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  1. Thanks Vash, Response was much appreciated.
  2. Excellent week for new music. The only thing missing is a new Undertheskin, there's always tomorrow. **crossing fingers** Most excited about this one, with the new album!
  3. As a Hydroid main who gets a LOT of flakk for it, I love this new Frame. She's very cool looking, and will be even cooler with what people call "edgy" colors. Thinking Wednesday Adams, or Bleeding Edge dolls. Love her already.
  4. Consider the challenge accepted. My winning dojo does not exist in it's former state, but what is replacing it is a million times better, well at least six times better. This doesn't affect submissions for the next contest, correct? Waiting with antici- Pation for this email.
  5. Since someone on XBox has a clear disdain for my Jersey Boys, I thought I'd bring them here again. Obviously they were unaware that I am the official Button Pusher, line crosser, and all around limit tester for my fairer Gender. Shame to keep my glorious presence from Region, here's my boys...my Misfits Learn to laugh people, life's too short to be boring. Bon Apetit!
  6. You had to know what was coming today. Tragic tragic end to a great guy with a wicked sense of humor. Years passed without talking, too many miles and circumstances, but yeah, he was a friend, above and beyond a great musician and a gentle soul in a giant's frame. Lord Petrus Ratajczyk Better known to most as Peter Steele 1/04/62-04/14/10 and the memorial
  7. and the reigning boys from Deutschland Be back on Wednesday
  8. Totally slacking lately, Dojo redesign taking up my time and energy. Thank you for the compliment, and here's one my oldest son is fond of....dunno why, but they're popular. My style, one at least
  9. Accept? Holy Cow that makes me feel old, haven't heard that name mentioned in ages. Gods, no, do not let me start down the path of thinking like a 'finely aged' person. Not going there, no matter the truth of it all. I am and forever will be a Toys R Us kid. It's all just a number anyway, so my number for the rest of my days is 27.
  10. Been a huge fan of Void's since his Deathcamp Project days, the new stuff is his best yet. Absolutely the nicest guy in the world, an awesome artist, and he was kind enough to give me permission to use his music for my Featured Dojo video. If you're into Darkwave, give them a listen...
  11. Stalker, I definitely understand your point. Less ummm European runway model and more....everyone's general idea of the average midwest girl. The 'that girl isn't afraid of dessert on a first date' kind of girl. Yeah, I get ya. The opposite gender of what I'm saying. As I generally steer clear of the female frames since most are just too weird looking for me, well most of the frames have at least one issue I don't like, the only one I keep aside is Ivara, for her skills, she's a little more healthy weight wise, but the way she carries herself is more Bridge Troll than Beauty Q
  12. The game is already packed full of "lithe" male frames. Ok, so ninjas aren't linebackers, but the operators are already kids, the frames need to be capable of framing, not get a stress fracture from stepping off the curb. Again, my 2 cents, we're almost at a nickel. Give me an Odin character frame please, big beast of a Scandinavian God. Base him off Hydroid build and please include the one eye.
  13. Well, let's face it. You know what sells, right? It's a 3 letter word that ends in x. A bunch of well fed behemoths is not what draws in the male population of gaming. They want Lara Croft not Rebel Wilson. Let me tell you, as a female gamer, I get tired of seeing scrawny, undernourished male characters, but that's just my taste. So far, in this game, the ultimate of ultimates as far as frames go is Hydroid Prime. Built enough to protect his Lady Fair, fit enough to survive a real battle. Want a visual? 6'8" 235lbs. A certain someone in particular for me. Now, some of you like a non
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