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  1. Ephemeras looks like very-very rushed and cheap work. Its a boring and long af grind without a proper reward. 😞
  2. I'm the only who doesn't like look of this new "cosmetics"? I realy like the idea of it, don't get me wrong. But execution of them looks very cheap and done in a hurry. So called "blood" effect looks like rip off from win98 screensaver, and its so far the best looking ephemera imo. I bought it from arbiters and rushed. About other ephemeras I can only judge from gif from patchnotes. "Smoke" - its barely can be seen. "Frost"- well, you can just use "Ice spring" mod and voila no need in exhausting farm, btw you could do it almost four years ago, same effect. "Grassy"- from a different point of view it may look better... or worse. "Blaze and Lightning" are looks alike only lightning got a bit more FXs, it doesn't even closely matches footprint size! Overall looks like very-very rushed work for beta server. My only hope- DE will completely rework it.
  3. [media] [/media] This is my "why not try?". Hope you will like it.
  4. No fix for some prime frames (Chroma/Nekros/etc) doesn't recive +300 buff in arbitration missions?
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