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  1. My internet seems to be fine warframe is the only game with those permanant lags and there are many other players with that issue since a pretty long.
  2. Sry devs but I'm still having constant network issues on xbox which you promised to fix in the new update. I'm expecting a bit more honesty and consumer friendliness since the game is already extremely exhausting and often very unfair in a financial way!
  3. Is it already active? Because I still have these almost gamebreaking 'network not responding' phases ingame every 5-10 minutes partially!!
  4. Hi I just got told about an update in 15 minutes in the game but nothing happens!?
  5. Thanks for your responses, but I did have the quest activated. After the first archwing mission, it said to get more prove fragments, but without to show where. I completed the archwing mission multiple times but I don't find more fragments somewhere and so I still can't finish the quest.
  6. Hello dear devs, I can't finish the limbo theorem quest, after getting the limbo neuroptics, it wants me to get more info fragments, but it doesn't show any location on the starchart for it. Can you please fix this?
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