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  1. 11/29/2020 - gauss Thermal Sunder is still broken DE PLEASE FIXXXX
  2. ATM Gauss Thermal Sunder is broken and when it bugs it causes a soft lock on the frame and doesn't allow you to use or interact with anything The temporary fix is to fall into pits after the bug happens or to use only fire version
  3. 11/22 this is definitely still an issue Did a run trying hot and cold one after another such as the comment above me and did indeed get soft-locked I'll be testing Thermal Sunder every couple of days just to confirm the issue and make sure this thread doesnt die
  4. Please look into the Gauss Thermal Sunder issue as well 😢
  5. Yeah I never had the glitch happen right away either. It was always partway through the mission. I always noticed it after thermal sunder and then trying to do something else such as another thermal sunder cast, melee attacking, or trying to shoot. But I do think I see the visual glitch you're talking about. From the video it seems as though the glitch instance's Thermal Sunder cast doesn't get it's own fire circle around Gauss. It's hard to see it there but I'm pretty sure I was seeing that too when encountering the glitch.
  6. I also think it's related to Thermal Sunder as that's the only time I've encountered this so far with Gauss.
  7. I've been having this same exact issue with Gauss too. So far it's only been after using Thermal Sunder and then trying to attack. I hadn't been able to figure a way out so I'm glad to know map respawns help even if temporary. I'm a Gauss main so this is all really troubling since Thermal Sunder is one of my favorite CC's.
  8. I've run into this problem twice today, once while in the Plains of Eidolon with a squad and once while on Yam, Sedna while playing solo. I'm using Gauss, Stradavar Prime, Akjagara Prime, and Guandao Prime if all of that matters. When using my Thermal Sunder ability and then attacking with a weapon in quick succession the weapon in Gauss' hands disappears except for small parts of it. For the Stradavar you could still see the round clip and for Guandao Prime the tassle under the blade was still visible. Both weapons still showed in shadows but effectively acted like they weren't ther
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