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  1. All servers potentially overloaded. Must be once a year happening. Reporting from NSW.
  2. Bruh, maybe read the patchnotes. They're sold for SE in Teshin's shop.
  3. Just use your archwing. Itzal's cold snap with augment will suck things into it's radius. Mod for max range and lower power strength so you don't kill the pilots with first activation and fly around the plains until you find the pilots that haven't boarded the dargyns yet. Spam Cold Snap. Done.
  4. Because I'm not using my Nukor for DPS? Because I occasionally switch to other Warframes than using braindead 'Wuclone does everything'? Because, uh, I don't use Kuva Nukor often aside from SP Corpus defense missions which can shred the defense target to pieces in less than 5 seconds unless you have either good CC or damage? I dunno, man.
  5. Been using that since the first melee rebalance. Using arcane lockdown is fun and all, but that seems counter-intuitive to spam transference back and forth.
  6. I do understand, but I used Kuva Nukor NOT for debuffing but mainly for CC-ing enemies. That's why my example was related to that usage, and not for the damage side.
  7. > Melee mods getting 'nerfed' - Berserker nerf: NOBODY pairs Berserker with Fury outside of meme builds and for slow hammers, OR people who uses mouse scroll/script to whirl themself into ball of death. Nobody. So that means this nerf mostly affects the non-'cheating' part of the community, i.e. console players who attackspeed is hardcapped by their input speed. Putting 'on kill' and lowering the active time also doesn't really matter, since enemy spawn, no matter on which type of mission, will have 'ramp up' from fodder to elite units and lastly to eximis. Even if the attack speed buff ends, you will still retain the damage buff, so you can kill these enemies and regain the atkspd buff. - Blood Rush nerf: You guys already know the condition to get 100% red crits are quite hard to get, as evidenced in the post: Need an already inherently high crit% weapon, need to equip several mods, need to equip mods of same set to Deconstructor Prime. All which can be considering 'limiting our choice', or in easier term, 'risk and reward'. But! By nerfing this mod you guys ALSO nerfing the OTHER low-crit weapons that can only hold their ranks in 'usable' tier by saving grace of using this mod. Nerfing this would single-handedly break the supporting platform all these weapons are standing on, and decisively throw them off the tierlist altogether. The end result? Shrinking of weapon meta, and players focusing on several few weapons instead of branching out. No, they will still not shift to primary and secondaries, which will end up lowering the riven dispos of these meta weapons, but it's still better than those band-aid mods. - Condition Overload nerf: By far, this is the most needed nerf to bring down melee potential. 80% is still enough to cause massive damage, considering we can potentially stack up to 7 debuffs with use of all our arsenal into one enemy. I agree with the nerf, and the number is alright. BUT only 3 status types? 240% damage cap? At that point, people will just change to Primed PP/ Sacrificial Pressure + Sacrificial Steel and use heavy attack meta again, this will cause the same problem with Blood Rush nerf: shrinking the 'usable' tier weapons and concentrating players' uses to a select few meta weapons. - Kuva Nukor nerf? Don't care, already shifted to Vermisplicer Primary anyway, which most probably will become the new meta status applicator aside from the Sporelacer. The only redeeming feature about Kuva Nukor was the inherit Radiation which causes enemy to not focus 100% on you or the defense target, which can be easily emulated with both alternatives. Now the real problem was the Glaive nerf. Why do you need to softcap the damage by using 'people often mispress the button when they wanted to do quick attack' excuse? How they mess a player that wanted to quick melee NOT tap the button furiously and repeatedly? That excuse is a false excuse. Even if they have a heavy attack setup equipped (which made the argument makes even LESS sense since you'd want to spam heavy attacks instead of quick melees if you already made your setup specifically for that), there's no way a Warframe player don't spam attack button. And even it that's really the problem, why don't change the heavy attack trigger back to what it's before? Yanno, R3? All these excuses for directly HALFING the glaive's damage output, it's unacceptable. Lastly, do a quick check: how many players actually using Mesa's passive, i.e didn't equip a melee to get the bonus damage? That alone would tell how reliable a melee compared to guns.
  8. So do we already have a fix on some accounts can't use any battle avionics put in middle slot (Y button), inability to go straight into RJ quest if you try to start it using the navigation console on relays in solo mode, and void sinks sometimes linger inside your RJ if you start another mission?
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