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  1. I just sell them im not gunna use them until i find 1 that i really like
  2. What lvl do i need to be to unlock stories and get riven mods so I can sell them for plat?
  3. Well didn't warfrme say it is illegal to trade on 3rd party websites, i'm probably wrong. Also when will the next deal be for warframe plat wise?
  4. So I want to get plat and I don't want to pay 5 dollars for it. Do any of you know how I can get things people would want to buy. Also nobody say warframe.market cuz that is illigal.
  5. Ok I did not know I could get banned good thing I asked before I did it, Fewf. well that is 50 plat gone to waste Honestly I just needed a way to get plat, I honestly did not know it was illegal. Does anyone know what people want so I can trade for plat?
  6. So I made an alt account and I now have 50 extra plat and today I realized, I cant trade it to my main. So I'm asking anyone if they know something I should buy with my alts plat so I can trade it to my main account. (My main is mastery rank 4 btw so pretty new).
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