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    there is a pinned discussion, of that exact same topic.
  2. atleast there is one thing we can all agree on.... though, delayed is better then crashing, just hope 2020 might have a bit more content.
  3. false, if a lich is downed 3 times they dont level up, it was intreduced as method to make them go away without stabbing or leveling them up.
  4. that's the thing, i am downing it, but people whine that i dont stab it when i know the current mod order is wrong and incomplete, if it was befor the update where the lich wouldent go away then it would be a diffrent story, but people whine about misrable amount of kuva that you can get alot more from kuva survival and siphones.
  5. so, how i am going about wich lich is, i dont stab it untill i uncover a mod, then i attempt to see if is the first one in the order, i dont stab a lich untill i uncover a mod basicly, yet people whine about me downing them 3 times and making them leave. if you want to deal with a level 5 lich, be my guest, i rather work my own way on my lich, even if i end up having to take out more thralls as a result.
  6. will we get anything that was showen in the railjack teasers and showcases? capital ship fight, corpus, calling railjack on fortuna, having lich space battles, having the venus system available, squad link, and so on, everything you showcased that is currently missing from railjack. also command intrinsics and railjack ai crew when?
  7. okay, i am just going to be one of those users that paste a video that i agree with, though it's still valid. so yea, so much of what was showen or talked about is not part of the final product, it also the case with fortuna as i recall a video with moa that had bursa parts as companion and overall was way more customizeable then what we have now.
  8. login counter and nightwave are the only things that keep me playing, also lich though i am mostly on trade chat trying to buy the last 2 kuva weapons i need due to duplicates.
  9. honestly, there should be a recovery option, if you get that popup window to submit a crash report, would be nice if it would log the result of the mission in the report itself then later deliver any items it count in the log.
  10. well, they could just remove the stealth bonus from railjack.
  11. we already have towers remains in space, DE showed them boarding a tower while teasing the new infested unit for nightwave, while it was scripted, you could add mini derelict towers that the corrupted have a chance to come to while you are on them.
  12. first they should make it 1 run per player, simular to mastery, if you gone in a node with sentient ship, you will not be able to repete it untill it's next cycle, now, if the host left and you were kicked out of the match, that would be a diffrent story, though it will open hosts to be able to troll people in wich case, you can always host yourself. i am tired of doing a node trying to get rare stuff, then the whole crew leave cause they dont get a weapon part, i still want to finish the mission, not be put in a disadvantage cause of tryhard farmers (yes, leaving if you dont get something just to run it again is you being a tryhard salty person) as a change, i would perpose to change the weapon parts to end of mission reward when a sentient ship is in node and you have atleast boarded it, same with ephemera, that way you will always get something, and duplicates could be traded so it's a win-win.
  13. nice, can see alot of effot put into it, sure help me atleast getting some things stright.
  14. yea.... Io pretty much can carry you through the game with ease "i'm not much of a fighter" *proceed to 1-2 shot enemies on the field* "i hope i am being helpfull" yea, so long we can get OP crew that it's only use i keep the railjack from blowing up, then i am all for that.
  15. people that quit and join the same node should just rematch with whoever they were with, no reason to rage quit then.
  16. just wondering, you could argue that railjack could theoreticly get you to mastery 30, just wondering if the intrinsics is infinite gain, or cap at however much you need to make all roles rank 10?
  17. it's in your control, solo or squad with friends that will all leave with you.
  18. now, i understand if something end up wacky and the game decide to change who is the host (happened a few times) but if a host leave, there isent any punishments for them. i am not wishing for a severe punishment, just a very simple mechanic, if you leave, the squad is still allowed to play and do 1 mission of thier choosing or return to dojo, durning the time they are in combat using your ship, you will not be able to do railjack untill it have been returned to drydock or you rejoin that squad, and to avoid abusing, if the railjack and host do not match, after mission end, it will return automaticly to dry dock after the mission has been completed, or, if no actions against AI or objectives has been taken for a duration, it will abort like with exterminate. those time constraints of course should only apply when a railjack is being used without it's owner in the squad. that is my idea anyway, how would you handle host migrations?
  19. all i wish for is tennogen skins, but that requier steam wallet money 😞
  20. i know we need the drydock, but so long we are in a clan that have one, why not allow players customize thier railjack from the orbiter? ordis could relay the change requests to cy, and cy would tell the drydock team to make said changes.
  21. just need a 1000 range vaccum on railjack, the play space is massive already, and often fighters expload just far enough out of range to the side wich the pilot cant see.
  22. just wondering and hoping people can make this topic dedicated to sighting of the *spoiler* in veil sector, since it's on a cycle, its hard to find it without leaving the moment the node dont have that object (and honestly, just tired to joining vail areas just so host leave as soon as it load it >.<)
  23. i mean, the bugged door also happen in normal gameplay, so it happening in railjack isent a surprise.
  24. i am in the vail area, and enemies i shoot often heal really quickly, basicly staying at full health unless 2-3 people focus on them, and it's not every enemy, it seem to be random who get super regen, and i am going crazy, not knowing if it's intended, or i missed a game mechanic or what, i only went to one area and the host DCed and i basicly soloed a node not in my ship, and while constantly running around and repairing, enemies seem to randomly die. like, what even hapening there?
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