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  1. You every tried to do a Lua Rescue Sortie? (One mission doesnt justify the entire ability admittedly but)
  2. The Orb Vallis reinforcement beacons are supposed to expand but they arent doing it.
  3. I found it its caused by Bloom. Turning off bloom makes it stop. Unfortunately due to another bug, the fact that graphics settings keep resetting, it's not a super useful solution.
  4. Sorry this question is dumb, I can only seem to get Chroma to do a triple jump, not his double bullet jump. I do a standard bullet jump, press jump again and get a normal (non-bullet) jump, then press it again and get a third (non-bullet) jump where he extends his wings. After that I cant jump anymore. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Loadout slots are nice if you like to be organized, but hardly mandatory. I basically never use them, I just swap my warframes and weapons one by one as and when, it isnt a huge deal. New players definitely need Warframe and Weapon slots to start though. I'd say at the very least the first 5 mastery ranks should give a warframe and weapon slot bundle. Not too much, to impact DEs income, but enough to give players just a little bit more convenience starting out.
  6. Whenever I'm on the Venus outpost tileset I'll see intermittent black flashes across the screen. It seems to happen more often on the like, "open field" tiles
  7. At least I think that's what's causing... this
  8. I mean okay? I'm willing to do that. I've played mmos that have player auction houses, managing listings is totally doable. If implemented well, they could even have items get automatically delisted after a certain amount of time.
  9. Why would it be a bad thing for it to be Ebay though? Letting people participate in the game's economy in a way that's more comfortable is just a good thing.
  10. My chief complaint is I dont want people messaging me to trade while I'm doing other stuff, nor do I want to sit around with the game open waiting for someone to message me. It's annoying. And removing haggling from the equation seems like a pretty big positive to me. Haggling sucks.
  11. Warframe market still requires me to be online to use it, no?
  12. Having to be online and watching chat while I try to do other stuff in game to trade is supremely annoying, and makes me not bother with trading at all. A passive trade system would be such a nice quality of life feature. Being able to just list all the stuff in my inventory that I dont need and have people who do need it be able to buy it even when I'm not online is only a good thing.
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