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  1. Yeah I absolutely wont argue with that. No reason to oppose more avenues for people to be notified
  2. To people complaining that they didn't give enough notice for this: They literally announced it at Tennocon. It's in the big Tennocon recap that you can just read, even if you dont want to watch the actual show.
  3. Currently the Invigoration buff appears on the actual in-mission buff bar. This feels redundant given that theres already a time for the Invigoration buff on that pause menu and other UI elements when selecting a warframe showing it. Its unnecessary clutter (which the buff bar does not need more of)
  4. There are a lot of technical reasons why we dont have a full weapon glamour system, yes. Animation, rigging, and effects work for every weapon in the game to make it able to be swapped with every other weapon in the game is a lot of work for, objectively, little value. Theres no reason why we could *never* have this, at least among similar weapon classes, if DE decided it was worth their time. And it would be very cool to have.
  5. They were specifically designed *for* those weapons. They have extra fancy new effects, graphics, sound design, and animations related to the very specific things those weapons do. The Drakgoon one for example would not work on just any gun because it has a bunch of modeling for the actual projectiles that the Drakgoon fires, sound effects related to when its clip starts to run out, when you're charging it. They arent just new models you slap on
  6. It's really funny that your name is Young Gunn when you're clearly a boomer
  7. Yareli *already* is completely status cleansed and status IMMUNE when you ride Merulina. This would be a nerf
  8. Ugh, cant believe they had the GALL to make a Warframe do a peace sign. How am I supposed to take Yareli seriously when she does this?
  9. People will cry over a warframe giggling and flashing peace signs but dont bat an eye at Wisp wiggling her massive dump truck ass constantly. (Also Gara has flashed Peace signs since Plains of Eidolon, so if you're worried about the "lore" breaking, it happened a while ago.)
  10. Type: In-Game Description: The right side of Yareli's skirt is too high using Yareli's Noble stance Visual: Reproduction: Equip Yareli with her Noble stance Expected Result: Her skirt should be closer to her body Observed result: The top half of her skirt seems stiff, and affected by physics strangely Reproduction Rate: 100%
  11. Type: In-Game Description: Riding Merulina disables enemy and loot radar, still Visual: Reproduction: Equip your companion with Animal Instinct and then board Merulina Expected Result: Radar mods should still work on Merulina Observed Result: They do not Reproduction Rate: 90-100% I *thought* I saw it continue working at least once, but havent since.
  12. Make sure to post this in the actual bug report forum. That's what theyll most likely be reading.
  13. Well, yes, okay, technically a two shot if we're including the ghost form. But only the physical form actually counts for kills in the void, so you can easily just run around throwing it at any of them you see.
  14. It is currently possible to own multiple of a given Sister or Lich ephemera. This clutters up the ephemera menu, so they should either be made sellable, or not able to be gotten when you already have one.
  15. Xoris is the best option. Just throw and explode and itll one shot the spectres easily.
  16. I like playing Lavos with a lot of survivability, because of his already pretty high stats. My current build has all three Umbral mods, Arcane Guardian, and Arcane Aegis (rank 3) For most stuff, this build is totally fine he basically cant die. But I've been having a lot of trouble against the Sisters and their hounds. Would I be better off slotting Adaptation in place of Umbral Fiber, or would that be worse?
  17. Type: Mission Progress Description: Had a problem with my final assassination on my second Sister. I killed her, and once I left the capital ship, the objective didnt update. It was asking me to both enter and leave the stanchion, but I was already outside of it and couldnt go inside. So I had to just abort the mission. Also my railjack was invisible? Expected Result: I should be able to return to my Railjack and complete the mission
  18. I don't know what to tell you. If the numbers you listed are even close to accurate, it sounds completely normal.
  19. This is how it works for every Frame. Weapons get 75% of the XP from squadmate kills while frames get 25%
  20. DNA Decay is removed specifically if you have the incubator upgrade. And Kavats don't have Loyalty. But Kubrow's have had the Loyalty stat this entire time.
  21. I genuinely apologize for my tone, it was uncalled for. I just also cant really wrap my head around being willing to run Steel Path "again and again" for the arcanes themselves, but not realizing that in doing so you *will* get the Steel Essence you need to unlock the slots. I suppose once you have all the arcanes, sure, youd have to run Steel Path exclusively for the essence you need for more unlockers. But by the time you even get to that point, you'll have a huge stockpile of unlockers.
  22. If you're not interested in steel path you'd never get the arcanes, anyway. This is a non-issue.
  23. Exilus Adapters are pretty rare (either costing a lot of standing, or as rare drops from their other sources) and have... decently expensive crafting costs. The arcane unlocked will be 15 SE, something you can easily get every day if you're already interested in running Steel Path for the arcanes anyway, and don't require crafting. These things aren't comparable.
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