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  1. Going back and forth every 4 days and needing to manually calculate the element % is annoying. Even more if you found out that the weapon listed only has the very minimum (25%) element%. Can't DE just list the element% outright on the weapon or?
  2. With how most players getting Anasas for like 90% of their daily sortie drop, imma pass this one too.
  3. The 'Infested enemies doesn't spawn in 4th stage' bug still happens. NSW btw.
  4. Maybe you guys can take this personal fight somewhere else? This is STILL about holokey changes, DE listening to feedback or not.
  5. Still no ability to dismantle hounds for parts? I've still got 5-6 of those cluttering my foundry, and still wanting to make a personalized hound...without the crap RNG.
  6. Let this be heard again, because it's been here since what, Scarlet Spear release? PLEASE FIX THE ORB VALLIS MISSIONS. SPECIFICALLY SAFE AREA HACKING AND DATAKEY RETRIVAL. It's been a known bug and easily replicable, yet despite the reports that WILL come in with every unvaulting these still won't get fixed. Safe area hacking bug: If you get a mission to hack a terminal on one mission, then you picked the same bounty and assigned the same safe area terminal to hack, the module will not respond to any input/uninteractable, hence the mission cannot be completed. Rate of replication is 100%. Datakey retrival bug: on the locate corpus workers sub-mission, if you picked the same bounty and assigned to the same outpost to rescue the fortuna workers from, the datakey won't drop from the dropship key carriers. The mission will be able to be completed, but it takes more time and you'll miss the completion bonus. Rate of replication is 100%. Additional note: these bugs persist even if you waited for the bounties to refresh, or to exit Vallis to Fortuna and re-enter. The only way to 'fix' them is to completely close Warframe and then reopen it.
  7. Yeah, go on, DE, remove my comments again would you. Just saying for the second time that IT IS FAR BETTER TO PUT HOLOKEYS AS DROP FROM SPECTERS AT GRANUM VOID OR FROM CREWSHIP ON VOID STORM THAN DOING THE CURRENT SYSTEM. Reason why Granum drop is a better system: 1: Like it or not, if you're doing Sisters you'd enter Granum Void anyway. (Not going out of your way just to farm 1 resources) 2: You cannot endlessly farm Specters. Each tries will give you about 75-85 Specters (if you're using Mesa), and even if you put Holokeys as 1% chance drop on each Specter that cannot be boosted by resource booster/Smeeta buff like Void Traces, players would've farmed at least 20-30 times for a single Tenet weapon. Not to mention you'd need to get Coins from Treasurers. 3: It is still lore friendly. Corrupted Holokeys originated from Parvos' ship, which IS in the Granum Void anyway. Reason why Crewship drop is a better system: 1: Like it or not, you're gonna kill Crewships to complete the RJ mission anyway. (Same reason, not going out of your way to farm 1 resources) 2: Crewship is Limited Entity, meaning you only have so much to kill in one stage. That way you can't farm them unless you've restarted the stage; but to balance you'd need to put the dropchance on at least 25-30% per crewship to make it worthwhile. This is ON TOP of the Void Storm reward. 3: It makes sense per lore. Corpus and Grineer would definitely pick up those Holokeys for auction/research.
  8. Players: Complain that Corrupted Holokeys farm are utterly wasting their time. DE: Gives out ONE. ONE single Holokey. Atop of an average of 1-1.5 hours Sister grind. And forces you to share (?) Sisters to get...wait for it...FOUR KEYS. FOUR KEYS. That needs you to find other players that have their sister in RJ confrontation phase. Which is VERY, VERY rare given most players have now completed their Tenet weapons, fused them to 60% and collected every Ephemeras. Oh, they also boost the drop amount! 6 to 10! That's 4 more on the hardest Void Storm difficulty! WITHOUT BOOSTING THEIR DROPRATE SO YOU CAN STILL PLAY 10 TIMES AND GET PERFECTLY ZERO HOLOKEY. ON THE MISSION WITH LONGEST NATURAL PLAYTIME IN THE GAME. AND YOU STILL CAN'T FARM THIS ON ENDLESS MISSIONS LIKE SURVIVAL BECAUSE SCREW PLAYERS, LET'S MAKE THIS END OF MISSION GRANT ONLY. Maybe do it better, DE. More farming =/= more engaging gameplay.
  9. All servers potentially overloaded. Must be once a year happening. Reporting from NSW.
  10. Bruh, maybe read the patchnotes. They're sold for SE in Teshin's shop.
  11. TYPE: [In-Game/Mission]DESCRIPTION: [RJ mission refuses to clear]VISUAL: [Coming later]REPRODUCTION: [Visit the sister node in Neptune proxima, kill 2 crewships, destroy 2 defense nodes, enter corpus pillar ship, rush to sister, kill 2 specters and 1 hound, kill sister, choose anything, wait for parvos to finish his speech, wait a little bit more until extraction icon started flashing, exit via extraction, two new waypoints says 'exit to extraction' and 'enter corpus pillar'. railjack becomes invisible, mission won't clear, railjack navigation console and pilot seat cannot be interacted with,]EXPECTED RESULT: [Mission clear, mystery item identified, can return to dojo]OBSERVED RESULT: [Mission didn't clear, stuck in rj mission forever]REPRODUCTION RATE: [3 times already on current sister, 2 times on previous sister. Tried using different frames, tried to destroy crewship via tunguska after depleting shields, tunguska when stealthed using void cloak, entering the ship and destroying the reactor, catapulting to ship and destroying the reactor, doing side objective, not doing side objective.]
  12. Just use your archwing. Itzal's cold snap with augment will suck things into it's radius. Mod for max range and lower power strength so you don't kill the pilots with first activation and fly around the plains until you find the pilots that haven't boarded the dargyns yet. Spam Cold Snap. Done.
  13. I have been telling you guys, DE, that this 'melee nerf, gun buff' thing won't work. You guys already broken the initial promise of '10% nerf, 90% buff'. And you're STILL breaking them. Melee has been nerfed by 90% (no, not 40% overall damage reduction; you guys gutted the weapons in 'barely usable' tier saved by Berserker/CO combo. Are you guys happy now?), guns buffs only affects the usable 10%. Is it really went as expected? People started using more guns? No. It only proves that guns won't ever catch to melee without more formas, because of stance mod bonus capacity. You already have the greatest asset available to buff these guns WITHOUT THESE MODS AND ARCANES. What is it? FREAKING RIVEN DISPOSITION. JUST USE THOSE RIVEN DISPOSITION TO BUFF WEAPONS BASE STATS. THAT'S IT. END OF PROBLEM. THAT WAY PEOPLE WILL USE UNDERWHELMING WEAPON WITH GREAT SYNERGY THAT'S HAMPERED BY THEIR ABILITY TO DO DAMAGE. AND DON'T EFFING DARE TO NERF META WEAPONS STATS. THOSE WITH RIVEN DISPO OF 1 OR LOWER SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED: IT MEANS THEIR BASE STATS ARE ALRIGHT, SINCE A LOT OF PEOPLE USES THEM. Just my two cents.
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