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  1. Since it's a Halloween event, I think it should be SCARY and provoke a little bit of anxiousness / scared feelings in the players... What if we had a DARK map with fog and everyone was playing Ivara in prowl ability with a locked maybe grey energy colour so players can JUST see other players when you're close. Melee weapon and a Daikyu only if you sneak up on someone and use finisher with dagger maybe, or happen to just see someone at long range. Just an idea... don't hate me if you don't like it 🙂
  2. I Forma and potato my weapons for PvP. And I can't even get both of those from PvP. What is even the problem with adding these rewards to PvP anyways? It's not like all of the other ways to get these rewards are going to get removed... I just went into a PvE mission the other day and literally spawned next to a rare container and got a forma from that.
  3. There should be a prompt saying something like "Would you like to customize your Conclave loadout/s?" for the first time you try to join a conclave match.
  4. Man I remember when I first versed the stalker in 2014 or something, the fight took like 10 minutes it was awesome (although i was MR4 or something like that idk) I also remember being a little nervous, whether I was gonna die or not. That would be cool to feel again.
  5. No matter how tanky something is or whether an enemy has "1 ability," with the amount of warframes and abilities we have at our disposal you'll be able to probably do the same "killing them in 1 hit and stroll about your day." If you want warframe to be more challenging it would have to be mechanically challenging. For instance, more enemies like the Nox that have a headshot weak spot. But make them move faster so you actually have to AIM rather than just point your ignis in the general direction. The Nox barely moves which makes it still easy.
  6. This is probably the best PvP idea I've seen in 5 years.
  7. If it were up to me... I'd make every single weapon and warframe available to use / unlock just for the conclave arsenal. As in, you don't have to have the weapon in PvE for you to be able to use it in PvP. Imagine having to spend 1000 hours in PvE just to get yourself some weapons you like to use in conclave. I think this is one of the reasons new players don't play conclave. They are locked to their starting warframe and weapons that they chose in the first little Vor quest where they don't know what they're doing in the first place.
  8. Yeah that mechanic was kind of a bad decision... No other weapon does that... Don't know why the Telos Boltace is an exception.
  9. To Be Honest, Even though i'm a very regular conclave player and would like to see more people playing conclave all the time... I don't think that doing the challenges is the way to keep the syandana lit up... Maybe it should be changed to something like 20 conclave kills will keep the syandana lit for 24 hours or something like that idk... Sorry if someone said this already, i just read the title...
  10. If you hate conclave so much then why are you here? You're not making any sort of positive contribution...
  11. Conclave is my endgame, Nearly 90,000 kills and I'm still not bored...
  12. I play conclave with 300 ping and win all the time. Ping doesn't affect conclave drastically unless it starts going over 350-400. Dedicated servers just help with the constant host migrations when the host leaves all the time.
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