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  1. Sometimes shield is smashing board?
  2. I appreciate this design.
  3. There is nothing wrong with this picture.
  4. I like the design, but the aesthetics of it look very blocky, and thus like it should belong to the Corpus, not the grineer. Grineer usually have an Asymmetrical design mixed with an organic/utilitarian flow. That and changing the faction to corpus might actually be a benefit since corpus have yet to have a sword and shield (where grineer have the Ack and Brunt). Still, cool design. Looks chunky and good for a defensive stance/play-style.
  5. I kinda hope so, Also, If I win, I want a Shovel glyph for myself.
  6. Goddamn I'm loving this contest. Other idea of mine that was scrapped: A pillow-case full of Credits ("Does more damage the richer you are! You poncy git!")
  7. Definitely part of the inspiration. That, and I was a bit inspired from the Synthesis scan of the Lancer, story, too. I'll have one more image to do once I get home. (Had to draw that with a mouse... uhhg. I need a tablet. I'll upload that pose picture with a scanner too. Edit: Also, Come'on DE, we need more "Quirky" weapons.
  8. The weapon: Spahd (Spade) Stance/Weapon-style: Heavy Blade Faction: Grineer Background: Created to honor Grineer of high standing. This shovel (or spade) has been reproduced in remembrance that even the lowliest of Grineer are capable of incredible feats and to commemorate the first known victory over the Sentients by Grineer "forces". This enhanced workers tool comes with Plasma blade tips that cut through ore and rock just as well as it does the wielders foes. Edit=(I'll be posting some more refined stuff once I can find a scanner. Sorry but the S#&$ drawings will have to do for now till I can get my tablet going). Gotta use that two picture limit! Edit 2: here's something more fancy... I'll probably edit one more time after this to show a complete concept (after I erase one of the two pics)
  9. Well, I know what I'm making. Game development degree, don't fail me now! (Like it has so many times before. lol) Wait, how many entries can we make again? Edit: Don't answer that. Just re-read the rules... hmmm Choices...
  10. Shufly

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    Starsnakes recent find is also only found at the capture escape room. I think honestly, we've found all of the neptune kurais. the only one left is the unscannable one. Congrats! (I hope).
  11. Shufly

    Coming Soon: Devstream #52

    Are we going to get, in any "reasonable" time-frame, a re-work on the current structure on how loot works? That being the annoyance of research drops and there being near nothing to do with them mid-to-late game. (On that same note, more stuff (maybe weapon construction related) to do with our resources (I'm looking at my now 2-million stack of armor plats doing frak all). Also, not a question, but an idea. Archwing PVP to fill the gap (void?) for the PVP rail conflicts? (come on, who doesn't like a good ol macross missle masacre?)