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  1. This is my first time on this site and im on mobile, i had to use search to find my own post cut me some slack man
  2. Yeah, im sure you didn't mean anything by it, im just a bit defensive because i know the stats look a bit funky. It actually wasnt even ducat farming i just wanted to sell to make some plat for more slots, ducats were just a byproduct, and i can only do this because ps4 has a deal where you get a 7 day affinity booster for free so it's not all skill or anything. I just got unlucky with my timing and it made me question the whole concept of the 24 hour period
  3. What if you read my post that says i hit my mastery rank cap every day and cant level any faster? I have played for five days, i am mr 5, i can be mr 6 in about 5 hours from now. Read before you post, it's a bad look when you dont.
  4. 800k credits and about 5 or 6 hundred ducats, i was ready to pick up a bit lol
  5. Bro i have 800k creds and probably 4 or 5 hundred ducats, its not a wild amount but it would pick me up a thing or two, maybe the inaros quest as well. Don't act like you know my exact situation lmao
  6. Here's the thing though, I've had time to do resource gathering, I've had time to go through probably 20-30 void relics. It's extremely easy to breeze through the star chart, especially the second time. I've actually been taking my time and enjoying the content a bit and even then if i just put my nose to the grind stone i can usually clear a planet in an hour. I understand having a delay between tests for failing but i dont understand the sheer length of a 24 hour timer.
  7. Even just a few hour long wait would be better than a whole day, and a multiple hour wait would defenitely dissuage runners.
  8. Okay so I'm a returning player from around a year ago and I really really love this game, and with the free time of quarantine I've been able to sink a lot of time into it, the only thing slowing me down though is the grace period on mastery tests. Every single day of the five days I've been playing I've been eligible to take the test anywhere from 24 to 5 hours before the test and i just do not see the point in it. I was really excited that my progression was going to line up perfectly with baro coming this weekend but when i got to pluto i found out the relay was mastery locked at 8. Im at 5
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