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  1. Yeah I would love for you to walk me through the math myself. As I would enjoy seeing the calculation for status (just look at all the replies I have done with void relics or resources). Plus,I been corrected that status is better for enemies over 100 before. So I am curious how that works. Also how do it work for Sentients that become "immune" to a status type. Will the affect of certain status abilities and status effects still proc?
  2. mlane16

    AFKing and Reporting

    I agree with most of this. The only thing I think might be added if you know your stuck in a loaded screen also let your team know (though this can be a little harder when your on cetus). Also, I think someone should mention that the amount of drops from enemies, focus, and other things scales with team participation not just your team mate being there. Mathematically speaking, I can show this case for mods and resources if anyone would care to see for fun. Actually I been working on some teamwork probability curves for players to help explain why in some missions it can be a time waster to solo or to afk.
  3. Megan and Rebecca. Can we still ask questions of the developers? One question I have had is... how does the number of enemy's scale conceptually with players? Does it like double with each player? or maybe go up by 25%? I been working on some graphs to explain to new player at least as a concept why teamwork even is important when grinding in warframe, so knowing this might help.
  4. mlane16

    Update 11.8.0

    I give it 10 mehs out of 10. It just does not fit my playstyle. For example, it just feels sluggish to me when I use it and like with all rifles I hate the slow reload speed. It will probably be great for some people just not for me.