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  1. This problem started two days ago. Before that, I had no issues playing in squads/with friends. Whenever I invite people to my squad/get invited to a squad, when the mission countdown starts, it will freeze on a random second, before it says "host left, squad disbanding" and I'm left in my orbiter while the other 3 people continue with the mission. If I am the host, I will be put in a mission by myself. Sometimes I can still see the squad in the top left while they are in the mission and can see when people leave/join, while I'm still stuck in my orbiter. The only way for me to join a mission with friends/squad is if they invite me to the mission after they join. When I play in public there usually isn't an issue, but sometimes the issue of seeing the squad in the top left of the screen while stuck in the orbiter still happens. I almost always play in squads and with friends, so this issue has made the game pretty much unplayable for me. I've tried changing my Ping limit, restarting router and modem, reinstalling the game from both steam and epic games, but nothing has worked. Please help.
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