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  1. I have a madurai lens in my Broken War which I installed at a time when I had no idea what the whole thing was about. Now that I understand it a little bit, I want to move that lens to a frame so I can earn Focus without having to use that weapon, since I've obtained better ones more recently.
  2. You're right, for some reason I've been trying to finish every quest. Don't even remember why lol. Now there's only like 8 of them left. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll try focusing on levelling up instead of trying to finish all the quests within a month.
  3. yh, those didn't help. i must really suck at this game or ppl are leaving something out in their explanations
  4. I've finally managed to get Rhino (I'm almost MR7 now). It seems exploding the Xoris on her isn't working (she still recovers to full health again). Do I have some kind of bug, or are all the forums/pages I'm reading not saying something crucial abt this mission?
  5. Yh, despite all the recommendations on forums Limbo doesn't help much. I don't have any primes though. I only have the Excalibur and Limbo. I also have Rhino and Mirage ready in the foundry but I have no slots to put them in and no plats to buy new ones.
  6. i used the siphon to trap the emotions, but there's still the shadow
  7. it's impossible to do damage while in the rift. so i have to leave the rift and then Rell's shadow attacks ...
  8. I've had a hard time on this mission. I have an Excalibur and a Limbo frame. I've equipped the Boltor, Gammacor and Broken War. I tried using the Limbo's Rift abilities, but I can't do damage from in the Rift (it says "Invalid Target"), while once I get out, Rell wins. What's my best chance at clearing this mission?
  9. As a noob, I assumed I could regain plats and wasted them. So I've been playing for several months without a single platinum. What's the most time-efficient way to get some? How do I sell stuff to get them (apart from Maroo's Bazaar)?
  10. What does it take to beat Alad V? Alad takes damage but seems to have endless HP. Is it simply impossible to do while having only the Excalibur Frame (like beating Protea)?
  11. I'm at Mastery Rank 4 with the Excalibur Frame (I only recently found out there are other frames). I've read all sorts of articles and tried everything. I can't seem to do anything but minimal permanent damage to this foe. I did the whole aim, throw the xoris and explode when it reaches her thing. Very taxing, both physically and mentally because I have to stay on the move 100% of the time and if my aim is even a little off, the Xoris won't hurt her when it explodes. Not to mention, even when I manage to avoid getting finished it takes forever to to any damage to her. So I eventually mov
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