make things better when you do not need to balance frames and weapons for it.
  16. its balanced by the ammo economy, STOP, ASKING, FOR, NERFS (unless its pvp in wich case nerf it out of the game)
  17. the screen keep flickering like this and i cannot move at all, all because i tryed to watch what other players were doing in priority location from railjack. DE pls
  18. need that "i played for almost 9 years, and all i have is this stupid sticker!" meme thingy.
  19. clone seem to guide it to detonate above enemies..... kinda reminds me of that rocket launcher system that can target tanks top spot.
  20. fine... you can take the 5 flux, 4 detrons, and 4 diplos, 1 tetra, 3 spirax 4 plasmors and the other duplicates i get from those people cause i cannot pass up a chance..... all i am saying untill a player aquier the weapon via the mail (don't have to claim it) the odds to get a weapon you are missing should be higher.
  21. wish there was a higher chance for weapons you do not own.
  22. dirrent then the golden maw, more like how the daimos purple worm things are like. also immune to powers, since it never leave the room it supposed to guard.
  23. playing steel path on earth, there would be a chance for derelict room, that would have an orokin worm that have 99.9% damage resistance, immune to status, and deal 700 impact/slash/puncture damage from a base level of 5 (scaling with level) and the idea i guess would be, keeping guard on a rare or powerfull mod or item and will not chase you past the room its in.... now that i write it it sound like a BS scenario with an enemy absolutly everyone would hate, but had to share it.... i am going to wake up now.....
  24. an·i·ma /ˈanəmə/ Learn to pronounce See definitions in: All Psychology Philosophy noun 1. PSYCHOANALYSIS (in Jungian psychology) the feminine part of a man's personality. 2. HISTORICAL•PHILOSOPHY the soul, especially the irrational part of the soul as distinguished from the rational mind. since i do not think that is the term OP reffer to, maybe its best to go and see the diffrance between what anime is, and what is being kiddy and cute and crap is since that is how i see her, as energetic girl with too much energy throwing out hearts.
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