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  1. Primed Chamber? Why bother, I am way too busy with Conclave, the only great part of Warframe. Ever since Conclave came out I have never found PvE interesting at all.
  2. You can switch your matchmaking to Invite Only instead of public, then you can host a private Conclave match which will not affect your Profile Conclave stats.
  3. Since you don't know how the data was collected... then that makes the pie chart invalid in this argument. Until the data collection method used for that pie chart is confirmed, it can't be used reliably.
  4. DE don't fix Conclave because nobody plays... And nobody plays because DE don't fix Conclave... And around, and around, and around, and around we go...
  5. Why do DE hate us? They let unbalanced garbage leak into Conclave such as Melee, and just leave it. And now this bow, which from the video, seems to be even worse than Melee. I cannot think of a valid reason as to why DE are just leaving this SH!T in Conclave. The only thing I can think of at this point is that they must hate the PvP community. They must be just leaving this game breaking stuff in Conclave on purpose... At least give us an explanation as to why you're leaving this bullsh!t in Conclave... If you're gonna let it die I may as well just leave now and stop wasting my time...
  6. Melee is absurdly broken in Conclave right now and DE are doing nothing about it. So I recorded a match yesterday of me just abusing the dual swords... I feel sorry for the people who were in the lobby with me, but I needed to make this point. A Conclave match usually takes 10 minutes and sometimes finishes before then. But I finished this match in around 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  7. jump into the plains and they spot you from 200m away...
  8. DE should fix melee first, before trying to get this far into detail. I'm not really sure what my opinion is on things that counter movement.
  9. Conclave would most certainly be a lot more enjoyable for the general populous if DE fixed things that were deterring everyone. Such as Melee being absurdly broken with blocking and damage as previously stated, staticor having the range of a house, ignis mimicking the sun, Hydroid's puddle and Limbo in rift being one of the most annoying things in existence. The list goes on... If things such as these get fixed... I'm sure the OP and maybe many others would still find Conclave enjoyable.
  10. This resonates... I'm starting to become of the opinion that if Conclave had a big player base, it wouldn't consist of the current PvE player base. It would be new people who want a PvP challenge. As for the syandana, putting it in nightwave defeats its purpose. It would instantly lose its value. I personally don't care, but wouldn't oppose the idea of making it easier to keep lit once obtained.
  11. I'm guessing this is dance partners, correct me if i'm wrong... But what are the thin lines near the woman's waist?
  12. This hotfix re-introduced the AoE space distortion bug, that last hotfix had fixed it.
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