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  1. Do the Developers have any intention of fixing the bug that causes the War within to start over? I'm reading of people complaining years ago and I don't see a solution. That's an easy way for an awesome game to lose players. If the solution was found, please let me know. But outside of that I've pretty much had enough.
  2. I managed to complete it; now it starts me over again. As fun as it was, I'm not repeating it, I have better things to do with my life. I read that this has been a problem for a long time. I'm done with this game.
  3. I've completed all prerequisites and the War Within has become available. But when I click on it, I only get to see a brief cinematic ; there is no begin button. Does anyone know what's going on?
  4. I've completed the Quest "Second Dream". He's in it, but after that quest he can still show up randomly (he gets even stronger). I've checked forums and everyone says we're never really done with him. We can only hope the Developers are paying attention and will change this in the update cos everyone seems to find it annoying. It's like a bug except it was deliberately out there lol.
  5. Who's bright idea was it for players never to get a chance to kill the stalker once and for all? Exactly what purpose is such a phenomenon supposed to serve? It's only fair if we can earn an opportunity to be done with him at some point, is it not?
  6. it didn't show unidentified item for me, did I open the wrong caches?
  7. I've completed Desdemona many times, always making sure to open the cylindrical lockers. But I've noticed that when I open them, the game ignores the fact. Does anyone know how I can get this bug fixed? It's the only thing in the way of my unlocking the Uranus junction.
  8. I've bred 4 kubrows a Sahasa, Sunika, Chesa and Huras. As puppies they seemed chubby but once I matured them they grew lanky. Will this change as they rank up? My Sahasa is rank 24 and my Huras 18 but they're still scrawny. Will this be the same for the rest?
  9. I'm at Mastery Rank 4 with the Excalibur Frame (I only recently found out there are other frames). I've read all sorts of articles and tried everything. I can't seem to do anything but minimal permanent damage to this foe. I did the whole aim, throw the xoris and explode when it reaches her thing. Very taxing, both physically and mentally because I have to stay on the move 100% of the time and if my aim is even a little off, the Xoris won't hurt her when it explodes. Not to mention, even when I manage to avoid getting finished it takes forever to to any damage to her. So I eventually mov
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