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  1. Forma on frames doesn't give you more affinity and only a handful of weapons give affinity past level 30. Tenet weapons, Kuva weapons, Paracesis, and the necramechs are the only items that need forma to be fully leveled at 40. If you click on your profile head over to the equipment tab and sort by progress you'll see a list of items that still need to be mastered that will increase your mastery xp as you acquire and rank them fully.
  2. You dont click square or use a prompt While in phase 2 you stand next to the console, open your gear wheel and select the items to insert
  3. Haven't looked at my list of adversaries in a while but today (sept 12th 21) while clicking through a couple of my Sisters of Parvos, vocal lines from my current active male Kuva lich are playing instead. Closed out my app twice to see if it was a random glitch but it seems to be consistent. Will be vanquishing my active lich to see if that is a temporary solution EDIT: cleared the active lich and the voiced lines went back to normal
  4. I've had my entire gear wheel reset twice when I was fixing items in it and a squadmate force loaded orb vallis. Both times wiped my entire item wheel loadout. Since then I've made sure I'm not in my items when teammates are loading up missions. Any of that happen to you, or were you solo?
  5. Ps4 version number 2.02 on playstation released sept 08 21 While running missions I've noticed the buff icons being inconsistent and oversized when being proc'd. The most noticeable being Arcane Guardian which is at times double the size of a normal buff icon and is sometimes stretched out and covering the icons next to it. This bug has been consistent over the 10 missions I've played so far. It's not caused by my television as all my tv and console setting have stayed the same since installing the new update today. My interface hud scale size is at 75. I have screencapped examples I can upload if it's needed
  6. Anybody know the specifics of these changes and whether they'll help or harm the grind? Unsure if I should try to farm these out for my helminth copy or wait and hope for it to be a good thing
  7. Update - 8/26/21 Idk if there was an update or a fix pushed out but I'm able unlock my waybound nodes again PS4
  8. Ngl im watching 30 mins just to check if the drops are actually as trash as we think 🤦‍♀️ hoping they're just messing with us because this list feels like a waste of time. Like yeah I watch for the devs too cause they're funny and I enjoy them but this drop list feels like a slap in the face lmao I'm actually a little offended by the rubedo and 10 control modules 😂 what the heck DE, making it hard to defend you this time
  9. 8/6/21 All other railjack missions I've been on have switched mission language to the correct "Leave Mission" option at the end of the mission. Kuva Lich confrontations still show "Abort Mission" with the warning that the player will lose mission loot even when the mission has completed and the squad has extracted back to the railjack. I've only fought 2 liches since the Sisters of Parvos main update but the page has shown "Abort mission" both times. Apologies if there's already a thread on this topic
  10. It's also a bug on Ps4 arsenal screen, please fix Everytime I equip Yareli you can hear the loud whoosing in the background
  11. Can't unbind my "mind sprint" 7/27/2021 I've unbound my other nodes before so I know for sure it's not an issue on my end. As someone else has said the only thing that happens is a light blue circle flash in the upper left corner of my screen in response to pressing triangle for unbind.
  12. May be a good idea to check if your console needs cleaning up or is having space issues. I haven't crashed in months since I cleaned my pro and updated my thermal paste. Changing some graphics settings may also help.
  13. Maybe try loading up the mission solo also do you have your own railjack?
  14. Curious if you are trying to skip solo or in a squad. During squad play I assume that the inability to skip is because the game is treating the drop down animation as something to play while you're still loading in.
  15. June 22nd, 2021 - still can't stand on top of excavators. Same situation where I'm glitching into them halfway. Am I the only person who's run into this? I run gara for excavation. No clue if this happens to other frames or if this happens to Gara Prime as well. But it definitely didn't happen in the past and I doubt it's a new "feature" of the mission type.
  16. For archwing run Salacia, Neptune. It's a defense so enemies come to you and you're likely to find a squad during double xp weekend to make gaining xp go even quicker
  17. Links dont really work for showing pets so usually players share screenshots through psn
  18. I've had targets be grounded through getting shot with a dethcube ray but after the initial stun they do usually go back into the air because of the siphon trap It would definitely be useful if the trap would override any stun effects on the scan target
  19. Killing it you say 🤔 are you using the deimos fishing spear or something from cetus? Cause that could be the difference between a fishy life or death Also in my opinion to the original post fishing is definitely not for standing only. There's a lot of craftables that need items from deimos fish so I'd say it's more of a resource gathering activity Also im confused isn't the water on deimos.....squishy? Typically I just walk on top of it to position myself well. Where (genuinely curious as i havent tried all the fishing spots in deimos) are you confined to shore fishing?
  20. Do make sure you've completed the war within questline for access to spawning liches And when trying to spawn a kuva lich from a larvling there will be a notice on top of their head (while theyre in the downed state) showing what weapon they come with. That'll be a good indicator whether or not a lich will spawn for you. So by this you mean you were able to spawn liches with the amp you're using at the moment because it's the same amp as before? That doesn't say anything to if you changed the name so that's not a completely valid reason to not try changing the amp you're using for a potential fix.
  21. Honestly the dread is one of the most common drops from stalker so chances are any one of your next 5 encounters with him will net you at least 2 Too bad that's not your only problem. The account update thing sucks
  22. That's curious 🤔 Did you have a good lure handler with the appropriate number of lures charged for the capture?
  23. Not sure if this is the right area for this but I hope so So I've noticed the inability to stand on top of excavators during excavation missions. As I play Gara, height is very important to placing her glass walls and not being able to stand on top of these makes this game mode a struggle to say the least. I haven't witnessed anyone else stand on excavators so I don't know if this is just a me problem but its been consistent for the last 5 excavation missions I've ran. You pretty much glitch into the excavator halfway on top of it instead of perching on top like you typically would. I can get a screenshot sometime if anyone needs it.
  24. That's a really strange bug and can definitely see it messing with his kit. Myself personally being a Gauss main haven't had this issue happen (as of 5/24). He runs forward on thumbstick with mach rush and allows me to jump even while going turbo speed. Are you still having this bug?
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