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  1. So, update. I've been getting random acolyte kills where no weapons are shown...3 prior to today. I'd leave them instead of killing so I didn't end up with dupes. Happened again last run, took a chance this time and the weapon was my missing Envoy. Chances are good that it's a glitch for me where that particular weapon won't display, could have possibly had it ages ago. But, I now have my final Tenet weapon. Onto Ergo weapons and my other Kuva ones. Because my foundry is not backlogged enough, and 32 awaiting weapons that need leveling is just a minor inconvenience. Happy hunting Tenno.
  2. Envoy my last tenet weapon, went a whole day grinding it. Everything else but....took a few days off, dealt with some kuva for a bit, now going back again. Wish me luck everyone, I'm goin in.
  3. I quite enjoy the Grendel missions. I full out brute strength regardless, so losing mods is no big deal Frost Prime Ignis Wraith Paracesis On my 8th Grendel set considering I generally volunteer anytime recruiting has someone looking for squad. I don't nuke/cheese/ or flick my magic wand as many players do, to me this is pure fun.
  4. Thank you DE, my first Tennocon experience was lovely. Looking forward to next year. Hiccups aside a great experience.
  5. Well, I roundabout unlinked and relinked my account because there was no other connections/disconnect option on my twitch page, but I verified on Warframe and I am indeed linked, so hopefully it is correct.
  6. I have an Alliance mate who's spent the last three days grinding the Ambassador, I join him to attempt the Blueprint, boom, first try we get it, complete mission, everything's good. Go to orbiter and neither of us have the BP. For me it isn't as devastating ad him, it was his last part and he's been grinding since Sisters came out, the BP was going to be my first Ambassador part, but no, glitch in the system, or coding, or maybe me bad mouthing Canada so much, even though Alliance mate is Canadian ... DE, fix this mess...work out the bugs, whatever. I managed to finish Yareli quest with basically four days of k drive trick experience, and a tasty adult beverage afterwards to hold back the rage, fix the rest of this newest bulwark Thank you, ranting over.
  7. I believe there was a dimmu borgir song in his Rock category, first page of the post.
  8. Resource grinding, til the end of days..... Wait, that's regular game plays. I watch recruiting for people who need help getting Grendel, and I dojo decorate/build, and if I'm really bored then I farm non prime frames.
  9. Oh yeah, believe me, I've felt the staleness. Five times now, in the one year I've been playing. I take a few days to do something else, usually do some reading, or immerse myself in some other game. Then I come back and start the grinding again, or do more work on my dojo. My daughter was the one to drag me into this game, all because of the words "Loki" and "Valkyr", now she and her friends don't play at all, but Mom built her own Clan, recruited, decorated, and placed twice in Featured Dojo contests. Not bad for a middle aged lady. My goal, Solo Profit Taker and Exploiter Orb, and to continue my defense of being a Hydroid main. You're stuck with me fellow Tenno, this old Broad is after a legitimate first place win in Featured Dojo.
  10. You know you missed my musical offerings........ Here's one in honor of my daughter's 18th birthday, no you can't date her.
  11. Oh yeah, sure, can do that. Me feeling weird about stuff ended about 20 years ago, so its good.
  12. I think now, in the monstrous society we are all trudging through, that people are more quick to complain about something or point out mistakes. When is the last time someone called a manager to tell them of the good experience they had at a restaurant, store, etc? I bet you've called to complain though, or left a nasty review. And I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular either. There are times I go to levels or relays simply to look at the beautiful imagery, or items I'd kill yo have for my dojo. Earth Relay fire stuff when? We need to stop being so negative about everything, I know I am certainly guilty of it at times. So..... Thank you DE, things are mostly good and pretty and fun.
  13. I'd really love to have Last Caress by Misfits Or -Love you to Death by Type O Negative, just Kenny's guitar riff toward end of song. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD5No_JRrZw 5:15-5:23 of 7:14 -Priest by Lord of the Lost You'd be my absolute hero then the true G.O.A.T. if you could make any of them. Don't ask, the link is being silly.
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