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  1. Yeah, just like the title and look at this screenshot. Can't confirm message box in loading screen and I've tried every key on my keyboard and mouse: Enter/Space : Nothing Esc : Nothing Mouse: Nothing T : Open chat (Yes, you can open chat box when you stuck in this situation. But there's no possible way to confirm that stupid message box with your keyboard or even mouse) Tried every key and end up with Alt + F4. This has been going for a long time maybe about 1 - 2 years or idk exactly maybe from update old UI to new UI but this is since DE decided to remove player ability to use mouse cursor in loading screen/reward screen. Yes, before DE removed that we just move mouse cursor to press OK button and the problem is gone then player go back to liset. I don't know what your reason to remove mouse cursor from loading screen DE, but now look at what you did. Another problem. I know this is rarely happening but once it's happening, the only solution is force close the game. So DE, care to fix this problem since this is annoying and this bug has been long abandoned/forgotten? Because the solution of this problem is simple, just press OK button but in reality player need restart the game. So what's the purpose of that "Could not join. The game session is no longer available" message box in loading screen? There are 2 solutions or maybe more to fix this: 1.) Why not remove that "Could not join. The game session is no longer available" message box from loading screen and make it appear after player back to liset? So, player can use their mouse cursor to press OK. 2.) Make the mouse cursor appear and usable again in loading screen just like before.
  2. But before this update, after double jump or bullet jump and then melee it works don't have to F#%*7!! AIM GLIDE. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Exodia_Contagion
  3. Thank you very much for making PoE green, really love it.
  4. Should this game minimum gpu spec change to GTX 5XX?
  5. Yeay, no more Venus/Orb Valis quake while K-Drive
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