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  1. Make sure you don't have a companion with you that is killing them before you scan, I did survival on deimos left my sidekick at home and eventually got my 11 codes, now I'm procrastinating on the 120k alloy needed to make one. After that, Vampire Cat breeding.
  2. I tank my absolute Pete of a Hydroid Prime (yeah, Pete, not Chad). Primed mods, Melee only. Forma'd once cuz I'm still learning it. The abilities are nice for gangs at intersections, no real special weapon, a gilded saw Scythe I called Wotan's Eye. Still use pilfering swarm on him, but he's a complete beast of a man...frame.
  3. And to go with my weird Premonition ability on this server only, as soon as I say something, it happens... My clan Emblem is approved as of today, and uploading in next update. Hang in there guys and gals, if you send it, it will come. And no, don't be gross
  4. Because it's getting close to Christmas and IMO one of the most beautiful and powerfully moving pieces ever composed. Two words: Dave Vanian
  5. It took 3 weeks just to hear if my clan Emblem was safe to use. Less than a week now since I uploaded it. I'll be kind of jazzed if it happens before my dojo is featured, if not so what, it's a cool emblem no matter what.
  6. THe coloring option would be a huge advancement with things, it would be a giant plus with the pigments. People might spend more effort to get the pigments unlocked. This might not be too difficult in a big clan with a lot of members, but for a small clan, with only one or two people, the pigments are often forgotten. I grinded for 4 colors, and one of them is used for lighting only, in one room. Better trees, yes, yes, yes and please consider this. Trees, stumps, logs, dead trees, oak and pine! Different foliage and stuff. Simple stuff (if you aren't the one having to code it, I gue
  7. that would be a big help. No matter how many layers of grass you do, it still shows through. I forgot dirt floors. Pine trees ( because, you guessed it, I really would like my dojo to look like Viking era Norway) or....... negate all that I mentioned and give the option to change the color of the decoration. So a grineer wall, etc. could be turned brown, or green or some other fun/relevant color.
  8. There are a few things I would love to see if any future plans for rooms/ open spaces come about open land- something similar to plains of eidolon, no lakes or ponds necessary. While I love the concept of open space, it isn't quite the format for some truly spectacular builds. A day option and a night option, since the ability to make open space darker like we can with a room is non existent. water world- okay so that's not a great name for it, but a space of nothing but a water base to build islands on or seaside fortresses, or whatnot (don't worry, it's only a suggestion not
  9. The XB1 featured dojos are messed up too, 3 first place and 2 second. I don't quite get it.
  10. Hopefully it was a mishap. I hope you get your chance to be on the chart.
  11. at least you PC players are seeing the new featured clans. If it was Pete, then it would be different, but I'm being patient, off to farm neurodes.
  12. Yeah, some of the platforms have messed up tiers, like another XB1 ghost dojo got put in place of storm(4th tier) or whatever it is. I've noticed on the chart before, multiples of the same tier and figured there weren't submissions for other ones.
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