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  1. Everything looks good to me except for the damage type change on Spores. I prefer Viral as debuff since it works against every faction, and Corrosive.. not really.
  2. @[DE]Drew On a side note, what happened to 'Upvote' button within the forums?
  3. "Edit Clan Settings" lack the "Privacy" option.
  4. After over 4 years of my career in this game, this is the biggest nonsense I've ever seen so far. Personally I haven't played Raids much, but removing them is literally the insult towards veterans who sunk hundreds of hours into that part of the game. Moving arcanes to more accessible place is fine, not everybody enjoy the Raids and alternate location of their acquisition is something I look forward... but removing them will touch the people who do it for sport, for fun, for daily activity... and other reasons I believe. I've noticed a long time ago this game goes in the wrong direction, from the perspective of veteran, and this literally just confirmed my thoughts. It is understandable that DE must attract new players with end-game content so people actually will be happier to spend money on the game, but have they forgotten about veterans? We shed a light on this game in its darkest days and now we get a "thank you" from devs? It seems so... The only people DE respect are youtubers and newcomers, both constantly fund the game and give a good promotion to it, so yeah... veterans are useless now. In every 'normal' game, dedicated players at least get cosmetic items, and here? pretty much nothing... or wait, devs actually remove end-game content which veterans enjoy, does that count? It doesn't seem that DE listens to community feedback, well maybe to newbies/youtubers feedback, but not veterans feedback. I constantly lurk the forum and see it. I can understand that it's tiring to fix some things in the Raids, fine, then leave them as they are now, but don't kill your the-most-unappreciated-part-of-community aka veterans' daily activity, please? I think I said enough, not going to trigger myself even more, I just feel bad for people who are super dedicated to this game like me, and get nothing, no single sign of appreciation, yet it's hard for us to leave the game after thousands of hours spent in it... Is this how psychology works?
  5. Can we have this sometime? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/781165-the-remote-observer-vol-1/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-8564245
  6. Steve posted on forums. Dreams come true. Anyway, I can't wait for it.. (and for the spam of hotfixes)
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