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  1. Okay, immunity to one specific element, which by the way, when in a PVE scenario only pops up every so often (and is rarely a damage type used exclusively by enemies, unless one mission/tile-set is specifically using a S#&$load of one kind (IE Napalm spam)). Frames where immunity/reduced damage to specific elements wouldn't be a bad thing, and that's not even saying they wouldn't keep their original passives either. Also, Ash immune to slash? Really (I use knives, thusly I cannot cut myself, even though I wear no armor, the natural deterrent to blades). And hydroid (water) immune to cold (ice)?... that seems like it's really stretching your hyperbolic tangent you're pulling here. Granted, I'll give you credit for Rhino/Atlas, reduction in impact damage/procs would make sense for them. Specifically a "REDUCTION" not immunity.
  2. Counter-argument: Warframes are tools: You use the right one for the right job. Going to a Ice hazard mission, bring frost or frames equipted to deal with frost (make those mods more effective against status procs and damage) or both. Going to an inferno/hellscape? Bring Ember. Going to the set of the next Pirates of the Caribbean? Why not Hydroid? Ultimately, they need to balance how resistances/damage/armor and status works for/again frames. Shield gating is a nice start in that direction, but status has been needing a rework for a long time now.
  3. Why his passive isn't immunity to frost/cold status and damage reduction is still a mystery to me. The opposite goes for Ember, and toxic for Sayrn.
  4. Will do guys @ Sorry for the falloff in updates. Been super busy at work, and admittedly drawing some other stuff. I ran into a bit of a brick wall with the design stuff, since I'm STILL having a hard time with getting grineer aesthetics correct (I'd like to speak with the head Grineer artists someday, but sadly no tenno con tickets in my future :C). I'll hopefully have a new update later in the week.
  5. QOL IDEA: Mod Auto desolve feature

    That's partly what I was saying in my original post.
  6. So, was running my eleven billionth defense mission for relics when, after getting yet another vitality mod as a wave reward, it hit me... I have to actually spend time in my day to get that thing desolved into something actually useful... But why? Why not automate this process, or at least create a filter? How about... We get a feature where you can set a threshhold for how many mods you have of any kind, and with a click of a button in the mods section selects all mods above that threshhold and converts them to endo (or cash, if you're particularly crazy). an aditional feature to include would also be to convert all duplicate mods recieved at the after-mission screen onboard the orbiter. Reasons for why I'd want a feature like this is fairly obvious: saving time, and dealing with the flood of mods that have long since been useful as a drop for me, and many others like myself. I'm sure this could be useful to new players as well, as it would allow them to focus more on gameplay and less on inventory management. ~Shufly.
  7. (Preface: This is a small project I decided to embark on to get myself back into doing 3D work. I'm not sure based on the rules or not if a Latron concept would be accepted but ah well, it'll be fun anyway.) So, I'll be posting some artwork early tonight after I finish up some concepts, but here's the idea. My (and maybe yours) favorite Nerf gun, the Latron (and its prime cousin), need some skin love (not that kind of skin love)... but... how, and what kind? Then It came to my head in a sound. *PING!* The Mg1 Garand, or at least, a battle rifle style like that. The Latron is technically an EBR (enhanced battle rifle) and why not get back to our roots and get a little fun with the concept. Anyway, I'll be posting some concept art up in a bit, and there will be some edits here, including idea changes. The original idea was to go for A Grineer Garand design, but that may even change factions (since I've been having a VERY hard time emulating the Grineer art style). Anyway. Here goes nothin'. More to come very soon. Edit-1 I still need to do some concept work, but here's a very rough idea of a Grineer thing (I work nights on weekends, so I've had not much time yet.). Edit: (also, yes, I do realize the Tiberon is also (technically) a battle rifle, but it's of a very long style rifle compared to the more compact design (not to mention, the tib is a tri-barrel design). I'll post some concept art soon enough to get a rough idea of where to go with this. 5/22/2017 (Been having a rough time trying to get the grineer style narrowed down. I wish I could pick the brain of the guy who works on the majority of grineer weapon designs, but I feel it's a little closer). Anyway, Here's another go at it. I'll do a rough up in blender soon, but I could use some feedback.
  8. Sometimes shield is smashing board?
  9. I appreciate this design.
  10. There is nothing wrong with this picture.
  11. I like the design, but the aesthetics of it look very blocky, and thus like it should belong to the Corpus, not the grineer. Grineer usually have an Asymmetrical design mixed with an organic/utilitarian flow. That and changing the faction to corpus might actually be a benefit since corpus have yet to have a sword and shield (where grineer have the Ack and Brunt). Still, cool design. Looks chunky and good for a defensive stance/play-style.
  12. I kinda hope so, Also, If I win, I want a Shovel glyph for myself.
  13. Goddamn I'm loving this contest. Other idea of mine that was scrapped: A pillow-case full of Credits ("Does more damage the richer you are! You poncy git!")
  14. Definitely part of the inspiration. That, and I was a bit inspired from the Synthesis scan of the Lancer, story, too. I'll have one more image to do once I get home. (Had to draw that with a mouse... uhhg. I need a tablet. I'll upload that pose picture with a scanner too. Edit: Also, Come'on DE, we need more "Quirky" weapons.
  15. The weapon: Spahd (Spade) Stance/Weapon-style: Heavy Blade Faction: Grineer Background: Created to honor Grineer of high standing. This shovel (or spade) has been reproduced in remembrance that even the lowliest of Grineer are capable of incredible feats and to commemorate the first known victory over the Sentients by Grineer "forces". This enhanced workers tool comes with Plasma blade tips that cut through ore and rock just as well as it does the wielders foes. Edit=(I'll be posting some more refined stuff once I can find a scanner. Sorry but the S#&$ drawings will have to do for now till I can get my tablet going). Gotta use that two picture limit! Edit 2: here's something more fancy... I'll probably edit one more time after this to show a complete concept (after I erase one of the two pics)